Getting to Know You: A Follow Up to Our Speech Development Webinar

first_imgby Mollie Romano, Ph.D., SLP-CCCImage from, CC0Infants spend much of their very first year getting to know their caregivers, as caregivers get to know them! Even after a few weeks of life, sensitive and nurturing parents know what their baby likes and doesn’t like, their habits, their temperaments, and their quirks as they watch development unfold rapidly. While my own children are bigger now, I love watching my friends get to know their own newborns.  I follow their postings on Facebook as they muse over the way their newborn sleeps with his eyes partially open, or the funny sounds she makes after eating just before falling asleep. These little things mark the growing connection between caregivers and their children, and it sets the stage for communication development within the context of those early relationships. During our webinar on March 8, Dr. Woods and I discussed major milestones during that incredible first year, from vocalization development to gesture use to the emergence of a first true word.A few questions came up during our webinar regarding the early vocalizations infants begin to intentionally produce around 8 weeks of age.  I mentioned how the “control of phonation” stage typically involves vowel production. There is minimal normative data that points to a specific order of acquisition of vowel sounds. However, what is known about motor development provides some clues.  In most areas of development, babies master the easier skills first and use them to build more advanced skills. In terms of speech sounds, vowels are very easy to produce – all you have to do is move your tongue to a different spot in your mouth and send some sounds out of your vocal folds. Easy as pie compared to some consonant sounds that require specific positions in the mouth! Because infants in this age range do not yet have much head and neck control and are on their backs much of the time, gravity pulls the tongue back in the mouth. For this reason, the so-called back vowels, like “ah” and “oooo” are some of the early sounds infants begin to vocalize intentionally! But in short order, they begin playing around with other sounds too, and it is a delight to hear!Additionally, all that vocal play isn’t just about the sounds themselves, it is about drawing in a responsive partner who makes those silly sounds back and engages in a “conversation” with the baby. Yet some children do not produce the inventory of speech sounds we should hear in the first year of life. Children with hearing loss, for instance, do not vocalize with the same variety of sounds as a typical infant would, and this is an early marker for detecting a problem with hearing. Likewise, because these sounds develop in a social context, children with social communication difficulties like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often show differences in speech sound production. Data indicate that infants and toddlers with ASD use speech sounds for communication at a lower rate than their peers, but they also vocalize to show distress at a higher rate than typical infants [1].  Other special populations begin to show differences in speech sound development in their first year as well. Infants with Down syndrome typically begin by vocalizing with vowels and at a similar rate as their peers, but by the end of the first year, they do not use as wide a range of consonants or patterns of syllables in their babbling [2].Parents and teachers can do so much to support sound development by imitating the sounds that a baby makes, and by adding on a few additional sounds! No fancy tools or gadgets are required! By engaging with the baby, copying her first, and adding on sounds in a simple and fun way, caregivers can build up or increase those sounds.In fact, many caregivers just do this naturally through what used to be called “motherese.”  “Motherese,” or the more gender equitable “infant-directed speech,” involves using an exaggerated intonation, a higher pitch, and lots more repetition. Interestingly, research shows that it works and that instinctively caregivers use infant-directed speech around the world!  Infant-directed speech keeps little ones more engaged and conversant and helps them participate in those early conversations. It may feel silly for some adults, but it works and is an effective way to draw infants into back and forth exchanges with a social partner. For children who are dual language learners, this fun, exaggerated speech could aid each of their language systems even more!There is so much more to learn and discuss about the first year of language development, and we will continue to build on it in the next webinar. We will focus more on dual language learners as well as how language builds up to conversations and toward pre-academic skills. Join us on June 28, 2018, for all that, and more!  To learn more about the upcoming webinar and to register visit the Learn Event page for more information.ReferencesPlumb, A. M., & Wetherby, A. M. (2013). Vocalization development in toddlers with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 56(2), 721-734.Sokol, S. B., & Fey, M. E. (2013). Consonant and syllable complexity of toddlers with Down syndrome and mixed-aetiology developmental delays. International journal of speech-language pathology, 15(6), 575-585.This post was edited by Robyn DiPietro-Wells & Michaelene Ostrosky, Ph.D., members of the MFLN FD Early Intervention team, which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on YouTube.last_img read more

You Are Not Defined By Your Problems. You Are Defined By Your Response.

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now You should never be upset about the things that happen in the normal course of business. You should take these things seriously, and you should do your best to try to prevent the things that go wrong—especially if they are systemic. But when the things that are always going to go wrong do go wrong, being emotional isn’t of much use.I learned this from flying. Your plane is going to be delayed. Your crew is going to show up late, and so will your pilots. You will have mechanicals that prevent you from being able to fly, and you are going to get stuck for hours. Fortunately, if I have a laptop and a video camera, I have work available, and I have the time to do it (even if the environment isn’t always what I would want it to be).Your operations team is going to struggle to execute the solution you sold your dream client. They are going to miss deadlines, and your client is going to be unhappy—or worse. Sometimes it will be your team’s fault, and sometimes it will be your client that needs to make changes. Because it happens, there is no reason to respond emotionally, as that only makes it more difficult to make the changes you need to back to get things back on track.The accounts receivable department is going to bill your new client incorrectly. For five weeks in a row. You are only going to be notified when your client has overpaid tens of thousands of dollars, and only when the problem is large enough to make them question your integrity. There is no reason to rip into anyone for making a mistake. The only thing for you to do is to make sure it is corrected, and ensure that if the problem is systemic, that someone does something to put a new process in place.I promise you are going to have unreasonable clients, ones with unreasonable expectations who don’t pick up their end of the stick, and who are just difficult personalities. Almost none of their vitriol or hostility has anything to do with you. They didn’t sleep well. They are dehydrated. They have low blood sugar. They have an overdue bill they are having trouble paying. They have an elderly parent they are trying to take care of, and they are under stress taking care of their own family. All you can do is give them your very best effort to take care of them.Take problems seriously, but not personally. These challenges don’t define you, even when you created the problem or challenge. How you respond is what defines you. Are you positive, empowered, optimistic, and future-oriented? Your job is to define yourself by possessing these attributes, and by doing your very best work.last_img read more

There will be civil war and bloodbath: Mamata

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday delivered a loud and clear message that “India needs a change in 2019”.Speaking at a conclave organised by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India on the theme of “Love your neighbour”, Ms. Banerjee said the ruling party’s diktats on “what to eat, what to wear, where to stay” could not be tolerated.“India needs a change and that change has to happen in 2019,” the Chief Minister said. She cautioned the government that there would be a civil war and blood bath in Assam where 40 lakh people had not made it to the final draft list of the National Register for Citizens and faced an uncertain future.“What is going on in Assam? It is not only the Bengalis — it is the minorities, it is Hindus, it is Bengalis, it is Biharis … more than 40 lakh people who voted for the ruling party have suddenly been made refugees in their own country,” Ms. Banerjee said in her 20-minute address.Ms. Banerjee said even members of former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s family had not been included in the NRC. “We can’t let them die,” she said.Against divisions“If Bengalis say Biharis can’t stay in Bengal, South Indian people say North Indians can’t stay there and North Indians say South Indians can’t stay here, what will be [the] state of this country,” she wondered.Referring to the several incidents of lynching across the country, Ms. Banerjee said “I am not that liberal to love people who lynch. I am with the people. If tribals, Dalits and minorities are isolated, it may lead to civil unrest,” she said.Speaking to presspersons, Ms. Banerjee responded sharply to a question on the BJP’s assertion that it would carry out the NRC exercise in West Bengal too. “Who is Amit Shah? Who is BJP? Are they West Bengal’s guardians? Let them first come to power in the State,” the Chief Minister said. (With PTI inputs)last_img read more

If You’s Brown

first_imgTravel season is winding down and parents are busy shopping for school supplies. Indian tourists are glad to be done with travel; the experiencethis summer has been disconcerting. But back to school doesn’t quite get usaway from what ruined summer vacation in the first place: backpacks. The recent bombings in London, a whole spate of them, were brutal and reckless. The events made everyday life more fragile. That was no doubt their purpose. Londoners, like the citizens of Madrid earlier, realized that life could not go on as usual. Since the terrorists were brown, of South Asian origin in particular, their appearance became suspicious. As the terrorists had recruited backpacks as accessories for their crime, backpacks became suspicious as well. Put the combination of the two together, and you have now a definition of what suspicious looks like.Incidents were reported in major cities all over the world of police rounding up suspicious looking people, or raiding their homes. In most cases, these were brown men. In New York, police pulled over a sight-seeing bus in July in the middle of Times Square on the suspicion that terrorists were aboard. It became clear very quickly that the dark skinned men, British citizens all, were ordinary tourists. The mayor quickly apologized. But the image of the five South Asian Britishers kneeling on a public street with their hands tied behind their backs has been alarming.Now the whole city is sensitive to brown people with backpacks. This in a city where people have gotten used to ignoring people talking loudly to imaginary friends or those who forgot to tidy up their zippers. New York takes pride in permitting all sorts of abnormalities to pass for normal. But now, we have antennas pointed at a new identity, suspicion has taken on a new face.There are plenty of apologists for this behavior. Many think it is the inevitable norm and we should just get used to it. We are well past the racial profiling debate. It is not about stopping black men on highways and streets, but a caliberated precaution to assure safety for everyone.The Brazilian man shot by London police two months ago turned out to be innocent. He was also entirely un-suspicious. Initial reports carried fantasy stories by the police that he avoided them; that he wore an abnormally heavy jacket in the hot weather; that he fled from them; that he jumped a turnstile, all turned out to be untrue. He was simply shot because someone on the force decided that this is what the target looks like these days. To top it all, London¹s Police Commissioner warned it could wellhappen again and again.Big Bill Broonzy’s blues told us some time ago, ‘If you was white, you be alright, you was brown, stick around (But as you’s black, oh, brother, get back, get back, get back).’Perhaps things haven’t changed any for blacks, but he might well now croon, ‘you was brown, get down, get down, get down.’ Related Itemslast_img read more

Ceiling collapse at CWG venue is ‘normal’ for AK Mattoo

first_imgCommonwealth Games Organising Committee treasurer A K Mattoo today found the false ceiling collapse incident at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium complex “normal” and said there was no need to panic as such things can happen anywhere, anytime.Two-three tiles fell this morning from the ceiling of the stadium where the weightlifting event is scheduled to be held.Although no one received injury in the incident, it caused more embarrassment to the organisers and the government a day after an under-construction foot overbridge collapsed, injuring 27 labourers.”It can happen anywhere, anytime. These are normal. It’s a construction accident and it’s up to the engineers to see and rectify it. There are still 11 days to go before the inauguration of the Games and rectification can be done in less than that time,” Mattoo said.”We are sad that it happened but there is nothing beyond that. I’m confident people will come out in large numbers to witness the Games,” the OC official added.Today’s was the second incident of collapse in the past three days inside the stadium complex. On Monday, a canopy collapsed in which two police personnel, including an Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, suffered minor injuries.In another incident which took place yesterday outside the complex, an under-construction foot overbridge collapsed when labourers were engaged in work.Asked about why Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi is not coming out from the hiding and speaking to the media, Mattoo said, “That you (media) have to check with him, not me.”advertisement”I’m doing my job, you have to check with him and not to ask this to me,” he said.The Centre, the Delhi government and the CWG Organising Committee are under attack for the pace of preparations for the Games.last_img read more


first_img“I invited him to the ring,” Alvarez said. “Like we say “I invited him to the ring,” Alvarez said. “Like we say in Mexico …. We dont fight for rings and stuff. We dont come to play. I fear no one in this sport.”At Fridays weigh-in, both boxers scaled 155 pounds, bang on the catch-weight limit. Many Mexicans were in Las Vegas to celebrate the Cinco de Mayo festival weekend, meaning the majority of the crowd was on Alvarezs side.There was also a vocal contingent of Khans fans, who made the trip from Britain for the title fight.Also in attendance at ringside were boxing legends Evander Holyfield, Roberto Duran and Roy Jones as well as fight promoter Oscar de la Hoya. – Third KO of career -====================== The challenge for former junior welterweight champion Khan is to overcome another crushing knockout as his record dropped to 31-4 with 19 knockouts.”I showed my balls by getting into the ring with a big guy. I am one of those fighters who will step in the ring with whoever,” said Khan, who was knocked out for the third time in his career.This was Khans first go at middleweight and he said he has no plans to continue to fight in the 160-pound division.”The challenge came and it was hard to turn down. My natural weight is 147 and I will be going down to that,” he said.Alvarez-Khan was the first boxing match to take place at the 20,000-capacity arena. The USD 375 million facility opened last month. AFP SSC SSCadvertisementlast_img read more

I am going through a beautiful part of my tennis career, don’t need to prove anything: Leander Paes

first_imgLeander Paes is still going strong. At 44, while many of his contemporaries have become coaches and many of his juniors have already hung racquets, this Indian legend’s hunger for tennis is far from satiated.Although with 18 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic medal in his cupboard, Leander Paes is finding it “tough to set new goals” and still spends his off-season getting stronger to remain relevant in modern day tennis, which is being dominated by brute power.WATCH VIDEO”For me the off-season is about skill, endurance, weights, core, back, reinventing my game because now the game has become physical. All these boys are 6’3″, 6’5″. They are so strong, that your reaction time becomes less because the ball is being hit so hard.”Building power means that the serve can be powerful. The forehand can be stronger. You can come back with a new style of doubles. So, the off-season for me is more about physical fitness and also about setting new goals because I am finding it very tough to set new goals,” said Paes.The question of retirement keeps popping now and then with many wondering what keeps him going?”Right now I am going through a beautiful part of my tennis career, where I don’t need to prove anything. To be able to still control the ball to be still able to command the court, it still motivates me.”The legendary player hinted that he wants to develop into a role model.There is no substitute for hard work… Leander Paes (@Leander) December 24, 2017″I enjoy the game. I have achieved everything, I wanted to. Now I am playing for myself. I want to motivate people around the world that if Leander can do something even through hard and tough times, If I can keep that health and fitness and happiness about my life, then everybody else can.”We live in times, where life is very hard. There is terrorism everywhere, there is poverty, the cost of living is rising, lots of scams going on but you need good role models out there to show that life is tough but can be good too,” he said.When asked if he still wants to play one more Asian Games and the Olympics, he replied: “That does not push me.I play, because I have fun. If that comes along, wonderful.”Paes said he indeed has become stronger, this year.”I have done lot more weights. If you see, the strength in lower part of the body is very good and the way I served (in Pune), they (Rohan Bopanna and Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan) did not come close to my serve.”.@rohanbopanna and @JeevanN2010 stormed into the second round of #TataOpenMaharashtra with an easy win (6-3, 6-2) over @Leander and @puravraja.Here are the highlights! �??� #AdvantagePune #ATP #ATP250 #Tennis Tata Open Maharashtra (@MaharashtraOpen) January 2, 2018″I have also worked on trying to re-invent a certain style of play. It did not work in Pune but at the end of last year for three weeks, we were undefeated. It was at Challenger level and now have got to move it up at the ATP level.”It’s been some months that he and Raja are playing together on the tour. They ended 2017 on a high by winning the Challenger titles in Knoxville and Champaign in the US.Ask him about Raja and he praises his partner.”He has made progress. Last match was not a good reflection of it but he has lost some weight. He has become smarter about his fitness, about his diet. To transform a body, it takes time. What is good about Purav is that he has got power. He is strong.”I am encouraging him to play to his strengths. The movement is my strength. He did not hit the ball (against Bopanna-Jeevan). Last match was an awkward match, he did not play his best tennis.”It was also noticed that Ramkumar Ramanathan, one of India’s best singles player these days, was spending a lot of time with Paes and his team.Paes said for the Chennai boy to succeed at the highest level, he needs to work on the mental aspect of the game.”Ram has got a phenomenal game. His serve is huge, his second serve is brilliant. Good inside out forehand, good backhand down the line…technically very sound.”There’s not much I can teach Ram about technique and strokes. It’s hard to be a Pro on tour when you are 150. When you are top-100, you get into Grand Slams but to get there is important. So, when I see him at different places, we do training together. So it’s a long-term friendship. I am not gaining anything out of it.”advertisementAsked why Ram has not been able to make a mark when he has everything right about his game, Paes said, “Time”.”He has to put it together. Stay calm and be peaceful and rise at big points. You need to conserve energy. You can’t be playing high octane all the time. And it takes mental skills.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

Highlights at 10 pm

first_imgNew Delhi, June 23 (PTI) Following are the highlights at 10 pm. TOP STORIES: NEWDELHI DEL8 INDOPAK-LD SUMMON New Delhi: India today summoned Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner here and lodged a strong protest over the denial of access to its envoy in Islamabad and consular officials to visit Gurdwara Panja Sahib and meet visiting Indian pilgrims. JAMMU DEL18 JK-3RD LD-SHAH Jammu: BJP president Amit Shah today said his party will never allow the separation of Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of the country, as he lashed at Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Saifuddin Soz for being on the same frequency as the terrorists. NEWDELHI DEL16 AVI-AIR INDIA-LD FLIGHTS New Delhi: Scores of Air India passengers were stranded at several airports across the country as a technical glitch in the airline’s check-in software delayed 25 flights today, officials said. RAJGARH BOM13 MP-2NDLD PM Rajgarh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that to glorify one family, deliberate attempts were being made to belittle the contributions of other towering leaders in nation building, as he paid rich tributes to Bharatiya Jana Sangh founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee. NEWDELHI DEL11 CONG-DEMO-NABARD New Delhi: The Congress today alleged that NABARD was “forced” to issue a statement to “suppress” its own RTI reply that notes worth over Rs 745 crore were deposited in a cooperative bank, where BJP chief Amit Shah is a director, within five days of Prime Minister Narendra Modis demonetisation announcement. NATION: JAMMU DEL13 JK-LD JOURNALISTS Jammu/Srinagar: Former minister and senior BJP leader Lal Singh has warned Kashmiri journalists to draw a line between reporting facts and supporting terrorists or face the fate of Rising Kashmir editor Shujaat Bukhari, who was shot dead by militants.advertisement CHIKKAMAGALURU MDS5 KA-BJP WORKER KILLED Chikkamagaluru (Kar): A BJP functionary was stabbed to death by two motorcycle-borne assailants here, police said today. KHUNTI CAL2 JH-GANGRAPE-FIR Khunti (Jharkhand): The head of the Kochange village school, from where five women working with an NGO were allegedly abducted and later gang-raped, has been booked for not reporting the incident to police, an official said today. BUSINESS: NEWDELHI DCM4 BIZ-WHATSAPP New Delhi/New York: WhatsApp, which is testing its payments services in India, today said it is updating its terms of service and privacy policy to “reflect the addition of payment interoperability features” ahead of the full-fledged launch of the service. MCM24 BIZ-INFOSYS-MURTHY Bengaluru: For the second straight year, Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy stayed away from company’s Annual General Meeting here. NEWDELHI DCM7 BIZ-BHARTIINFRATEL-CFO New Delhi: Mobile tower firm Bharti Infratel today said it has appointed S Balasubramanian as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who will take over the role with effect from August 10. FOREIGN: NEPAL-INDIA-CHINA Beijing: Nepal can serve as a bridge between India and China, Prime Minister K P Oli has said, insisting that his country will maintain close ties with the two neighbours while pursuing independent foreign policy. BULAWAYO FGN19 ZIMBABWE-LD BLAST Bulawayo: Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa survived a blast at a ruling ZANU-PF party rally today, while one of his vice-presidents and two other party officials were wounded ISLAMABAD FGN15 PAK-LD MUSARRAF Islamabad: A day after resigning as the chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf today said he wanted to return and contest elections, but he could not do so as he had sought some assurances from the government which it failed to fulfil them.UK-VISA-INDIA London: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he will continue to lobby the UK government to change its rules around immigration as he branded the exclusion of Indians from an easier student visa application regime as “offensive” and a “wasted opportunity”. HAVANA FGN5 CUBA-PREZ Havana: India and Cuba have agreed to enhance cooperation in biotechnology, renewable energy and traditional medicine as President Ram Nath Kovind held wide-ranging talks with his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel to further cement the strong bilateral ties SPORTS: BREDA SPF17SPO-HOCK-CT-IND (CORRECTED) Breda (Netherlands), Jun 23 (PTI) India blanked arch-rivals Pakistan 4-0 to open its campaign on a rousing note in the final edition of the Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament, here today.NEWDELHI SPD7 PO-BOX LD IND New Delhi: World silver-medallist Sonia Lather (57kg) and Mandeep Jangra were among the five Indian boxers to enter the finals, while four others, including Shiva Thapa (60kg), signed off with bronze medals in the Ulaanbaatar Cup in Mongolia today. NEWDELHI SPD11 SPO-SWIM-IND New Delhi: Indian swimmer Sandeep Sejwal put up an impressive performance to clinch the gold medal in men’s 50m breaststroke event at the Singapore National Swimming Championships in Singapore today.advertisement STORIES EXPECTED from FIFA World Cup PTI ASHASHlast_img read more

All-new BMW M2 Competition launched in India for Rs 79.90 lakh

first_imgThe all-new BMW M2 Competition was launched in India today. The BMW M2 Competition will be available at all BMW dealerships across India as a Completely Built-Up (CBU) model from today onwards.The BMW M2 Competition is available in a petrol variant at an ex-showroom price of INR 79, 90,000.The M2 Competition is available in Alpine White (non-metallic) and in the following metallic paintworks: Sunset Orange, Hockenheim Silver, Long Beach Blue, and Black Sapphire.The range of fine upholstery combinations in the M2 Competition includes Leather Dakota Black/contrast stitching Blue | Black and Leather Dakota Black/contrast stitching Orange | Black. The optional perforations in either blue or orange will only be available with optional M Sport Seats.The exterior of the M2 Competition gets enlarged air inlets and the high-gloss Black kidney grill with an M2 badge.The characteristic coupé silhouette extends from the bonnet to the muscularly sculpted rear. The Adaptive LED headlights to complete the dynamic look.BMW Individual High-Gloss Shadow Line with extended content accentuate the sporty appearance. M side gills with M2 model designation and M wing mirrors underline the motor racing character. In the rear, the M rear spoiler and the sports exhaust system with four tailpipes in Black Chrome signal sporting ambitions in top form.The interior design of the all-new BMW M2 Competition has a consistent driver focus. The M2 Competition logo on the door sill emphasizes the vehicle’s athletic ambitions. The optional M Sport seats with an illuminated M2 badge and standard M Seat belts not only offer a powerful look but also perfect support. The BMW Individual headliner in Anthracite with interior trim finishers in black high-gloss with highlight trim finisher Pearl Chrome complete this expressive and prestigious ensemble.advertisementThe new instrument cluster in black panel design sports M style dials, red needles, and an M2 Competition welcome staging in white illumination. The multifunction M leather steering wheel is also optimized for peak performance. The driver can also use the M Drive M1 and M2 buttons to select the desired settings whilst driving. A new red start/stop button underlines the motorsport character of the car.The M TwinPower Turbo three-litre six-cylinder in-line petrol engine in the all-new BMW M2 Competition leaves nothing to be desired. The high-revving power unit delivers its exceptional output of 302 kW/410 hp at 6,250 rpm and a tremendous peak torque of 550 Nm. The boost in performance pushes the all-new BMW M2 Competition from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/hr.The seven-speed M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is an innovative dual-clutch system specially designed for the high-revving BMW M engine. It enables extremely fast gear changes without any loss of traction. The shift paddles on the M leather steering wheel put the seven gears at your fingertips for absolute control.The M Servotronic with three driving modes (Comfort, Sport, and Sport+) lend the all-new BMW M2 Competition unique handling characteristics. The standard Active M Differential on the rear axle and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) have likewise been configured to match the upgraded dynamics.The exhaust system comes with an innovative flap concept. The electrically controlled flaps positioned just before the rear silencer, minimize exhaust backpressure for optimized efficiency and create a distinctively unmistakable BMW M sound across the entire rev range.The all-new BMW M2 Competition comes with a package of intelligent safety features aimed at minimizing risk with airbags, Active M Differential, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including M Dynamic mode and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).Maximum driving pleasure coupled with an outstanding performance/fuel consumption ratio thanks to EfficientDynamics measures such as Intelligent Lightweight Construction, Automatic Start/Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering, 50:50 Weight Distribution and many other innovative technologies.The BMW ConnectedDrive services onboard the all-new BMW M2 Competition provide the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service feature such as an iDrive controller, Radio BMW Professional, 7 loudspeakers with 205 Watts HiFi loudspeaker system, a 16.5 cms colour display with AM/FM Radio, Connectivity through Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Park Distance Control (PDC) rear and front along with rear view camera come as standard. The optional features include the next generation BMW iDrive (the on-board Driver Information System) with touch controller, BMW Navigation Professional (integrated Global Positioning System GPS) with 22.3 cm color display and 3D maps, 12 loudspeakers with 360 Watts HiFi loudspeaker system from Harman Kardon, BMW Apps, and Apple Car Play.last_img read more

India vs Pakistan: Sarfaraz Ahmed was confused, Pakistan lacked imagination, says Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgSachin Tendulkar feels Sarfaraz Ahmed got his decisions completely wrong as he led Pakistan in the 89-run loss against India in the World Cup 2019 match in Manchester on Sunday.The blockbuster clash was touted to be the biggest of the World Cup so far but it turned out to be a one-sided contest as India completely outplayed Pakistan in all three departments to register their seventh successive win in a World Cup match against their arch-rivals.Tendulkar felt Sarfaraz Ahmed seemed confused while leading the team and lacked imagination during the first innings when Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli took the Pakistani bowlers to the cleaners and posted 336 for 5 on the board.”I thought he was confused because when Wahab was bowling he had a short mid-wicket. And when Shadab came on to bowl he had a slip for him. In these conditions it becomes difficult for a leg-spinner to grip the ball, especially when he’s not getting the right line and length. That is not the right way to approach a big game.”They lacked imagination, lacked out of the box thinking. If the ball is not moving around much, you don’t continue bowling over the wicket, Wahab went around the wicket but it was too late by then. Hassan was the only guy to get the ball to move off the surface. I would have told them to change the angle and do something different. I never thought we were going to lose a wicket,” Sachin Tendulkar told India Today.advertisementHere’s how the table looks after today. #CWC19 | #INDvPAK World Cup (@cricketworldcup) June 16, 2019Put into bat in a stop-start, rain-hit match, India posted a commanding 336-5, with Rohit Sharma (140) smashing his second century of the tournament while KL Rahul and Virat Kohli contributed with 57 and 77 runs respectively.Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam kept alive Pakistan’s hopes for a while in the chase but losing four wickets in an 18-ball span effectively derailed their hopes.Set a revised target of 302 in 40 overs, Pakistan eventually finished on 212-6 and slumped to their third defeat in five matches.Also Read | Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, bowlers make it 7-0 for India vs Pakistan in World CupsAlso Read | Vijay Shankar joins elite list with wicket off first ball in World CupsAlso Read | Things can go haywire if you approach this game too emotionally, Virat KohliAlso Read | Wasn’t thinking of double hundred when I got out, says Rohit Sharmalast_img read more

Don’t worry U.S. fans, World Cup can still be exciting

first_imgWorld Cup As painful as it was to watch, World Cup draw gives Americans plenty to be excited about Ives Galarcep @soccerbyives 02:39 12/2/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) USA fans Noah K. Murray World Cup United States The U.S. isn’t part of a World Cup for the first time in 32 years, but Friday’s draw still gave American soccer fans plenty to look forward to If you are an American soccer fan who found yourself getting a little sad and angry as Friday’s World Cup draw began, you almost certainly weren’t alone.It was the first time in 32 years the U.S. national team wasn’t part of a draw, longer than many U.S. fans have been alive, so there were probably more than a few Americans who caught themselves instinctively scanning for American faces at the draw, only to find that there were none.That painful reality, which probably only grew more painful with the sight of stone-faced Vladimir Putin welcoming guests to the 2018 World Cup draw, ripped open the wounds suffered almost two months ago in Trinidad & Tobago, where the USMNT saw its World Cup qualifying hopes evaporate. But as Friday’s draw went on and the groups started to take shape, it became a little easier to stop thinking like a heartbroken American, and start thinking like a fan of the world’s game. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player First you had Spain being drawn into the same group as Portugal, a tasty treat that was easily the group stage’s most enticing pairing. Then you had Mexico being placed in a tricky group, with an even tricker knockout-round path. That was worth cracking an American smile. Then, before you knew it, the 32-team field was set, and it was filled with plenty of intriguing and potentially entertaining matchups.Maybe that’s when it sank in for many American fans, the reality that next summer could actually be fun to watch (and no, not because there might be a consolation tournament featuring the top teams that missed the World Cup). A few of you may still need some convincing, so here is a closer look at the World Cup draw, and why American soccer fans should still have plenty to root for next summer:THE CAN’T-MISS MATCHUPSCristiano Ronaldo Andre Silva PortugalThe absence of several traditional world powers, like Italy, Chile and the Netherlands, meant fewer “Group of Death” options, but there are still several juicy pairings that both diehards and casual fans will be interested in. Leading the menu are:Spain vs. Portugal. The Iberian neighbors have combined to win the past three European championships, and seeing Cristiano Ronaldo face many of his Real Madrid teammates will make this June 15 clash a must-see.Germany vs. Mexico. El Tri will be the underdogs in this Confederations Cup rematch, and what American won’t want to tune in to see the Germans knock off the U.S. national team’s archrivals?Belgium vs. England. Americans love the English Premier League, and this battle of European heavyweights will have plenty of star power, including Eden Hazard, Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku, to name a few.MEXICO’S CHALLENGING ROADJoachim Low Juan Carlos Osorio Germany MexicoIf you can’t root for your favorite team, then why not root against your biggest rival? American fans have been mocked unmercifully by El Tri fans on social media since the USMNT crashed out of World Cup qualifying, and next summer will offer U.S. fans a chance for some sweet satisfaction if Mexico fails in its quest to advance past the Round of 16 for the first time.Mexico’s group draw is far from easy, with Germany looming as the Group F favorites and Sweden a tough opponent (and potentially tougher if Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes out of international retirement). South Korea is no pushover either, so that’s three opportunities to see El Tri stumble on the world stage.Of course, it should be noted that Mexico has a history of doing well in the group stages, with the Round of 16 being the perennially oversized hurdle for the Mexicans to clear. It won’t be any easier this time around, with Brazil a very likely Round of 16 opponent if El Tri finish second in their Group.SCOUTING OUT USMNT COACHING CANDIDATESRoberto Martinez Belgium 10302017Though we don’t even know who will be U.S. Soccer president yet (the election is in February), all signs point to U.S. Soccer waiting until the summer to hire a full-time USMNT coach. That would give whoever is running U.S. Soccer a chance to scout out and approach coaching candidates who become available after the World Cup.Who might be worth watching?Belgium manager Roberto Martinez is someone who should be on the list, and if he enjoys success leading a talented Belgian squad deep in the World Cup, he could become a very enticing candidate. Mexico’s Juan Carlos Osorio is also on the radar. If Mexico has a good World Cup, Osorio won’t be short on options, and it’s a safe bet he won’t coach Mexico after the World Cup, regardless of how El Tri fare. The former MLS coach has plenty of ties to the United States, and would be a very enticing option if he helps Mexico show well in Russia.UNDERDOGS PRIMED FOR SUCCESSIceland 10062017The group draw set up some very wide-open groups, and should give American fans plenty of options as they search for teams to adopt as their own during the tournament. Here are some of the underdogs with enticing group draws:PERU. The South Americans were one of the true Cinderella stories in World Cup qualifying, having reached their first World Cup in 35 years. Peru is in a group with France, Denmark and Australia, and showed in qualifying that they can trouble the toughest of opponents.ICELAND. The underdog story of the most recent Euros, Iceland finds itself in a stacked group with Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria. As much as that could lead to three losses, Iceland has already shown itself to be capable of upsets.SOUTH KOREA. Older U.S. fans will remember the 2002 World Cup fondly, especially when South Korea helped the U.S. advance out of the group stage by beating Portugal. The Asian squad could make American fans happy once again if they can knock off Mexico. COSTA RICA. Sure, it may be asking a lot of American fans to root for the same team that beat the USMNT twice in qualifying, but if anything, a successful tournament by the Ticos would help paint the U.S. team’s elimination in a better light. And yes, you could say the same for El Tri, but you have to draw the line somewhere.THE POTENTIAL KNOCKOUT ROUND GEMSLionel Messi ArgentinaFor those who have looked at the groups and felt like the group stage is lacking a little pizzazz, don’t fret. The knockout rounds are shaping up to offer some delicious pairings. Here are some that could make for must-see TV:BRAZIL vs. MEXICO. This potential Round of 16 showdown could break some ratings records in the U.S., not just with the many El Tri fans in America, but also with bitter American fans hoping for a Brazil blowout.ENGLAND vs. COLOMBIA. Both teams teams are capable of winning their group, but if one manages a second-place finish, this could make for a very entertaining Round of 16 match featuring midfield wizards like James Rodriguez and Dele Alli.SPAIN vs. ARGENTINA. A dream quarterfinal for the impartial observer, it would pit Lionel Messi against many of his FC Barcelona teammates on his quest to finally win a World Cup.GERMANY vs. ENGLAND. Another reason why England’s group draw isn’t as cushy as some might thinking is this potential quarterfinal, which should give the Three Lions plenty of motivation to want to avoid finishing second in its group.FRANCE vs. PORTUGAL. What better opponent for Les Bleus in the quarterfinals than the same Portugal side that eliminated them in the Euros.GERMANY vs. ARGENTINA. We would have to wait until the semifinals for this rematch of the 2014 World Cup final, but it would be fitting if Messi had his chance at revenge.last_img read more

NCAA Expected To Pass New Guidelines Restricting Transfer Waiver Approval

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p The NCAA Division I council is expected to approve a package of new guidelines that could make it more difficult for college football and basketball players who transfer to receive immediate eligibility via waivers, according to a document obtained by USA TODAY Sports.The NCAA instituted a new policy in 2018-19 allowing waivers to be granted on a case-by-case basis.Former Georgia transfer Justin Fields received immediate eligibility at Ohio State. Not long after, Tate Martell received immediate eligibility for Miami after transferring from Ohio State.However, the process did not work for former Georgia tight end Luke Ford, who transferred to Illinois to be closer to his ailing grandfather – a move the NCAA receive hefty criticism for.Perhaps the organization wants to avoid backlash on a case-by-case basis by instituting its new rules. However, most of the reaction to today’s new isn’t great for the NCAA.Stay tuned for an official announcement. A referee's outfit for an NCAA Tournament game.LOUISVILLE, KY – MARCH 19: An NCAA patch is seen on a referee’s shirt during the second round of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Hampton Pirates at the KFC YUM! Center on March 19, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)The NCAA appeared to be on the right track when it comes to allowing athletes in major sports to transfer and gain eligibility immediately for their new program.Until now.According to Dan Wolken of USA Today, the NCAA will meet in Indianapolis on Wednesday to discuss proposed new guidelines, which include an update to directions for decisions on whether waiver requests should be granted.Here’s more from the report:last_img read more

Sebi may force full disclosure on loan defaults with rating agencies

first_imgNew Delhi: Amid concerns over banks citing ‘client confidentiality’ to resist sharing of information on delayed loan repayments and possible defaults by their borrowers, capital market regulator Sebi is planning to tighten its norms to make it mandatory for companies to provide these details to credit rating agencies. Amid numerous cases of huge loan defaults by corporates, including in cases like Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS), credit rating agencies have also come under the scanner for failing to flag potential credit risks of the securities and entities rated by them. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalHowever, the rating agencies have often sought to shift the blame to the companies and lenders by claiming that they find it difficult to get information about delay in meeting bank obligations and payment failures which are considered early indicators of a default. Officials said there have been occasions when some entities have sought to take the benefit of certain regulatory gaps as banks are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) while rating agencies and listed companies come under Sebi’s jurisdiction, while the problem becomes more acute in case of unlisted companies. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostTo fill this regulatory gap, Sebi is now proposing to amend its regulations for credit rating agencies to ensure that any listed or unlisted entity, before getting rated, gives an explicit consent to obtain from their lenders and other entities full details about their existing and future borrowings as also their repayment and delay or default of any nature and provide the same to the rating agencies. The proposal is likely to be presented for approval by Sebi’s board at its meeting later this month, the officials said. The move is aimed at helping the rating agencies get timely information about the rated entity’s financial strength and incorporate the impact of these details in their ratings. The provisions of the rating agreement between a rating agency and its client or issuer of securities is governed by the Sebi (Credit Rating Agencies) Regulations, framed in 1999. This regulation provides that every rating agency needs to enter into a written agreement with each client whose securities it proposes to rate and mentions detailed provisions that every such agreement should include. As per these regulations, rating agencies are required to continuously monitor the rating of securities during the lifetime of such securities. Sebi is of the view that any default or delay in meeting bank obligations are often early indicators of default on other borrowing obligations of the issuer, an official said. “However, banks have not been forthcoming in sharing such information with credit rating agencies citing client confidentiality as a reason,” the official added. In order to address this issue, Sebi had earlier decided to mandate the rating agencies to incorporate an enabling provision in the rating agreement with their clients. The official said Sebi had also written to the RBI in May, apprising the banking regulator that the rating agencies are contemplating incorporating such enabling provision in the rating agreement. The RBI was also requested to advise banks to provide timely and accurate information to the credit rating agencies regarding any default or delay in payments by the rated entities, but no response was received in the matter till last month. In view of this, Sebi is now proposing to amend its regulations for the rating agencies to insert a clause requiring the clients to give an explicit consent for obtaining such details from their lenders and other organisations holding information on their borrowings and provide the same to the raters.last_img read more

Probe ordered into illegal sale of manjha

first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel on Monday directed the Chief Secretary to probe how Chinese manjha was being rampantly sold in the city markets despite it being banned by the city government. Reacting to a request on the same by AAP MLA Mohinder Goyal, the Speaker asked Delhi Police to investigate the places where this manjha was being sold. “Despite the ban, it should be probed how it is being sold. A high level probe should be done. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”I urge the Chief Secretary to probe the issue. The Chief Secretary should ask the police to inquire about the Chinese manjha, where all it’s being sold. What fine is being imposed,” the Speaker said. Goyal reminded the House about the recent deaths due to this manjha in the city. He demanded that the Social Welfare Minister give compensation to the bereaved families. Use of glass coated manjha is banned by the Supreme Court. However, on occasions like Independence Day and Rakshabhandhan, the ‘manjha’ is sold at shops all over the city. “A 28-year-old civil engineer was killed and at least half a dozen others, including a retired defence forces officer, were injured after being allegedly hit by sharp kite strings (manjha) in separate incidents,” said AAP MLA Mahenrder Goel. Mpostlast_img read more

Taxpayers Federation applauds stipulation in possible Calgary Olympic bid

first_imgThursday’s announcement that the federal and Alberta governments support the formation of a bid corporation to explore the idea of Calgary pursuing a 2026 Olympic bid came with a condition: that a plebiscite is held before it could move forward. Although the plebiscite could cost upwards of $2 million, Craig says it’s money well spent. The Olympic bid itself is expected to cost around $30 million. The International Olympic Committee will invite bids beginning in January. “There’s certainly an argument, too, that it would be a positive thing to host a province-wide referendum, but I don’t think that’s likely to happen.” Alberta Director Colin Craig says it’s important to poll public opinion. The Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation applauded Premier Rachel Notley’s decision. “There is a cost to democracy. It’s important to involve the public in major decisions, not just simply during election time,” said Craig. “We think it’s important for taxpayers to have an opportunity to vote yes or no on an Olympic bid, so we’re pleased the Alberta government is making that a requirement of their funding.” Last year, the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee concluded that hosting the 2026 Games would cost $4.6 billion. “It’s not like a core government service like running a police department or fixing a road. This is something that’s very much a luxury option, and it’s important to ask taxpayers ‘do you want to spend extra money on this type of activity?’” said Craig, who adds they’ve been receiving complaints about the cost of the Games from around the province.last_img read more

Death toll in Myanmar crackdown higher than Government figures – UN expert

“Several reports of killings indicate that the figure provided by the authorities may greatly underestimate the reality,” Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro states in a report to be presented to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council next Tuesday.Mr. Pinheiro, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, visited the country at the Government’s invitation to verify allegations of abuses during the Government crackdown, determine the numbers and whereabouts of those detained or killed, and collect testimony about what happened. According to “credible eye-witness reports,” there were more than 30 fatalities in Yangon associated with the September protests, including the killing a Japanese photojournalist, states Mr. Pinheiro, who describes the lethal force used by the security forces in responding to peaceful demonstrators as “unnecessary and disproportionate.”In his report, the Special Rapporteur also states that between 3,000 and 4,000 people were arrested in September and October, and between 500 and 1,000 are still being detained. In addition, 1,150 political prisoners held prior to the protests have not been released. Most of the arrests took place during the crackdown on the demonstrations and the night raids carried out by the security forces and “non-law enforcement officials.” Of particular concern are “numerous accounts of the use of large capacity informal detention centres, unacknowledged by State authorities, which are regarded as ‘secret’ facilities,” he says, adding that detainees have included children and pregnant women.Mr. Pinheiro says he is aware of at least 74 cases of enforced disappearance, and calls allegations of the burning of a large amount of bodies “very disturbing.”In addition, he condemns the new arrests of political activists, despite the assurances given by Prime Minister Thein Sein to the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Myanmar, Ibrahim Gambari, in early November that no more arrests would be carried out.Mr. Pinheiro has shared his report and a list of names of 653 detainees, 74 persons disappeared and 16 killed – in addition to the list of 15 dead provided by the authorities – with the Government for comments.He also recommends a number of measures to the Myanmar Government, including releasing unconditionally all those taken into custody for peaceful assembly or the peaceful expression of their political beliefs, revealing the whereabouts of those still detained or missing, returning the remains of the deceased to their families for proper burials and ensuring immediate access by Red Cross officials to all detainees. 7 December 2007An independent United Nations human rights expert says that at least 31 people died during the crackdown by Myanmar authorities on peaceful protesters a few months ago – 16 more than had been acknowledged by the Government. read more

UN labour agency calls for new international policies to create jobs in

“The extensive policy advice given to Africa needs a reality check – a wake-up call,” International Labour Organization (ILO) Director-General Juan Somavia told the agency’s Tenth African Regional Meeting at its opening session in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. “Work is at the heart of the economic, political and social concerns of people. So let’s make Decent Work in all countries the new organizing factor for a globalization that works for all,” Mr. Somavia added.He noted that the ILO’s Decent Work agenda has been assumed by its African tripartite constituents as a primary means of dealing with real problems as perceived by individuals, families and communities. That agenda is rooted in the ILO’s core strategic objectives of employment and enterprise creation, rights at work, basic social protection and social dialogue.”If we are serious about tackling poverty, then we must fight for jobs, sustainable livelihoods, income generating activities, and quality self-employment,” he said. “Through the African Union, Africa is developing a new vision and institution to tackle collectively its challenges. Through (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) NEPAD, Africa is calling for new types of partnership. Through the Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty, Africa is shaping its own priorities that connect with people’s immediate needs.”That creativity and commitment should be matched at the global level,” he added. “It is time for a new generation of policies for international cooperation.”The four-day meeting brings together governments and workers’ and employers’ representatives from 53 African States to discuss initiatives to alleviate the plight of the continent’s hundreds of millions of impoverished people and creating more and better jobs for both adults and youths, both men and women.Delegates will discuss employment, development and social challenges, including employment promotion and advancement of social protection and social dialogue. They will also consider elements of a strategic plan whose objectives are based around three directions: elimination of barriers restraining the productive potential of Africa; promotion of investments for the creation of a sound framework for the governance of labour markets, based on the ILO’s fundamental principles and rights at work; and creation of opportunities for people and their families living and working in rural areas as well as the informal economy to make their way out of poverty. read more

UN food agency plants seeds for the future in southern Sudan school

More than 20 years of civil war, ending in January 2005, destroyed most of southern Sudan’s infrastructure, where estimates show that only 20 per cent of children attend primary school. Of those who do, just one third are girls. These troubling statistics prompted WFP to add school construction to its list of recovery projects across Sudan, where the agency is working to feed up to 6.1 million people this year in an emergency operation.“For me, it has been very moving to see the foundations of a WFP school being laid. They also serve as the foundations for the future of thousands of young southern Sudanese lives,” said WFP Executive Director James Morris visiting the building site of one of the schools.Employing 100 teachers and catering to over 10,000 students, the construction project is in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – a set of global antipoverty targets adopted in 2000 – and the policy of the Government of Southern Sudan, both of which call for universal primary education. The project also complements WFP’s School Feeding Programme, which aims to increase school enrolment and attendance by giving children a free meal when they go to class.WFP has already partnered up with the Norwegian Refugee Council and German Development Corporation to build four schools following donations from the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. “This is one of the best examples of the humanitarian community working together to improve lives,” Mr. Morris said.Meanwhile in a separate development related to southern Sudan, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Wednesday that nearly 500 people in the region have died from cholera over the past six months, with the epidemic recently spreading north to the Khartoum area, causing 77 deaths since April.The Sudanese Ministry of Health has formed a task force, including the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and WHO to coordinate the overall response to the epidemic, including strengthening the surveillance and reporting systems, standardizing case management and promoting health education and hygiene, with the chlorination of public water supplies. read more

Brock researcher named innovator of the year

Chemist Tomas Hudlicky has won the Ontario Partnership for Innovation’s Innovator of the Year award. Chemist Tomas Hudlicky can now add “innovator” to his many titles.Hudlicky has won the Ontario Partnership for Innovation and Commercialization (OPIC)’s Innovator of the Year award, which comes with a $5,000 prize to support his research.The award recognizes an outstanding OPIC faculty member who has advanced academic innovation for one or both outcomes of a better quality of life and economic well-being.“Dr. Hudlicky has developed efficient and ‘green’ processes for the production of many medicines, resulting in a cleaner environment and relief for thousands of patients,” says Karen Zavitz, OPIC’s managing director.OPIC, supported through the Ontario Centres of Excellence, is a virtual network of specialized technology transfer experts located at nine member institutions.These experts enhance knowledge and technology transfer capacity by sharing expertise, educational resources, and partnering with clients both within the institutions and in the surrounding communities.Hudlicky, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Biocatalysis – biological methods of manufacturing – heads an international group of scientists focused on converting toxic waste into usable products through an “environmentally benign” chemical reaction process.In addition to green chemistry, his research also centres on new pain and cancer medicines and natural product synthesis.“I was very surprised and pleased. I almost deleted the message thinking it was a spam,” says Hudlicky.“I will use the money for supporting the current projects in the group.”Accomplishments during the decade since Hudlicky came to Brock University from the University of Florida include:• Winning the Alfred Bader Award (2010) from the Canadian Society for Chemistry for excellence in research in organic chemistry• Filing 10 patent applications• Negotiating five licenses with a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, providing it with new processes for a more efficient production and synthesis of alkaloid compounds, which are key agents in pain control and the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Payments from these licenses have exceeded $100,000 per year over the last three years and are expected to grow• Patenting a more efficient process for the manufacture of TamifluTM (oseltamivir) and additional anti-viral compounds having the potential to be more effective than TamifluTM• Partnering with Lorus Therapeutics Inc. (Toronto) for the development of cancer drug therapeutic candidates based on his work with the drug pancratistatin and related derivatives.“Professor Tomas Hudlicky is not only an outstanding academic, but he has been Brock University’s leading innovator,” says John Wilson, Director of Innovation and Commercialization, Office of Research Services.“His award advances Brock’s mission to reach out to the community through the development of strong partnerships with businesses and research organizations, and continue to foster the culture of innovation here at Brock,” says Wilson. read more

Bucyrus wins prestigious management award

first_imgBucyrus International is the recipient of this year’s Baird Management Excellence Award. Baird is an employee-owned, international capital markets, private equity, wealth and asset management firm. The award will be presented today to Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of Bucyrus. “Bucyrus International is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality mining equipment,” said Paul E. Purcell, Baird’s Chairman, President & CEO. “The company’s innovative products, commitment to reinvesting in its facilities and workforce – at its South Milwaukee headquarters especially – and talented leadership team make it a proven performer. It is my pleasure to recognise Bucyrus as the recipient of the 2008 Baird Management Excellence Award.” International Mining’s December issue will nclude a focus on the mining technology coming out of Milwaukee and Peoria.Created in 1981, the Baird Management Excellence Award recognises companies that consistently demonstrate superior performance on behalf of customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which they operate. Baird selects winners in consultation with officers of the Executive MBA Alumni Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business. This is the 27th year Baird has presented the award. At the event, Baird and EconomicsWisconsin will also present six Wisconsin teachers with awards for excellence in teaching economics and financial literacy.Founded in Bucyrus, Ohio, in 1880, Bucyrus moved its headquarters to its current location in South Milwaukee in 1893 and earlier this year completed a more than $200 million multi-phase capacity expansion of that facility. The company has more than 6,000 employees worldwide, nearly 60 facilities around the globe and a presence on six continents. Recently, it ranked fourth on FORTUNE magazine’s list of the “100 Fastest-Growing Companies,” and was recognised as one of IndustryWeek magazine’s “50 Best Manufacturing Companies.”Sullivan joined Bucyrus in June 1976. He has been President since August 2000, and its CEO since March 2004. He has been a director of the company since August 2000. During his career with the company, he has held numerous positions including: COO, Executive VP – Marketing, VP Marketing and Sales, Director of Business Development, Director of Parts Sales and Subsidiary Operations, and Product Manager of electric mining shovels and international sales. He earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Carroll College and a M.B.A. from American Graduate School of International Management.Sullivan was recently elected to serve as the new chairman of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee for 2008-2009, and was co-chair of the United Way’s 2007 Community Campaign. He also serves as Chair of the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment. Additionally, he is involved with various nonprofit boards, including serving as a director for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, Business Health Care Group of Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Advisory Council, Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care.Previous recipients of the Baird Management Excellence Award are Rockwell Automation; Johnson Controls, Inc. (honored in 1983 and 2003); MGIC; Kohler Co.; Sybron International Corporation; Midwest Express Airlines; Harley-Davidson, Inc.; the Green Bay Packers; Fastenal Company; Kohl’s Corporation; Briggs & Stratton Corporation; Kimberly-Clark Corporation; Fiserv, Inc.; Manpower Inc. (honored in 1991 and 2005); the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club; Wisconsin Energy Corporation; Oshkosh B’Gosh, Inc.; Ameritech; Quad/Graphics, Inc.; Fort Howard Paper Company; G. Heileman Brewing Company, Inc.; Snap-On Tools Corporation; Northwestern Mutual; and Marshall & Ilsley Corporation.last_img read more