Cinematographers Who Establish an Instantly Recognizable Look

first_imgFollow in the footsteps of today’s top cinematographers by creating and maintaining your own unique vision.When you think of your favorite working filmmakers, be they directors or cinematographers, what’s the first aspect of their work that comes to mind? A specific scene in one of their films? The music from their films? Maybe the feeling you had when watching their work for the first time?One thing masterful filmmakers have is the ability to create a believable world, one that invites audiences in while telling an enthralling story worth revisiting. Directors often have cinematographers they prefer to collaborate with — think the Coen Brothers and Roger Deakins. Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister. Paul Thomas Anderson and Robert Elswit.Image via ParamountSome pretty amazing things can happen when a director and cinematographer click. In my opinion, a film and a film’s director are only as good as the director of photography working on the film.Some cinematographers have an instantly recognizable look for each of their films. Some focus on character before atmosphere and vise versa, but every cinematographer sees the world in a different way and they allow us to step into their head for a few hours.Let’s take a look at some working DPs who excel at establishing their look with each new film they shoot.Hoyte Van HoytemaImage via ParamountMost notable for his work on Interstellar, Hoyte Van Hoytema has achieved mainstream success in the past few years. With recent credits like Spectre, Her, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Hoytema made a name for himself shooting Let the Right One In. With David O’Russell taking notice soon after, he enlisted the young cinematographer for The Fighter.Image via AnnapurnaHe doesn’t overexpose character faces like most cinematographers; his backgrounds are almost always the same light levels as their faces. As for focal lengths, his favorite for close-ups and mid-shots is 35mm, which, if you were shooting on a DSLR, would be a 50mm lens.He often shoots very wide with a shallow depth of field. This technique (plus minimal backlighting) isolates his characters from their surroundings, calling attention to emotion and action rather than the background. Watch out for Hoytema’s upcoming work on next year’s Dunkirk.Roger DeakinsImage via LionsgateWorking behind the lens since the late 1970s, Roger Deakins has established himself as one of the greatest cinematographers of all time. With thirteen Oscar nominations under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Deakins has proven to audiences to be a dependable artist and a top tier DP, a trend likely to continue with the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.As seen in the still above, Deakins overexposes the lit side of his subject’s face by a few stops. Unlike Hoytema, a trademark of his is to have the background lit oppositely of the talent, giving spacial separation while remaining in close proximity. Employing lighting in unheard of ways, Deakins finds endlessly inventive ways to light his subjects and fill the frame with visually arresting images.Image via Warner BrosFor exterior shots, Deakins often makes sure to keep the subjects as the focus of the frame while wowing us with expansive backdrops. Some of his best work in this department was on last years excellent Sicario. He’s expressed his deep love for shooting digital and his favorite lenses are ARRI master primes on an ALEXA body. Roger Deakins’ own website is a reliable source of information, providing insight into his past and current projects. The forums cover areas like lighting, cameras, and post-production. He even responds to questions posted on the site, so it’s definitely worth a visit.Reed MoranoImage via Sony Pictures ClassicsOver the past few years, Reed Morano has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Working as a full-on director as well as DP, her projects are those of passion and depth. Working with Martin Scorsese on the recent HBO show Vinyl, her style is warm and intimate, as she prefers a shallow depth of field.Image via Sony PicturesThough Vinyl had Morano working with cranes, dollies, etc., she prefers to shoot handheld, giving her films a sense of intimacy. That intimacy is apparent in her 2015 directorial debut (in which she also served as DP) Meadowland, where Morano puts the viewer right in the actors’ faces, allowing us to feel like we’re there in that moment in time with the main characters.When you’re handheld, it’s the least restricted way. If you move a few steps in one direction, then an amazing flare could happen or you catch the right look from an actor from a not so typical angle. You can emotionally enable the audience and bring them deeper into the story and perspective of the characters — Reed Morano Emmanuel LubezkiImage via Magnolia PicturesAn obvious inclusion to this list is three-time Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki. Collaborating with prolific directors such as Terrence Malick, Alfonso Cuaron, and Alejandro G. Innaritu, Lubezki is the most unpredictable and groundbreaking artist working right now. Crafting long-takes with sweeping camera motions, working with natural and artificial light, no matter what the subject is, Lubezki seems to find a way to blow your mind and plug you into the world right from the first frame (see Gravity).Image via 20th Century FoxWorking exclusively with digital now, Lubezki’s experimental endeavors with the ARRI 65 broke new grounds on what lighting and camerawork mean for productions. The subjects are close and unavoidable in front of his lens, establishing a brand just from a single frame. His past three Oscar-winning films couldn’t be more different in tone and subject, but they still have the feel of Lubezki — alive and profound.Establishing Your Own LookEven though these big time cinematographers have (occasionally) unlimited resources, they’ve made a name for themselves by having a good reputation with producers, directors, and anyone they came into contact with along the way. They know visuals and aesthetics as they apply for the story and find a way to put themselves in the work. This recognition and appreciation for the craft has gotten them a long way.Image via ASCWhether you like the films or not, a cinematographer’s work should always be deconstructed for intricacies and the care that has gone into the process. As long as you remain consistent/persistent with your work and strive to do better, people will notice and spread the word.This doesn’t just apply for films as well — commercial, corporate, music videos, and video production in general requires a dedication unlike any other. A podcast I’ve recently started listening to is Cinematography Database with Matt Workman. Talking to real DPs working in the industry, Cinematography Database is not only motivational but super informative, providing excellent advice and insight into how the industry works and why establishing your own brand is important.Episode Recommendation: Ryan Booth on Career, Life & InstagramFor more in-depth looks into the minds of cinematographers, Wolfcrow has an outstanding YouTube series that focuses on individual DPs and what makes their work great. A few other cinematographers with masterful style to check out are: Natasha Braier, Jeff Cronenweth, Wally Pfister, Janusz Kaminski, Robert D. Yeoman, and Benoit Delhomme.Who are some of your favorite cinematographers working today? Share in the comments below. Robert RichardsonImage via Paramount PicturesAnother frequent Scorsese collaborator, Robert Richardson’s work is most often associated Quentin Tarantinos. Richardson makes use of hot backlighting for his characters. This strong backlight allows a soft light to be bounced onto the front of the characters’ faces.His consistent collaboration with heavyweight directors has afforded him the comfort and trust to experiment and test the reaches of his craft. His most recent daring endeavor, The Hateful Eight, brought back shooting Ultra Panavision 70mm earning him an Oscar nomination.Image via MiramaxWith each film containing a new and expansive canvas, the DP specializes in shooting on film, giving his pictures an aged, timeless feel. Crafting beautiful wide shots like nobody else in the field, Richardson continues to put his skills to full effect with each new daunting project he takes on.Bradford YoungImage via A24In high demand after his stellar work on Ava DuVernay’s Selma and JC Chandor’s A Most Violent Year, Young’s next hit, Arrival, will be landing in theaters soon. Compared to others on this list, Young is just kicking his career off — but he’s already showing a consistently strong visual palette. One of his first projects — Pariah — garnered much praise and got him noticed by some big leaguers like DuVernay and David Lowery.Image via Paramount PicturesBy positioning his characters towards the edge of the frame, Young gives his projects a sense of scope and a classic feel. While shooting digitally to portray New York in the 80s and Alabama in the 60s , Young found a way to give the images a lived-in feel that the stories needed. A prominent theme in his work is underexposed images. This preferred method of choice gives his work a distinct feeling, and the subject matter he chooses to take on and the spacial awareness combined with the dimly lit characters establishes Young’s vision as unique.Robert ElswitImage via MiramaxHis crowning achievement to date, There Will Be Blood, won him the oscar for Cinematography in 2007 and things are only going up for Elswit. His work is an inspiration for anybody interested in long, wide camera work that paints a picture with each frame.For his frequent collaborations with Paul Thomas Anderson, Elswit shoots with film using anamorphic lenses. This move has produced some of the best looking movies to date. Elswit shoots his subject with 3/4 top light just in between soft and hard, while keeping the key side overexposed.Image via Open Road FilmsHaving recently worked on Nightcrawler and The Night Of using the ALEXA, Elswit has expressed warm feelings for shooting digitally, especially at night. This is a big shift from his usual work method of shooting only on film.ALEXA was a great way to go because it’s a little faster. The exposure index is twice as high as the fastest Kodak film stock, and you can get away with murder. By shooting in places that had a lot of street and business lighting, I didn’t have to light backgrounds. — Robert ElswitBenoit DebieImage via A24Working with rich colors and abstract landscapes, nobody makes images pop on screen like Benoit Debie. Working with Directors like Gaspar Noe, Wim Wenders, and Harmony Korine, Debie often lights the sides of characters and experiments with offbeat gels. Colors are pushed to the limits as his traditionalist style and methods blend perfectly with the weird subject tones of his films. Having just completed his next film with Wim Wenders, Debie is an excellent addition to your watchlist. Side note: He only shoots on film, making his technique and work that much more difficult.Image via Warner BrosWhen you shoot, you think in visual terms of light, contrast, and color. And then as the editing is getting closer to the end, you see things getting better together. Sometimes you can change your mind about color or contrast. You might have a very sad or intense sequence, and after you see it, it may seem too bright. Then, as you see an almost-finished movie, you might decide to change the intensity of the light, or make the colors deeper. It might not be a big change, but I would sometimes change a sequence when I feel that it will make the movie better.  — Benoit Debielast_img read more

The One Way to Protect Yourself When You Lose a Major Account

first_imgYou have existing clients that need your time and attention. You also need to prospect. Your current clients need things now, and you need to communicate with them to help them—and retain them. Because they have needs you need to address now, you neglect prospecting and creating new opportunities. You may not pay the penalty for having not prospected until some time in the future, but eventually, know for sure that you will indeed pay. At some point, you will lose a very large client that generates an equally large portion of your revenue and most of your compensation. When this awful event occurs, you will be twelve to eighteen months behind acquiring a replacement.You Lost a Large ClientYou acquired your dream client years ago, and you have faithfully served them, taking care of their needs. You have deep relationships with the people who work there, and there is no hint of anything going wrong. One day, the company is acquired by a larger company that has a contractual relationship with your competitor. Or a new stakeholder decides to make a name for themselves by removing a supplier and bringing in the team they used to work with at their last job. Whatever the reason, you lost your largest account.Because you have not been prospecting, you have exposed yourself to the risk of not having a strong pipeline, the only thing that can inoculate you from losing the revenue and compensation when you lose a large client. You are now so far behind on prospecting and creating opportunities that you are some many months away from replacing your major account. The time to have created new opportunities was while you had your dream client up and running. How many months behind are you when it comes to winning a new major account?How Many Months BehindLarge clients don’t tend to change suppliers often. They tend to find a partner who will take care of them, and they live with some amount of errors and unfulfilled needs. Because these relationships are strategic, these large clients live with some problems and find ways to work around others. In short, they are not highly compelled to change. They are even less interested in switching only to end up with the same set of problems they already experience—or new challenges that might disrupt their business.A normal distribution curve would show you that there are fewer of these larger clients, and they wouldn’t be large targets for you if they weren’t already spending significantly on what you sell. To win a new large client, you are going to have to displace a competitor from a relatively small number of targets, a meager percentage of whom will change in a given year.During the time you were not calling on these prospective clients, your competitors were nurturing relationships, sharing insights and ideas, and scheduling meetings. The people who will decide to select a new partner when it is necessary to have your competitor’s business cards, and they are familiar enough with them to know whom they like and whom they won’t consider. You, however, are a complete unknown, making it unlikely you even get a call to compete.My guess is you are eighteen months away from winning your dream client. Even though you may be able to find a few dream clients who explore change, you aren’t likely lucky enough to win a large client on your first time when there is a competition (even though I hope you do!).Prospecting Isn’t About TodayProspecting isn’t designed to produce results today. The effect it produces doesn’t show up until some time in the future. When you decide not to prospect, you push the work of creating opportunities into the future, and in doing so, you push the acquisition of new clients even further into the future.I am more than fond of the idea of Year Negative One. When you are prospecting and nurturing your dream clients now, you don’t believe that they are going to change for three years. Year Negative One precedes Year Zero, the year in which the client starts to recognize some need to explore change. Year One is the year in which you compete for their business. You start Year Negative One when you commit to pursuing your dream client in earnest, building and sustaining a long term campaign to win their business.The idea isn’t that it is going to take three years to win business from a major account, even though it very well may take that long or longer. It’s a recognition that some small population of large clients is going to change in any given year and that you need to work to be in front of that decision, doing the work to be known and preferred.Perpetual MotionProspecting needs to be continuous and unceasing. The same is true for nurturing relationships and capturing mindshare. The more proactive and disciplined you are about this work, the more you are immune to the adverse events that occur in sales, including the loss of a significant client. Given a long enough timeline, you will lose your large accounts. Thankfully, that truth applies in equal measure to your competition. The only way to protect yourself for the inevitable loss of a large client is to have a pipeline full of potential replacements.last_img read more

Unruly mob disrupted visit to my constituency: former Tripura CM Manik Sarkar

first_imgFormer Chief Minister and leader of the Opposition in the Tripura State Assembly Manik Sarkar alleged that an unruly mob disrupted his visit to Dhanpur, his assembly constituency on Thursday. He demanded lawful action against the perpetrators who are targeting the opposition rank and file across the State.Mr. Sarkar said several people raised slogans and attempted to block his movement at Dhanpur. “Not that that all of them (protestors) exhibited muscle, but some were unruly,” Mr. Sarkar said.However, he said adequate security arrangements were in place in the area to facilitate his visit. “But I advised them [police] not to apply force against those who disrupted my movement,” the former CM stated.Dhanpur is located in Sepahijala district, about 48 km south of Agartala.CPI(M) sources said Manik Sarkar was to visit a party office in Dhanpur which was recently attacked and take stock of the situation.The ruling BJP denied that its cadres were linked with the incident. Party spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee said the locals could have expressed their anger against their MLA (Manik Sarkar) for some reasons.last_img read more

Manchester United Want to Sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic in January Transfer Window: Reports

first_imgManchester United are looking to bring back star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Old Trafford when the football transfer window reopens in January, at least according to a report in Daily Mail.Ibrahimovic, whose contract with LA Galaxy will expire by the end of this year, had joined the Major League Soccer in 2018, after he was released by the Red Devils. He has since been named in the MSL Best XI in 2018 and 2019 after scoring 53 goals. Recently, Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber had said that the 38-year-old striker will be rejoining AC Milan. Zlatan had played for the Italian outfit from 2010 to 2012. During his stay at the club, he had scored 42 goalsSpeaking to ESPN, Garber said, “Zlatan is such an interesting guy. He keeps my hands full and my inbox full, but he’s a thrill-a-minute. He is a 38-year-old guy who is being recruited by AC Milan, one of the top clubs in the world.”Whereas, according to an Italian outlet TuttoMercatoWeb, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is planning to give a tough fight to AC Milan for their former player, reported the Daily Mail.Looks like Zlatan has some other plans. Recently, he took to his Instagram story to tease his return to Spain. He story claimed, “Hola Espana. I’m coming back”.Well, which club will Zlatan join? Was he teasing all because he is planning a vacation to Spain or he has some serious business to do. Let’s just wait and watch. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. AC MilanjanuaryJanuary transfer windowLA Galaxy First Published: November 11, 2019, 3:21 PM ISTlast_img read more

ICC World T20: Pakistan allow teams to leave for India after West Bengal govt assurance

first_imgEnding days of speculation and high drama, the Pakistan government is expected to give the nod to its cricket teams to travel to India for the ICC World Twenty20.Pakistan had insisted on a written assurance from the Indian government regarding the safety of their players. But Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju said that he would not comment on any specific country or their demands but added that if any team deserved special security, the Indian government would be happy to look into that.Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said no one should doubt the security arrangements in India after Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Khan said there was no question of their cricketers flying out to India unless New Delhi gave a firm assurance.But earlier today, it emerged that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Kolkata Police commissioner Rajeev Kumar had already handed written assurances on security to Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president Sourav Ganguly, who handed the letters to the International Cricket Council.The ICC in turn conveyed the West Bengal government’s assurance to the PCB.Khan today met PCB executive committee chairman Najam Sethi, who conveyed to the Pakistani government West Bengal’s assurance on security.Meanwhile, Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit met with the Indian Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi, following which he said. “I will send my recommendations to Islamabad and a final call will be taken by my government.” However, Pakistan’s first warm-up match scheduled for 3 PM tomorrow against Bengal has been cancelled.  advertisementlast_img read more

Ruthless Chelsea fight back to sink Manchester City

first_imgChelsea took down another major rival en route to an eighth straight win in the English Premier League by rallying for a 3-1 win at Manchester City, which finished with nine men after late red cards to Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho.Diego Costa was the architect of the turnaround, equalising in the 60th minute with a league-high 11th goal of the season before setting free substitute Willian for the second goal in the 70th at Etihad Stadium. Eden Hazard clinched victory in the 90th.In a chaotic ending, City had two players sent off in injury time – Aguero for a lunge on David Luiz and Fernandinho moments later for pushing Cesc Fabregas by the neck over the advertising hoardings in the ensuing melee. (Also read: Manchester City have steel to win title, says Raheem Sterling)Since losing 3-0 to Arsenal on September 24, Chelsea has picked up maximum points, including come-from-behind wins over title rivals Tottenham and City in the space of a week.Chelsea opened up a four-point cushion over City after 14 games.City took the lead through Gary Cahill’s own goal on the stroke of halftime and will bemoan the failure of the referee to miss Luiz’s apparent shove on Aguero in the 30th when the Chelsea defender was last man.That perhaps explained the late challenge on Luiz by a frustrated Aguero, who has now been dismissed twice this season.The heavyweight clash ended up hinging on a three-minute period when City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne somehow struck the bar from close range before Costa equalized against the run of play.advertisementIt was pure opportunism from Antonio Conte’s visitors, who were under pressure for much of the game but always looked dangerous on the break with the pace of Hazard and the ruggedness of Costa. They scored from all three of their shots on target.There’s no doubt that City’s opening goal was a lucky break, but it was fully deserved after waves of attacks at the end of the first half.Cahill lunged at Jesus Navas’ right-wing cross with his wrong leg and the ball reared up and flew into the top corner. The England defender lay with his face in the turf in despair.Cahill rectified his mistake early in the second half when he cleared off the line a shot from Aguero, who seized on Marcos Alonso’s weak back-pass and rounded goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.With City pushing forward, De Bruyne crashed a finish off the top of the crossbar from inside the six-yard box after meeting Navas’ cross.Then City fell apart.Fabregas picked out Costa with a superb diagonal pass, and the Spain striker chested the ball inside Nicolas Otamendi and finished low past Claudio Bravo.Costa played an integral role in the winner, beating Otamendi – who dived into the tackle rashly – in the center of the field and setting free Willian, who ran clear and drove a shot across Bravo into the corner.The third goal came from another counterattack as City piled forward, this time Hazard outpacing Aleksandar Kolarov and smashing a finish past Bravo.Much has been made of the renewal of the managerial rivalry between City’s Pep Guardiola and Man United’s Jose Mourinho this season but it seems Guardiola rates Conte as his biggest managerial rival, having described the Italian as a “master tactician” and “maybe the best” manager in the world.This defeat shows just why.last_img read more

Asteras Tripolis Ends PAS Giannina’s Win Streak

first_imgAsteras Tripolis cameback from a goal down to defeat PAS Giannina 1-2 at the Zosimades Stadium for the 10th matchday of the Greek Superleague. The hosts opened the scoring with Jairo in the 63rd minute before Asteras Tripolis scored two goals within 5 minutes (72’ and 77’), through Farina and Mazza, giving them all three points and putting n end to PAS Giannina’s 3-game win streak.The opening 45 minutes were played at a slow pace and the only two chances of the half fell to Maboulou of PAS Giannina, who could not find the back of the net. It was a different story in the second half as PAS Giannina sent their first warning with Maboulou in the 58th minute and 5 minutes later, it was Jairo who opened the scoring for the hosts with a powerful header from Kozoronis’ corner. However, Asteras Tripolis completely turned the game around within 5 minutes. Farina brought the Arkades level with a header in the 72nd minute and Mazza, who was only on the pitch for a few seconds, gave his side the lead with a header of his own. PAS Giannina was shocked from Asteras’ response as they were unable to threaten in the final minutes and their 3-game win streak came to an end.Asteras Tripolis has now won two of their last 3 games after an awful start to the season. PAS Giannina was handed their second loss as they sit in 3rd place and await the results of the other fixtures in this weekend’s action. After the international break, Asteras Tripolis will host Panetolikos while PAS Giannina travel to Xanthi on matchday 11.Source: (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

World Cup 2018: We deserved a better result, says Iran coach Queiroz

first_imgDiego Costa came to Spain’s rescue once again on Thursday as his goal against Iran helped Spain register their first win in the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.Costa netted for the third time in this tournament in the 54th minute which remained the only goal in the match with Spain producing yet another unconvincing display after the 3-3 draw against Portugal in their opening match.The veteran forward notched his third goal in two games when Ramin Rezaeian’s attempted clearance bounced off the Spaniard’s leg and into the net in the 54th minute.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGEAfter a match played out to a deafening blare from vuvuzela horns from a huge army of Iranian fans, Spain will feel relieved to have emerged with maximum points.Iran were brilliant in defence for much of the night but also made a number of telling incursions.Spain’s Costa furious with Iran’s play-acting and time-wasting tacticsA goal by Saeid Ezatolahi was ruled out offside after being reviewed by the video assistant referee (VAR), while Karim Ansarifard had earlier hammered into the side netting.”We showed that we were ready to suffer and ready to compete. I felt we deserved a better result. There’s no doubt Spain play wonderful, stylish football but I thought we deserved more for the way we played.”But congratulations to Fernando Hierro and Spain. We will learn a lot from this game. If you think of it like tennis, we had one match point today and we will have another against Portugal. Everything is still open. We are still alive and still dreaming,” Iran coach Carlos Queiroz said after the match.advertisementWorld Cup 2018, Day 7 Highlights: 1-0 scorelines dominate as POR, URU, ESP winQueiroz had rung in the changes, dropping captain Masoud Shojaei and forward Alireza Jahanbakhsh to the bench, while recalling holding midfielder Ezatolahi from suspension and promoting Mehdi Taremi.The expectation that they would play well back was unfounded, however, even if they kept their shape superbly, restricting Spain to a handful of chances in the first half.Facing a very compact Iranian team that came out to defend, Spain pressed very high and had to be patient.The 2010 World Cup champions were almost caught against the run of the play when Karim Ansarifard unleashed a powerful strike that ended up in the side-netting following a long thrown in.Trailing in the second half, Iran nearly equalized when Saeid Ezatolahi had a goal was ruled out on video review.Iran continued to push hard and managed to challenge with some fast counterattacks.Spain was lucky not to concede toward the end as Mehdi Taremi connected with a cross from Ansarifard but his header from close range went over the crossbar.(With AP inputs)last_img read more

Indigenous All Stars Claim Inaugural Match

first_imgThe Indigenous All Stars team created history on Friday, winning the inaugural All Stars Touch Football game by one touchdown, 5-4 at Cbus Stadium.The Indigenous All Stars took an early lead before the TFA All Stars hit back to level the game at 4-all with five minutes remaining. Lachlan Pierce gave his side a one touchdown lead with minutes remaining, before solid defence by the Indigenous All Stars stopped the TFA All Stars from forcing the game into a drop-off, with the Indigenous All Stars taking the match, 5-4. Pierce was recognised for his impressive performance, being awarded the Shane Frederiksen Medal, with Indigenous All Stars teammate, Carly Walsh receiving the Bo De La Cruz Medal. Stay tuned to the TFA social media channels for highlights and photos. To read the match report, please click on the following link: To watch a replay of the game, please click on the link below: Related LinksAll Starslast_img read more

Faraday Future Teases A Drag Race Between Its Prototype and Supercars

first_img Koy Gear Aims to Revolutionize Men’s Everyday Apparel Andy Warhol Painted a BMW M1 Race Car, and It’s Gorgeous Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH Editors’ Recommendations A Soaring Roof Defines This Paradise of an Arizona Desert Dwelling How to Make a Bee’s Knees Cocktail Faraday Future continues to tease its first production model, despite reports that it will be delayed. Last week, it was a peek at the nose of its new car, and this week the electric vehicle startup pits a prototype against some of the world’s quickest cars.The brief teaser shows a covered Faraday Future prototype pulling up to the starting line on a drag racing strip to face off against a Bentley Bentayga, Tesla Model X, and Ferrari 488GTB – unfortunately, we don’t see the results of the race in this clip. This may seem like a random assortment of relatively fast cars, but it actually says a great deal about Faraday’s first model.Let’s first address the Ferrari. It’s fast. That’s probably the only qualifier for its being part of this “race.” Showing its prototype out-accelerating a sub-3.0 second 0 to 60 mph car (that costs well over $200,000) is a pretty gutsy and eye-opening declaration. The Tesla Model X matchup is equally interesting, as Tesla is Faraday’s main rival, and the Model X is the current halo model. Finally, the Bentley Bentayga may seem out of left field, but its potent 6.0-liter V12, high top speed, and hefty price rag may show how much quicker an advanced electric crossover can be in a straight line.We are intrigued to learn the results of the drag race teaser, but we’re equally curious about whether Faraday Future’s production car (set for reveal at next month’s CES) will be assembled any time soon. Work on the company’s factory in North Las Vegas has halted, and Faraday’s Chinese patron, tech company LeEco, is running low on cash.A former employee has called Faraday’s plans a major long shot. The Las Vegas plant won’t resume construction until next year, there are reports of FF holding millions of dollars in debts and the company’s caged communication strategy doesn’t give us any hints about corporate health.Everything may perhaps ride on the CES concept, so expect several new rumors and teasers to break before January.last_img read more

Jamaican Student is Regional Representative on CSA

first_imgStory Highlights During his tenure, Mr. Fraser will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of national student organisations (NSOs) of 13 countries and provide oversight to the establishment of NSOs where none exist. Jamaica’s Benjamin Fraser is the Caribbean and the Americas Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA).Mr. Fraser was among several CSA Executives who were installed by the Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, on February 22, in Nadi, Fiji, during the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) and Integrated Partners Forum.During his tenure, Mr. Fraser will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of national student organisations (NSOs) of 13 countries and provide oversight to the establishment of NSOs where none exist.The 21-year-old is a second-year law student at the University of the West Indies, Mona, and is a past student of Ardenne High School.No stranger to leadership roles, Mr Fraser is presently the Second Vice-President for National and International Affairs in the Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS) and President of Called to Lead Jamaica.The CSA, which was launched in 2012 at the 18th CCEM in Mauritius, seeks to unify and represent the needs and aspirations of national student councils and other student organisations in the Commonwealth. According to Mr. Fraser, the CSA empowers students of the Commonwealth to: influence change in education, contribute to their societies, and amplify the students’ voices through the collaboration between student leaders and educational stakeholders.Mr. Fraser is currently forming a regional working group to carry out the mandate of the CSA in the region.He is encouraging student leaders in the region who are interested in being a part of the working group to send a statement of interest to: within this region that are part of the CSA are Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada.“We are asking students from all countries in the region to volunteer their skills in photography, film, writing, graphic design, planning and research. When effectively coordinated, our skills and energy are the most important ingredients for effective student advocacy,” Mr. Fraser said. Mr. Fraser is currently forming a regional working group to carry out the mandate of the CSA in the region. Jamaica’s Benjamin Fraser is the Caribbean and the Americas Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA).last_img read more

GE Nudging Freeport LNG Forward

first_imgzoom CGI of Freeport LNG Trains, Quintana IslandGE Oil & Gas has signed a contract to provide both technology and capital to help expedite construction of the Freeport LNG gas liquefaction and liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project in Southeast Texas, GE says in a press release.GE is supplying the main refrigeration compressors, variable-speed drive electric motors and other electrical equipment for two customized LNG liquefaction trains, each of which will produce a base volume of 4.4 metric tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG. In addition, GE is providing financing to support the project through pre-construction engineering and design.In a transformation of its energy fortunes, the shale gas boom gives the United States the potential to become one of the globe’s largest LNG exporters. Freeport LNG will play a vital role in maximizing the value of this abundant and affordable shale gas, becoming the first world-scale electric liquefied natural gas (eLNG) plant in North America.Using GE’s electric motor driven technology has enabled Freeport LNG to comply with strict local emissions standards and support its ambitious LNG production and export targets.“GE’s strong partnership and expertise have helped us address this project’s unique challenges, quickly,” said Michael Smith, CEO of Freeport LNG. “Through its innovative technology, financial expertise and ability to address environmental challenges in a cost-effective manner, GE is helping us to create the lowest air emissions and carbon footprint in the U.S. LNG industry.” Press Release; September 11, 2014last_img read more

Ladakh MPs speech earns praise

first_imgNew Delhi: Till Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Ladakh, didn’t make a firing speech in Lok Sabha while participating in the debate on a government move to scrap the special status enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, only a few were knowing about the political acumen of the young parliamentarian.After the remarkable speech, the whole world came to know about the political capabilities of the 34-year-old parliamentarian who celebrated his birthday on August 4. Namgyal’s speech in Lok Sabha, which earned the praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was also hailed by most of the parliamentarians, including the members of Opposition leaders.last_img

B Sai Praneeth 1st Indian male shuttler to win medal in 36

first_imgBasel (Switzerland): B Sai Praneeth became the first Indian male shuttler in 36 years to secure a medal in the BWF World Championships after a straight-game victory over Indonesia’s Jonatan Christie propelled him into the semifinals here on Friday. World No. 19 Praneeth, who got the Arjuna Award this year, notched up a 24-22 21-14 win over Asian Games gold medallist and World No. 4 Jonatan in the quarterfinals. Prakash Padukone was the first Indian to win a men’s singles World Championships medal — a bronze — in the 1983 edition. Praneeth, who had won the Singapore Open in 2017 and finished runners-up at Swiss Open earlier this year, came into the tournament with a 1-2 head-to-head count against the Indonesian. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhIn the opening game, the Indian jumped to a 8-4 lead, but Jonatan stepped up to claw back at 10-10 before Praneeth managed a slender 11-10 advantage at the break with the help of a delicate shot at the net. The duo continued their battle after the breather as Jonatan kept breathing down the Indian’s neck. Praneeth eventually grabbed a game point at 20-19 with a cross court smash at the back, but Jonatan turned the tables and enjoyed a game point himself. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterHowever, Praneeth ensured he had the last laugh. The Indian unleashed a powerful smash which the Indonesian hit wide and then his rival’s weak return got buried at the net. Praneeth missed the shuttle at the backline to concede a point but he grabbed the required two points — the last one with a cross court smash — to pocket the opening game. The second game turned out to be a one-way traffic as Praneeth came out with all cylinders blazing to, first surge to a 7-1 lead, and then a massive 11-3 advantage at the break. Jonatan tried to recover and narrowed the gap to 12-15 but the Indian stepped up to grab six match points, punishing a weak return and then shutting the door on Jonatan, who went wide.last_img read more

Study calls on Montreal to improve services to Indigenous peoples

first_imgTom Fennario APTN National NewsA new study is demanding that Montreal improve life for Aboriginal youth in the city.Since 2001, the Indigenous population in the city has grown by nearly 200 per cent and many are between the ages of 18 to 35.Most move here for school or work, but some are escaping a bad home life and fall through the cracks of the city.last_img

A look at what happened at the G20 summit in Argentina

first_imgBUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Leaders of the world’s largest economic powers have agreed to overhaul the global body that regulates trade disputes, but they faced resistance from President Donald Trump over the Paris accord on climate change.Here are some of the main developments at the Group of 20 summit, which wrapped up Saturday:___WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATIONAll G-20 leaders called for reforming the World Trade Organization and the issue will be discussed during the group’s next summit in Osaka, Japan, in June. The gathering’s final statement, however, did not mention protectionism after negotiators said the U.S. objected to the wording. Trump has criticized the WTO and taken aggressive trade policies targeting China and the European Union.___U.S.-CHINA TRADE WARFinancial markets will be cheered by the announcement that Trump and Chines President Xi Jinping agreed at a dinner after the summit to have a 90-day truce in their trade battle.Trump agreed to hold off on plans to raise tariffs Jan. 1 on $200 billion in Chinese goods. Xi agreed to buy a “not yet agreed upon, but very substantial amount of agricultural, energy, industrial” and other products from the United States to reduce America’s huge trade deficit with China, the White House said.The cease-fire will buy time for the two countries to work out their differences in a dispute over Beijing’s aggressive drive to supplant U.S. technological dominance.___PRINCE UNDER PRESSUREThere were some awkward moments for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as some leaders called him out over the gruesome October killing of dissident Saudi newspaper columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the country’s consulate in Istanbul.French President Emmanuel Macron was captured on video seemingly lecturing bin Salman, at one point being heard saying “I am worried,” ”you never listen to me,” and “I am a man of my word.” Macron said the crown prince only “took note” of his concerns.British Prime Minister Theresa May also said she pressed bin Salman.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the only G-20 leader to raise the issue during the official session. Erdogan called bin Salman’s response — that the crime had not been proven — “unbelievable” and complained that Saudi authorities have been unco-operative.But it wasn’t all bad for bin Salman. He was not shunned, and on the gathering’s first day, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a hearty grip-and-grin as the two seemingly reveled in their shared status as relative outcasts.U.S. intelligence agencies concluded the Saudi prince was behind the killing. Saudi Arabia denies he played a role.___UKRAINE CONFLICTWestern leaders confronted Putin over Russia’s recent seizure of Ukrainian naval vessels and crews, but the diplomatic pressure didn’t seem to bring either side closer to solving the conflict. Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of being responsible for the standoff.Trump cited Russia’s actions as the reason that he cancelled a planned meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the summit. EU Council President Donald Tusk sharply criticized “Russia’s aggression” against Ukraine.Putin tried to convince Trump and the leaders of France and Germany that Russia’s actions were justified — even pulling out a piece of paper and drawing a map of the disputed area to make his point.___CLIMATE CHANGEThe final communique signed by all 20 member nations said 19 of them reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris climate accord. The only holdout was the U.S., which has withdrawn from the pact under Trump.Still, environmental groups praised the statement as welcome news.“That G20 leaders signed up to the Paris Agreement reaffirmed their commitment to its full implementation in the resulting communique is important,” the World Wildlife Fund said. “It is also a reflection of the Argentinian government rightly making climate an important topic on the agenda.”Greenpeace said that “the necessity of the U.S. being part of the effort to fight climate change cannot be denied, but this is a demonstration that the U.S. is still the odd one out.”___NAFTAAfter two years of negotiations, Trump signed a revised North American trade pact with the leaders of Canada and Mexico on the sidelines of the summit. The deal is meant to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump long denigrated as a “disaster.”The new pact won’t take effect unless approved by the legislatures of all three nations, and there are questions about the pact’s prospects in the U.S. Congress, especially now that Democrats will control the House. Democrats and their allies in the labour movement are already demanding changes.But Trump said on the way back to Washington that he plans to formally terminate NAFTA, so Congress will have to choose between accepting the new pact or going without a trade accord.___LOW EXPECTATIONS_LOW OUTPUTEven the host country had lowered expectations ahead of the summit, saying before the gathering started that it might not be possible to reach a consensus for a final statement.After sleepless days of round-the-clock talks by diplomats, a communique was produced, but analysts said leaders merely signed a watered down statement that skirted trade and other contentious issues.“The G20 veered all over the road” at the summit and the leaders failed to fix trade, which is widely seen as a priority for boosting growth in jobs and economies, said Thomas Bernes, a distinguished fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation who has held leading roles with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and Canada’s government.“Leaders buried their differences in obscure language and dropped language to fight protectionism, which had been included in every G-20 communique since the leaders’ first summit. This is clearly a retrograde step forced by United States intransigence,” Bernes said.___Associated Press writers Peter Orsi and Angela Charlton contributed to this report.Luis Andres Henao, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Loss of over 40 colleagues makes 2007 one of UNs deadliest years

2 January 2008At least 42 United Nations staff members – including 17 who died in the 11 December 2007 attack in Algiers – were killed on duty last year, making it one of the deadliest years for the Organization, according to its Staff Union. At least 42 United Nations staff members – including 17 who died in the 11 December 2007 attack in Algiers – were killed on duty last year, making it one of the deadliest years for the Organization, according to its Staff Union. “While we mourn our colleagues and the other civilians killed, we cannot but stress the need for prevention and punishment,” said Stephen Kisambura, the Union’s president. He called for Member States to bolster prevention efforts as well as bring those behind “heinous acts” to justice. “Very seldom are perpetrators prosecuted, perpetuating the climate of impunity,” Mr. Kisambura noted. Ranging from bombings in southern Lebanon to armed attacks in Afghanistan, at least nine peacekeepers and 33 civilian staff members lost their lives in 2007, according to figures from the Union’s Committee on the Security and Independence of the International Civil Service. This is an increase from 32 UN staff killed in fatal attacks in 2006 and at least 15 staff deaths in 2005. Seventeen UN staff members were among dozens who perished in two car bomb attacks in the Algerian capital on 11 December. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon characterized the incident as a “despicable strike against individuals serving humanity’s highest ideals under the UN banner.” In the wake of the tragedy, Mr. Ban promised the world body’s staff that he would spare no effort to ensure their safety and ordered an immediate review of the Organization’s security precautions and policies, stressing that “the security and welfare of UN staff is paramount.” A half dozen UN staff also lost their lives in war-wracked Sudan. Four drivers serving with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) were killed – three in the Darfur region and one in southern Sudan, while two peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) lost their lives in separate incidents. A 24 June bomb attack killed six blue helmets and injured two serving with the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) while they were patrolling near Khiyam, a town in southern Lebanon. The following month, a French peacekeeper with UNIFIL lost his life while clearing unexploded ordnance left over from the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbollah. Afghanistan also proved to be dangerous for UN staff, as a remote-controlled explosive device killed an Afghan driver and four Nepalese contractors working with the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) on 17 April. Meanwhile on 2 December, a WFP truck driver was killed by armed men on the road from Kandahar to Helmand in the country’s south while delivering 14 tons of high-energy biscuits. Last year also saw UN staff being arrested or detained in Darfur, Somalia and Myanmar. Staff members of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) traveling in two vehicles clearly marked with the agency’s logo were abducted on 30 April while en route to making a routine visit to a refugee camp near the town of El Geneina, West Darfur. After an hours-long search, the six aid workers were found unharmed. Also in Africa, the head of WFP’s Mogadishu office, Idris Osman, a Somali national, was taken away by dozens of armed Government forces on 17 October and released nearly a week later with no explanation given for either his arrest or his release. In Myanmar, UNDP Programme Assistant Mynt Ngwe Mon, her husband and brother-in-law were arrested in the early hours of 3 October in Rangoon and released the following day. On 4 December, the top UN official in the country, Charles Petrie, was expelled after a 24 October statement by the UN Country Team denouncing Myanmar’s “deteriorating humanitarian situation.” read more