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first_img Top Stories TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, now in his third year with the team, meets with the media the day after every game.In this space, we will highlight some of what Arians had to say, and Friday he talked about his team after it knocked off the Minnesota Vikings 23-20 Thursday night. The win improved Arizona’s record to 11-2 on the season clinched the team’s second playoff berth in as many seasons. On if Teddy Bridgewater had their defensive backs confused:“It wasn’t as much as he is – their eyes were on Adrian (Peterson), instead of where they’re supposed to be.”On if the guys who hadn’t played Adrian Peterson before needed that first series to see what to expect from him:“I think we were, like most young guys, some of them were awestruck. You hear about the guy, and then all of a sudden you see him and you miss a tackle, and then you try to do too much. That’s the common thread with our defense. If we give up a play, then guys try to do too much to stop them instead of just doing your job.”On if they are seeing teams play more Cover 2:“See a ton of it, just the type of teams we’ve been playing are bend-not-break type styles, and not give us the big plays.”On if David Johnson has shown what he was hoping to see with his increased role:“Oh yeah. He needed to do a better job; this was the first time he did not look good on blitz pickup. He had a safety that he got confused a little bit and did not pick him up very well. That’s the first one, but other than that he’s been playing well.”On why Patrick Peterson is flying under the radar despite having the type of season he is: He started with an opening statement:“After watching the tape, there are a lot of good things to correct. We were very fortunate in winning the ball game, with the way we played, especially in the fourth quarter. But we did and we’ll have some good corrections on Tuesday. The guys that I thought played extremely well were Carson (Palmer), offensively. The receivers blocked well. We got lucky on Mike’s (Floyd) touchdown because he actually ran the wrong route. After watching the film, Smokey (John Brown) got hurt, he jumped in at a different position and he thought he knew what to do and didn’t. He ran Larry’s (Fitzgerald) route and they were standing over there together, and neither one of them were covered, thank God. It was kind of that type of ball game. Defensively, we did what we wanted to do. I think we got a little over-aggressive with stopping Adrian (Peterson) and lost sight of our assignments, sometimes in the passing game. We wanted to make Teddy (Bridgewater) beat us and he almost did. Hat’s off to him. He had a hell of a ball game.”On whether he’s concerned with the route-running mistakes being made at this point in the season:“No. Just because a guy gets hurt and he just jumps in because he thought he knew what to play. Jaron Brown usually plays that position, but he was in on that formation running a different route. Mike (Floyd) just jumped in and he thought he was getting the ball. He ran the right route the wrong way.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo On how the team came out of the game injury-wise:“Very clean. Britt Golden is going through the protocol, but he seems fine today. But he’ll go through the protocol. Everyone else was just normal bumps and bruises from the game. Hopefully, we’ll have Frostee (Rucker) and Jerraud (Powers) and Jermaine (Gresham) get some reps late next week.”On whether David Johnson suffered any injuries:“He’s got a thigh bruise.”On Calais Campbell’s performance against the Vikings:“Calais played the way he’s supposed to play. That’s what I expect every week. He had some tackles for loss. He had a sack. That’s what he’s supposed to do. That’s what he gets paid to do. So, do I think it’s a good game? No. It’s the way he’s supposed to play. Finally.”On how he evaluates the defense against Adrian Peterson after Minnesota’s first drive:“Oh, it was outstanding. Like I said, we keyed too much on him, I thought, and left open the bootlegs and some play action stuff. But I thought his last 19 carries were 30-something yards, after we settled down and didn’t try to do too much. The first drive, was like we never practiced.”On whether he has any concern with Arizona’s short-yardage and goal line offense: “Because of statistics. You shut a guy out, so you don’t get any interceptions. But, there’s no one in the league playing at his level at corner.”On whether he runs out of things to say about Tyrann Mathieu’s performances:“Yeah, I think he can still be better, you know? He has a tendency, in man coverage, to look at the quarterback; trying to get an interception instead of covering his daggone guy.”On Sean Weatherspoon and Alani Fua’s play last night:“They did very well. Alani’s getting better and better. He’s been a really good special teams player for us. With his size, length and speed, we’re trying to get him into nickel situations. Sean has done a heck of a job in that situation, also. Just don’t dislocate your finger and run off the field so there are 12 guys on the field. That was a dumb penalty. Just kneel down. He freaked out when he saw his finger pointing in the wrong direction.”On the grind of playing two games in five days:“It’s extremely, extremely hard physically and mentally on the guys. That’s why it’s so nice to have the break now. It’s hard to put into words, what their bodies go through in that time. You’re normally off on Monday and Tuesday. Then you’re practicing. It’s very hard.” Comments   Share   On whether the team will return to practice this upcoming Tuesday:“Yeah, we’ll come back Tuesday for our bonus day.”On whether he’s figured out how to get opponents to miss a field goal:“Block one. We’ve gotten close, but we’ve still got to do a better job up the middle.”On Justin Bethel playing well at cornerback:“Yeah, he’s played really well. Really well.” – / 45center_img “Yeah, this showed up two or three times now. The goal line situation, we didn’t block it correctly. Then we totally blew an assignment on the sack and we’re wide open. The short-yardage play was just not blocked well enough at the point of attack. Kerwynn (Williams), he hit it up in there as hard as he could, but it wasn’t good enough.”On if the sack on the 2-yard line was on Jared Veldheer or Troy Niklas:“Jared. Troy was going out for a pass.”On whether the biggest part about this time of year is finding things to get on the players about:“Well, you’d like to not have to get on it so much. You appreciate winning the most and then there’s always time to correct, and it’s a lot easier correcting when you win. The games that we’re playing now, Philly’s in first place, Green Bay’s in first place, Seattle’s chasing us. So, as far as getting ready to play, that’s not an issue. It’s just getting ready to play good.”On what this extra time between games means for the team:“It’s the best part. Now that it’s over, it’s the best part. We get another open date. Like I said, we should get three guys back, hopefully, for the next game, and should get some very good rest.” On the possibility of Andre Ellington playing next week:“Yeah. It’s a pain tolerance issue, when he cuts.”On if David Johnson will stay the starter when Andre Ellington returns:“We’ll wait and see what speed he comes back at.”On the story behind him being able to wear the hat last night:“There’s no story. I just wore it. We had our check presentation. That hat had a lot to do with raising that money. We’re very happy to do it, and you can go online and bid for it.”On how many hats are available:“Just that one.”On if that was a one-time thing or he will wear it again:“No, that was a one-time thing, because of the check presentation and trying to raise some awareness.”On if it was cleared by the league:“No.”On how clinching a playoff spot changes things:“It doesn’t really. We’re in the dance. Somebody texted me ‘hey, you punched your ticket.’ I said, ‘yeah, we’re trying to upgrade to first class.’ It’s nice to be in it, but it’s no fun going on the road, that’s for sure.”On how close or far away the team is to being rolling going into the playoffs:“I don’t think we could get much better than winning seven in a row, but we can play better. Just continue to strive to get better. We’ve been having really good practices. We will probably go back out in pads one more time this week, with the extra day, and work on some fundamentals, especially with some younger players.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling On what it says about the team that they’ve won several games lately that could have gone the other way:“I think we learned our lessons in September. Losing the two games the way we lost them, we figured out – the way we were last year, we won all those close games. Like I said, you find your identity as you go through, and I think now there’s a belief that we’ll win these types of games.”On giving up two-score leads in four of the last five games and if there’s a common theme to that:“I put most of it on the offense. The short-yardage play was a three-and-out after a score. That just can’t happen with our offense. We needed to answer that score with a score, and put our defense right back out there. So I think it’s on them. Defensively, if there’s a common thread, it’s getting off the field on third down.”On if he’s at the point now where he expects Chandler Catanzaro to make those high-pressure kicks:“Oh yeah. The day we gave him the job, I expected him to hit those kicks.”On if correcting the mistakes is just as simple as working:“Yeah it’s just a matter of learning. The missed tackles were the highest it’s been all season, but that’s the best back we’ve played in a while. But, we also missed some tackles on tight ends that we haven’t been missing. And, penalties were up on defense, which we have had no penalties on defense the last couple weeks. So, easily, things to be corrected.” Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, right, walks away after talking with Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer prior to an NFL football game, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Laursen and company hold sore heads high in fierce theatre of defence

first_img | Pick 0 1 Twitter 8 Dec 2008 10:57 tomgliv Share 0 1 I heard that two of Evertons long punts forward landed invitingly in the 6 yard box, but there was no-one at Anfield to knock them into the empty net! 8 Dec 2008 19:58 Report 8 Dec 2008 18:51 | Pick Loading comments… Trouble loading? Report expanded Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Reply blogposts Share on Twitter NewYardbird | Pick Twitter oldest 0 1 Facebook Share on Facebook 8 Dec 2008 22:05 Share via Email Reply Order by oldest Facebook 0 1 Share on Facebook 0 1 | Pick | Pick Share collapsed Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other bornblue Reply 8 Dec 2008 21:15 Share on Facebook 8 Dec 2008 10:21 Share on Twitter 0 1 Share Sun 7 Dec 2008 19.01 EST 0 1 Report 2 Twitter Reply 8 Dec 2008 20:55 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. 8 Dec 2008 20:36 newest cortezuma | Pick I’m left, generally, empty by this. Reply Share Show 25 Twitter bornblue: “tomgliv – Keane would have missed anyway.”Probably, but he would have at least week to ponder where he was going to place it! Share on Twitter shedendexile Aston Villa’s back four must take great credit for the way that they protected Brad Friedel in an enthralling game 8 Dec 2008 18:14 8 Dec 2008 18:02 Share Premier League Share on Twitter Reply | Pick Facebook Bluenose00 Report Facebook NewYardbird Twitter 8 Dec 2008 16:15 Reply Share Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp 0 1 Didn’t see the game, but words like “aeriel bombardment” and “crudity” makes me think I didn’t miss much, as I don’t support either team.However, aren’t these teams managed by the two highest rated managers outside the …………………………. (insert preferred word) four? Sounds like a Jack Charlton team v a Jack Charlton team. | Pick Facebook Share on Facebook | Pick Share Share on Facebook Scratch – so it was Villa’s lack of flair that lead to Everton lumping ale-house balls into the box all afternoon? I see. Why not play around the lumpen centre halves. And 9 of them? Barry? Petrov? Milner? Sidwell? Wasn’t too much of the lumpen about his goal.And yes. Woi wun :oD Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Reply 100 Twitter Facebook Share on Twitter 0 1 | Pick Report I hate the way any blogs to do with Everton get all the most bitter fans out…..were not all like that.I’m bitter about losing a game in which we dominated and the other team barely created anything and had goals handed to them. I cannot complain at all about Villas physicality. I didn’t see anything nasty or over the top and in general the match played out quite fairly.I don’t think there is any danger of either of us threatening the top 4 this season but Villa are getting a solid foundation to build on, while we need to steady the foundations again before continuing the very slow construction work.Who do we buy in January if we can? I’d like Kevin Doyle, although it’s impossible to know if there will be enough money to afford him. We spent the money that was available for Moutinho but now have nobody to fill that role. Rodwell long term yes, but why has Moyes completely ignored Castillo? 8 Dec 2008 20:34 Report Reply 0 1 Share on Facebook Facebook Share Share Share on Twitter CambridgeToffee cortezuma 1 Share on Twitter Aston Villa’s Martin Laursen beats Everton’s Victor Anichebe to the ball at Goodison Park. Photograph: Lee Smith/Action Images Share on Twitter | Pick Reply 0 1 Share on Facebook Aston Villa Football tactics 0 1 David Pleat Er…Scratch, the aerial bombardment was from Everton, not Villa. Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook Report Share on Twitter 8 Dec 2008 20:20 Report ammypam | Pick Sportblog Report Share on Twitter And I notice we still haven’t had a blog on Footballers and related Staff and their favourite biscuits.David Pleat: Rich Tea all over. 2 croni Reply Share on Twitter mightymariners 8 Dec 2008 21:30 0 1 Facebook Twitter Report Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Reply | Pick comments (32)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Share Share Twitter Report 1 I don’t think Villa fans can knock Moyes and Everton when their own set up is very similar.Everton are extremely capable of excellent passing football, or sitting and playing counter-attack or as yesterday showed hitting the ball high and quick and picking up the knock-downs. Which route is taken is down to how confident the manager is feeling, and currently I don’t think Moyes is very confident in his team after the bad start we’ve had. So he reverts to his safety net of hit and hope, but it must be noted that there was plenty of decent football played second half also. Our midfield is devoid of any cloggers for gods sake, they are all pass and move players to a man. It’s too easy to summarise based on highlights. Wierdly we seem to get more confident in our passing when we are behind or under pressure.O’Neill plays it very similar with his Carew and two Speedy Gonzales formation, although I can acknowledge they play some very good stuff at times and more often than us currently. You will find that unless Villa or Everton spend big you will continue to see both managers playing the percentages of the long ball and dead ball game more often than either sets of fans like. Sorry for the double post. It didn’t appear, so I tried to re-write… BB – when was the Villa midfield bullied? Most of the time the ball was flying from the halfway line, several feet above their heads, towards our box. And there were at least three occasions when Sidwell and Young didn’t have a bully within yards of them.As for the ‘calm-down’ bit, I’m amazed that it hasn’t been done before – Everton fans do seem to get a bit hot under the collar. Oh, hang on you were being ironic, and it has been done before. Well done.I guess it was done as a wind up and I can only conclude that it worked. If you’re looking to find original material, can I suggest you try somewhere other than the terraces. Scratch’s opening comment on this blog might be a good place to start 8 Dec 2008 19:58 0 1 Report Share 0 1center_img Share Facebook Report | Pick Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Report 50 Reply Report Shocking tackles? We must have been watching a different game Cambridge. I thought it was an excellent, old fashioned physical encounter with both sides getting stuck in. Just the kind of thing a side like Everton should relish, not whinge about. I suppose given all of their injuries it would be perfect for Everton if we turned it into a non-contact sport.Perhaps if Lescott had kept his shirt, and his concentration, he could have got somewhere near contacting Ashley Young. Share on Facebook Facebook Football tactics Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share on Twitter Reuse this content,View all comments > Scratch Report Facebook Reply 8 Dec 2008 18:24 NewYardbird Share | Pick Facebook unthreaded Facebook villasupportgroup | Pick Share on Facebook Reply Reply | Pick Scurvy Share on Twitter 0 1 0 1 Facebook Share on Facebook NewYardbird I’m a neutral and would like to say how much i enjoyed this game. Both teams were great and did what they had to do. Once Villa scored and then sat back what choice did Everton have but to bombard them in the air? It was exactly what Mancherster Utd did against Sunderland. Utd got lucky Everton did too with their goals. Unfortunately for Everton Villa are much better on the counter than Sunderland. Villa defended magnificently and Everton were determined and brave. From a neutrals point of view it was a great game, exciting and dramatic. I can’t really understand the criticisms of either team. 0 1 Shocking tackles? We must have been watching different games Cambridge. I thought it was an excellent, old-fashioned, physical encounter, with both sides prepared to get stuck in. Just the kind of match a side like Everton should relish, not whinge about. But then I suppose that, given their injuries, it would suit Everton perfectly if it became a non-contact game. But then what would get the fans out of their seats? Constant hand-ball shouting would eventually get boring even to them.Speaking of contact, perhaps if Lescott had kept his shirt, and his concentration, he might have got close enough to little Ashley to let him have some. Share on Twitter Share Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Reply Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Villa yesterday reminded me of the cynical nasty side he created at Leicester. To say we are over physical is a joke. The tackles Villa were launching in were shocking. I came away more in wonder of how Everton got 2 bookings and Villa had none?And also do Villa have special dispensation not to move back the full 10 yards on free kicks? I know Ashley Young is smaller than the average player but 10 yards please. Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Facebook Report Heno Report Scurvy Facebook 8 Dec 2008 11:37 Close report comment form Twitter scurvy,dog biscuits?gg Share on Facebook any chance a football discussion might break out anytime soon?It’s not often there’s a blog on Everton and Villa. The next one might not be until we are scrapping for 5th/6th/7th near the season end. It would be great to think Hull would still be up there.I’m sitting in the office bored. Share on Twitter Gareth who?And CambridgeT, it’s best to let those grapes ripen a bit before you chow down… Report tomgliv Threads collapsed View more comments mightmariners – good commenttomgliv – Keane would have missed anyway. Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter Laursen and company hold sore heads high in fierce theatre of defence Twitter Reply Share Reply Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Comments 32 0 1 Share via Email Share Share on Twitter 8 Dec 2008 21:09 Share | Pick Reply Share 8 Dec 2008 20:28 0 1 Reply Twitter | Pick Share | Pick 8 Dec 2008 21:11 recommendations Scratch….Great Brum that :)Still not sure about Villa or O`neill though. They might grab 5th this season, but it will be interesting next time. Spurs won`t cock it up 2 years in a row, and City will be a lot stronger. Newcastle should also come back. 8 Dec 2008 19:42 Twitter Facebook lovingu Twitter Twitter MoscowVilla 0 1 All Martin Laursen and his fellow defenders will have sore heads this morning, and not just from celebrating three points. The Aston Villa rearguard headed, blocked and battled to deny an Everton side that reminded me at times of the best qualities of a direct Wimbledon. Extraordinary Everton spirit had been rewarded with Joleon Lescott’s last-ditch effort to haul the home team level only for Ashley Young to break their hearts moments later.This was remarkably fierce theatre; neither trainer seen, tackles galore, incidents and pace a plenty as Villa grabbed victory in a compelling game. Beforehand one wondered whether we would have a considered passing match between two five-man midfields, and the team dictating possession would win the day. Not so. After Villa’s impressive opening one-touch goal between Luke Young, James Milner and Steve Sidwell, we saw Everton respond with driving effort as they launched their aerial attacks. Faced with only one Villa forward, Everton worked the ball until a colleague was able to deliver, with Mikel Arteta linking and finding space to manoeuvre his defenders into position to hit diagonal balls. Time after time they tested Villa’s resolve with high balls and, significantly, ring-fenced the penalty area for knock-downs and second balls. Martin O’Neill’s side had to jump and head continually as the home team whacked a variety of aerial deliveries in the general direction of young Victor Anichebe, Tim Cahill and Marouane Fellaini, who ran into the box from a deeper position. The half-time sanctuary of the dressing room must have seemed like heaven. The ball, too, would have been badly bruised as the teams hammered it forward. The visitors needed to get hold of the ball and keep it for a spell but Everton continued to seek out the aerial option, particularly towards Fellaini. Sidwell and Gareth Barry, both workaholics in the Villa midfield, were harassed and harried, ensuring that O’Neill’s side never gained rhythm. Even Phil Jagielka’s invitation to the acutely alert Young did not deter David Moyes’s men as they continued to bombard the box. Villa’s back four, three of whom are centre-backs and Luke Young, who also played in that position earlier in his career, were reminded of the importance of timing and positioning as they scampered around the main header of the ball to cover and cope with any mistakes. Villa had resisted like lions and relied on rare, pacey counterattacks to threaten at the opposite end. Sitting deep, Laursen and his colleagues positioned themselves superbly even though Fellaini was denied, while goal-line clearances and the woodwork also helped Villa. But the visitors’ back four must take great credit for the way that they protected Brad Friedel in this enthralling game. In addition, it would be amiss not to compliment the superb awareness, speed and calm finishing of the mercurial Young. 8 Dec 2008 20:46 | Pick Report First published on Sun 7 Dec 2008 19.01 EST Facebook Facebook Sportblog 0 1 Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Facebook Facebook Report Reply Report Twitter The only crudity and absolute lack of flair on offer was from Everton. All the class and flair and attempts to play the ball on the ground and to feet were from villa. They just never got a chance to do it, constantly being bullied out of it by Everton and the ref allowing it. The few seconds they did manage to do it they scored 2 classy goals.Talk about anti-football from Everton. 90 minutes of aerial pinball. However flatteringly David Pleat might try to compare a team to Wimbledon, it can never be flattering. They got exactly what they deserved. Share on Messenger ShedendexileWhy, why o why should Newcastle come back!? They are crap, they are not a big club and their owner is losing money faster than Gabby Agbonlahor can leg it! I shall never be able to fathom why people always think Newcastle are going to do well again! Report Share on Twitter NewYardbird 8 Dec 2008 17:55 Twitter Twitter What a game! Breathtaking start and mind blowing finnish.What a victory!Unbelievable stuff and particularly pleasing to sock it to Moyes.I really don’t understand how Everton’s football is lauded at all. They are an ugly team dependent on long balls and whose physicality is always bordering on the limits of what’s allowed and when they cross the line they are often left unpunnished.Villa’s defending from the whole team was heartening.Young’s speed and finnishes were amazing, he’s turning into some player.Football never ceases to amaze me. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 0 1 Share on Facebook Share Report cortezuma 8 Dec 2008 22:20 | Pick 0 1 | Pick Share on Facebook Share bornblue Facebook 25 Email (optional) Share on Facebook Reply Share Twitter Obviously disappointed to lose a game that all independent reporters and commentators say we deserved to win, but fair do’s to Villa who, away from home, play to their strengths ie a well marshalled eight man defence and two whippets who can pounce on mistakes.I’ve got no complaints whatsoever about tackles from either side; as Yardbird said, good old fashioned physical encounter (Moscowvilla, you better have a lie down in a darkened room to get over the spectacle of your poor meek mid-field defenders being “bullied” by those big galoots, Pienaar, Osman and Arteta)….and yardbird, talking of the fan’s performance: oh, how we laughed as you lot wittily kept repeating Harry Enfield’s twenty year old ‘calm down’ act. No-one’s done that before, well done. 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