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first_imgThe Ressence Type 5X waterproof watch features a unique design with markings on the bezel that are related to a car’s dashboard. In particular, the bezel is divided into two distinct parts. The first replicates the warmup of an engine and the second dedicates itself to the Turbos cooling. The dial and sub-dials draw inspiration from cars, with the Lancia Delta Futurista car being the motivation behind the graphics. Furthermore, this waterproof watch is legible from low angles thanks to the oil. It continues working in water up to 100m and the rubber accessory makes it practical and comfortable for wearing while driving. Finally, the olive green shade on the dial softens and darkens due to the presence of oil in the dial. This creates a unique effect and improves visibility, too. – Advertisement –last_img read more

#TalkUp: Should Protests Stop Now That the Minneapolis Police Officers Have…

first_imgAkeem Horatio, FL – “In no way should we stop protesting. We must protest by any means necessary as we have seen too many times officers either not being charged or be charged and not convicted for their horrible crimes. Stopping now will only allow those prosecuting to see that they can get away with another one walking. The protests outside of the trials also push those in power to make the changes we are requesting. We do not only want convictions we want to change/destroy the systems that make these trials necessary in the first place. Once we see enough of those changes in place, then and only then should we cease.” Camille DJ Nial, FL – “My short answer to this question is yes. I say yes because I believe that our voice and our action led to the arrest of those officers. At this point, these protests are not just about George Floyd. These protests are about Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, and the many others that have been killed due to the color of their skin. These protests are also for you, me, our family, our children. These protests represent an oppressed people asking for equal rights and justice. These protests represent the voice of the voiceless. These protests are out of years of frustration, boiling inside us.” Akeem, FL – “The battle to some may be won but the war is far from over. It takes intense protesting to get four officers arrested and charge in America for what we all know is immoral disgusting. Now the target is the homes—the mindset for those who hear racial discrimination with the comfort of their own families. The protest needs to take a new direction in my opinion. It needs to hit the voting booths. Voting on local government is just as or even more important than the presidential election. Now we need to investigate those we have in place to look out for us and set policies in place that were supposed to protect “us” and see why they failed. We need to vote out those that do not belong and place those in that do. The same next step after bringing awareness (protesting) is taking action… (voting) have several people out there ensuring we are voting for the right person or just ensuring we are registered. To answer the question, no, the protest should not stop and should actually be enhanced.” DJ Stunna, FL – “Yes, they should continue because this is just a battle within the war. In order to create change in the police force, the disruption should continue until we are pleased. People coming together because the police will continue to racially profile black people. The protests are working and have gotten us results. Protesters are the reason the other officers actually are being held accountable for their actions.” Amber – “Yes, it should continue…We have not accomplished our goal as yet, we only got a few dirty cops arrested. We need laws to be put in place to make them more accountable for their actions. Some believe it’s better training, I believe it’s accountability and punishment that’s needed.” Horatiocenter_img Viveca, Miami – “I believe the protests were brought on because of the non-arrests of the other three officers and due to the non-action of the police force. The protests have brought attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and may make a change. But change will only happen if we all, black, brown, white people, and all ethnicity take it upon themselves to be active for the cause. If protests can continue in a peaceful manner and without incidents, then yes, the protest can continue.” Camille – “I honestly think the protesting should stop now because they finally charged the officers that killed Floyd. Well until we see how many years they will have them in prison then I feel like It should officially end because justice was served.” DJ Stunna Should protests stop now that the four former Minneapolis police officers have been arrested and charged in the murder of George Floyd? Amber DJ Niallast_img read more

Out of play… Squawka in danger of going out of business

first_img Related Articles Share 6 of the Best – Mark Jarvis Racing’s Paul Graham June 20, 2019 GVC reprices and relocates its corporate debt holdings February 11, 2020 StumbleUpon Submitcenter_img At present, the Squawka website has not been updated since 31 October. The London-based enterprise employs a reported 35-staff members, who have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at developments concerning the company’s future.Launched in 2012, Squawka combined match statistics, visual data and in-depth content to engage football fans through multiple digital channels. Squawka has gained a significant following on social media verticals, with a current Twitter following of + 850,000 and a Facebook group of 750,000 followers.Further assets see Squawka operate a popular football news and analysis app, and a website which features amongst the UK’s most visited sports news portals (Similar Web).Squawka’s rapid growth has seen the company secure $3 million in venture funding (Crunchbase) to date, with international media publisher Fremantle Media reported to be a high profile investor.Little is known with regards to Squawka’s operating troubles. At present Squawka management has made no official comment regarding the company’s current situation. GVC Holdings transfers corporate control to London HQ February 6, 2020 Popular football analysis and news website Squawka ( is fighting to stay in business, as it’s reported that its senior management team is in current discussions with administrators.Last week, Co-founder Leo Harrison tweeted that he was hopeful that Squawka could remain in business, further stating that there was a ‘real possibility of finding a solution’. Sharelast_img read more

Cheetahs ears are crucial for catching dinner

first_img Cheetahs’ ears are crucial for catching dinner By Matt WarrenFeb. 2, 2018 , 2:30 PM Serisha Nagothu/500px center_img The cheetah is built for running, with long limbs and powerful muscles that propel it along as it chases down its prey. But a new study has found that the world’s fastest land mammal has another, less obvious adaptation hidden away in its inner ear. Scientists suspected that the cheetah might also rely on a specialized vestibular system, the part of the inner ear that detects head movements and helps animals maintain their gaze and posture. Using computerized tomography scans, they created detailed 3D images of the inner ear from the skulls of cheetahs and other cat species, from leopards to domestic cats. They found that the vestibular system took up a much greater part of the inner ear in cheetahs than in any other cat. The cheetahs also had elongated semicircular canals, parts of the system involved in head movement and eye direction. These features help the animal catch dinner by letting it keep its head still and its eyes on the prize, even when the rest of its body is rapidly moving, the researchers write in Scientific Reports. The extinct giant cheetah did not have the same features, suggesting that the distinct vestibular system evolved fairly recently, they say.last_img read more