Asian Indian Population 2005

first_imgThe Asian Indian population in the United States grew 38%, almost 15 times the national growth rate, between 2000-2005, according to the 2005 American Community Survey, which provides a window to the U.S. population at the middle of the century. Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, each of which have exceedingly small Indian populations, recorded the highest growth rate; however, the rates mask significant margins of error, which make the estimates for each of the three states dubious. Maine and Rhode Island, recorded a decline in the Indian population, but those numbers are also dubious because of the margin of error.Asian Indian Population 2005 State  2005 2000-2005 GrowthCalifornia 449,72243%New York 336,42334%New Jersey 228,25035%Texas 175,60836%Illinois 157,12626%Florida 95,04334%Georgia 79,16972%Michigan 78,46644%Virginia 77,20858%Pennsylvania 75,15931%Maryland 67,24135%Massachusetts 55,84027%Ohio 46,70221%Washington 41,58373%North Carolina 39,81552%Connecticut 32,98839%Minnesota 30,46880%Arizona 22,02949%Tennessee 21,41667%Wisconsin 19,67255%Indiana 16,30611%Colorado 16,15038%Missouri 15,75529%Oregon 12,65032%Louisiana 10,94232%Oklahoma 10,57724%Kansas 10,46828%South Carolina 9,45813%Delaware 8,55062%Nevada 8,17848%Kentucky 8,17621%Alabama 7,81313%Iowa 7,34030%New Hampshire 575949%Nebraska 572475%Utah 4,65252%Mississippi 4,121 8%New Mexico 3,70319%Arkansas 3,48312%West Virginia 3,24714%District of Columbia 3,109 9%Rhode Island 2,295-22%Hawaii 2,10446%Idaho 2,07061%North Dakota 1,33062%South Dakota 1,286110%Alaska 1,09051%Maine 987-3%Vermont 97514%Montana 72992%Wyoming 267663%Total 2,319,22238%Source: American Community Survey 2005  Related Itemslast_img read more