Nimba Budgets US$3M for 2018/2019

first_imgDelegates at the County Council Sitting.Nimba County authorities, including the county’s 11 lawmakers through the County Council Sitting on Sunday, September 2, budgeted US$3,680,092 for 2018/2019, with 24 percent of the money targeting road works in the county.The 113 delegates, including paramount chiefs, administrative district representatives, city councils, students, the disabled community, constituency representatives and traditional chiefs took the decision through voting, with 108 persons voting in favor of the budget, seven against, and one absent from the voting process.This year’s County Council Sitting agenda was one of the heavily debated issues, where the citizens turned out en-masse to witness the occasion and lobbied with some of the delegates to include them or their projects in the budget.Confusion ensued during the Project Management Committee’s presentation covering the period from 2016 to June, 2018. Some delegates suspected complications in the report, claiming it was  bulky, a situation that was, however, not immediately resolved.At last, the caucus, through the chairman, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, constituted a committee to work along with the county authorities and peruse the documents in order to distribute them among the district commissioners and other stakeholders.Co-Chair Representative Johnson Gwiakolo of District # 9 apologized to the citizens, informing them that the past document/report cannot stop the future plan. He added, “We should go ahead with the meeting, while we wait for a committee to peruse the documents and make their report subsequently.”In the new budget, US$804,165 will go to feeder roads rehabilitation and repair of the grounded machines, US$236,000 for affected communities; US$450,000 for electoral districts developments, US$569,505 go into debt owed institutions and other incomplete projects or liabilities.Other allotments include PMC operation of US$210,000; scholarship, US$90,000, Nimba Community Radio, US$30,000; Nimba County Community College, US$50,000; Disabled Community, US$45,000, ABC, US$25,000; LICC, US$30,000, Nimba County Health Team, US$30,000; Traditional Chiefs, US$40,000; County Meeting, US$75,000 and Cities, US$30,000.The amount of US$ 90,000 was allotted for statutory superintendents, district commissioners, township commissioners, paramount chiefs, city mayors, and the renovation of the  Superintendent’s Compound.The county is expected to generate income, including US$275, 825 from the Government County Development Funds, US$980, 000 from ArcelorMittal Social Development fund, US$186, 190.14 cents from North Star scrap proceeds and US$1,045,665.78 cents expected scraps proceeds from both North Star and Sethi Ferro Fabric Incorporated; but US$510,000 will come from the proceeds of Sethi Ferro Fabric Inc. It should have been US$600,000, but 15 percent was taken off by the government.This County Sitting brought together all the 11 lawmakers, along with chiefs and elders in the county.Each of the speakers, headed by Senator Prince Johnson, called for one Nimba, speaking against disunity and tribalism, even though there were some dissatisfaction raised among those whose entities, such as the Community Watch Forum, were not captured in the budget.David Mahn, head of the Community Watch Forum, expressed frustration, but begged for consideration to allocate money in the county’s budget for those regularly assigned with the forum. The forum is an auxiliary security of ordinary residents who devote their time, serving as proxies in places where state security, specifically police officers, are not assigned.During the last County Council Sitting in the year 2016, US$10,000 was allotted for the Community Watch Forum.Other institutions, including the Ganta Christian Community, the Ministry of Education-Nimba, Jackson F. Doe Hospital and women’s organizations were not also captured in the budget.Nothing was also allotted for agriculture or any agricultural-related programs.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

SA’s wave-breaking dolosse

first_img10 November 2006What started with the toss of bones in African child’s play culminated in one of the world’s most successful coastal engineering inventions.Dolosse – branching concrete blocks weighing up to 30 tons – are used across the globe to break up wave action.They were the invention of East London harbour engineer Eric Merrifield after a storm ripped into the Eastern Cape coast of South Africa in 1963 and tore off 60% of East London harbour’s armour. Merrifield wondered if the breakwater would have been more resistant if it had not been solid and taking on the full force of the thundering surf on just one plane. He decided to reconstruct the breakwater using a “porous” design to dissipate the water’s energy.Thus the dolos was born and a momentous novelty in harbour engineering took off. Free of patents, this Eastern Cape design is today used on breakwaters, harbours, jetties and coastlines across the globe.‘Knucklebone’According to Giving Good Weight author John McPhee, Merrifield came up with the idea to line the East London breakwater with concrete blocks of a branching shape – much like jacks that are tossed in child’s play.At that time, dolosse was the name given to crude toys of bone used by the white children of South Africa since the 1830s.Voortrekker children had acquired them from tribal children they encountered during the Great Trek, when their families moved by ox-wagons away from the Cape Colony to the Transvaal.Dolosse were the knucklebones of goats or sheep similar in shape to the letter “H” with one leg turned 90 degrees. They were among the bones thrown into the dust by African witchdoctors, or sangomas, to access advice from the ancestors.The game that was played with dolosse by Voortrekker children was called “knucklebone”. These bone toys were also often thought of as imaginary oxen.Merrifield replicated these bones on a grand scale in concrete – making dolosse that weighed 20 tons apiece to armour his breakwater.Absorbing the ocean’s powerWhen the high seas struck, there were no cracks of thunder or geyser-like spurts. Instead, the waves seemed to crumble and disappear into the crevices of the dolosse pile. A coastal engineering wonder was born.According to US Army Corps of Engineers’ Coastal Research Centre, even when quarrystone is available for rubble mound breakwaters, concrete dolosse “may be the least costly alternative”.“Dolosse are used on the Humboldt, California jetties; the Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey jetties, and on several Hawaiian breakwaters – to name just a few.The dolosse invention is anchored by the historic casting of the biggest dolosse on the African continent for the deepwater Port of Ngqura outside Port Elizabeth.The multi-user deepwater port forms part of the Coega Industrial Development Zone. Some 26 500 dolosse weighing 30 tons apiece will form the top layer of the main breakwater which, at 2.5 kilometres long, is the largest in Africa.This article was first published in Eastern Cape Madiba Action, summer 2006/07 edition. Republished here with kind permission of the author.last_img read more

CTIA: Urban Airship Launches Push for Android

first_imgRelated Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#Android#apps#mobile#news What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The service works entirely outside of Google’s stack, and supports more Android-based devices than Google’s own C2DM service does. Urban Airship works on any version of Android from 1.7 and up, while Google’s push notifications only work on phones running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher.Citing recent OS market share figures which show that 31.6% of Android phones are still running Android 2.1, Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton says “this is a significant subset of the app market that can’t be ignored.”“App developers do not care which device a user carries in his pocket, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android running Froyo or Honeycomb, a Blackberry or a Nokia,” Kveton explained. “Our customers have been telling us that being able to reach all their end users is their goal. Period. Urban Airship serves this need.”In addition to the “quiet time” feature, which lets users configure times when they don’t want to be interrupted, Urban Airship provides QoS, return receipts, an inbox of past notifications and it gives each app its own open connection that is synchronized to save battery life.Brands Using UA on AndroidUrban Airship already has several major brands using the push notification service within their Android applications, including ESPN in its SportsCenter app, the mobile shopping and rewards app Shopkick and also Tapulous, makers of Tap Tap Revenge, a Guitar Hero-like game for mobile.Tapulous uses the alerts to tell game players when a friend has beaten their high score or has proposed a challenge, as well as when there are new songs available for purchase. Tapulous, incidentally, was the first app in the iTunes App Store to offer push notifications, which are also powered by Urban Airship’s service.In case you’re unfamiliar with the company, here are some notable stats about Urban Airship, which it released this week, too:Urban Airship has delivered more than 2.5 billion push notifications across the iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile platforms.It delivers more than 15 million push notifications each day.Year over year, the number of notifications Urban Airship has delivered has increased by 1,555%.Urban Airship has authenticated and delivered more than 2.5 million purchases via in-app purchase.Customers make an average of 8 thousand in-app purchase transactions per day.More than 100 million mobile devices are connected to the Urban Airship platform.Developers can sign up for the new Push for Android service beta here. sarah perez Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Mobile services platform provider Urban Airship launched a new service for Android developers at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference in Orlando, Florida this week. The service, Embedded Push for Android, is an end-to-end push notification system, an alternative to Google’s default solution, C2DM.The benefits of the new solution include features like the ability to configure “quiet time,” plus Quality of Service guarantees and return receipts. The push system is also more battery-friendly than Google’s solution, says Urban Airship.UA on Android The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Three Things You Need to Know About Gratitude

first_imgWritten by Caregiving Team Member Alicia Cassels, MA What is gratitude?“Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In the process, people usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves.”– 2011 Mental Health Letter publication, Harvard Medical School The act of appreciative reflection is strongly associated with benefits such as:Greater happinessStronger relationshipsDealing more effectively with adversity among others (2011). Here are three things you need to know about gratitude: 1. Gratitude is more than saying ‘thank you’The act of saying “thank you,” is one of the earliest social lessons we learn as children. For many, remembering to offer a brief, “thank you,” without deeper reflection is the only role that gratitude plays in daily life. Researchers believe that there is much more for us to know about gratitude. What they know about the act of reflective appreciation can have significant impact on wellbeing, happiness, social connectedness, and much more.2. Practicing gratitude may have lasting impactsA large and growing number of studies have found that practicing gratitude is effective in improving wellbeing (Emmons RA, et al 2003, Sansone, R. A., & Sansone, L. A. 2010, Seligman MEP, et al. 2005, Wong et al. 2016, Wong, J., & Brown, J., 2017). Results of these studies indicate that individuals who practice gratitude consistently experience a number of benefits including:greater optimism,increased happiness,greater alertness,better sleep,less lonelinessreduced feelings of isolation3. Gratitude can be effectively practiced in as little as 10-15 minutes.Gratitude practices associated with wellbeing do not require a great deal of time. Three gratitude activities that can be practiced in 10-15 minutes include gratitude journaling, gratitude letter writing, and gratitude meditation. The Greater Good Science Center at the UC Berkley has excellent resources to help you learn more about each practice and get started. Would you like to try a gratitude practice?Try gratitude journalingTry writing a letter of gratitudeTry gratitude meditation This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on April 13, 2018. References:Emmons RA, et al. “Counting Blessings Versus Burdens: An Experimental Investigation of Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology(Feb. 2003): Vol. 84, No. 2, pp. 377–89.“In Praise of Gratitude.” Harvard Mental Health Letter, Harvard Health Publishing, Nov. 2011, 2010 Why Gratitude is Good. Greater Good Magazine., R. A., & Sansone, L. A. (2010). Gratitude and Well Being: The Benefits of Appreciation. Psychiatry (Edgmont), 7(11), 18–22Seligman MEP, et al. “Empirical Validation of Interventions,” American Psychologist(July–Aug. 2005): Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 410–21.Wong, Joel, and Brown, Joshua. “How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain.” Greater Good, Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, June 2017, Wong, Jesse Owen, Nicole T. Gabana, Joshua W. Brown, Sydney McInnis, Paul Toth & Lynn Gilman (2016) Does gratitude writing improve the mental health of psychotherapy clients? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial, Psychotherapy Research, 28:2, 192-202, DOI: 10.1080/10503307.2016.1169332last_img read more

London Olympics: Just 3 physios in Indian contingent

first_imgThe 81-member Indian contingent for the London Olympics will have to do with only three physiotherapists.Only boxing and hockey contingents have physios of their own while one physio will be going from the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and will be available for the rest of the athletes from 11 other disciplines. The 14-member athletics team and five wrestlers do not have dedicated physios. The athletics federation did not ask for any physio as they had to accommodate coaches and one doctor in their quota of seven support staff.Some athletes sponsored by Mittal Champions Trust (MCT) had requested Englishman Patrick Kenny on board and, as such, he will be given daily passes for the Games Village.IOA president VK Malhotra said they have done everything to accommodate the request of the federations. “Besides the physio from IOA, the two others will also help other athletes once they are through with their respective teams. We have decided to give Patrick Kenny daily passes that will allow him access to the Games Village. Then there are masseurs and doctors available at the Games Village,” he said.The wrestlers will now use the services of Kenny as, barring Sushil Kumar, all of them are MCT-sponsored. “During the World Championships last year, we asked him to help out Sushil and he agreed. So, we can do with Kenny,” said chief coach Vinod Kumar.last_img read more

ESL Shipping Welcomes LNGFueled Bulker into Its Fleet

first_imgzoomPhoto: Jussi Vaahtikari / ESL Shipping Ltd. Finnish dry bulk shipping company ESL Shipping has taken delivery of LNG-fueled bulk carrier named Haaga.Thanks to the innovative technologies incorporated in the vessel’s design, the 160-meter, 25,600 dwt vessel has had its carbon dioxide footprint cut by 50% when compared to the previous generation of vessels.“The vessel can also be fueled by completely carbon-free biogas, once the availability of carbon-free biogas improves over time,” ESL Shipping said.Haaga also incorporates an autonomous cargo processing solution aimed at improving safety and efficiency. The solution was developed by ESL Shipping and MacGregor, part of Cargotec.                                    Image Courtesy: Jussi Vaahtikari / ESL Shipping Ltd.The vessel will have raw material cargo while arriving from Japan to the Baltic Sea, where it is scheduled to arrive in mid-September.“This investment of around EUR 60 million is significant for a company of Aspo’s size. It’s also an excellent example of our responsible ownership, as environmental responsibility involves considering future generations, too. The design and construction of the new vessels were completed as planned. The vessels will considerably increase ESL Shipping’s capacity, in addition to improving its profitability,” says Aki Ojanen, CEO of Aspo Plc and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESL Shipping.The ship is part of the Bothnia Bulk project, partly funded by the EU. Its goal is to modernize the sea route between Luleå, Oxelösund and Raahe to be more eco-friendly.The vessels from the project have been designed by Deltamarin in Finland, and European equipment suppliers have provided roughly 60 percent of all vessel systems.last_img read more

248 families shifted to shelter centres fearing landslides

first_imgA total of 248 families residing in low-lying and landslide-prone areas of Dighinala upazila in Khagrachhari have been moved to 12 shelter centres following incessant rain and bad weather in the district. Photo: UNBA total of 248 families residing in low-lying and landslide-prone areas of Dighinala upazila in Khagrachhari have been moved to 12 shelter centres following incessant rain and bad weather in the district.Many families who were evacuated with them from muddy hill areas across 4 of the unions in Dighinala took shelter at their relatives’ houses in different areas.Dighinala Project Implementation officer Md Kawsar Alam Sarkar said 122 families were moved to seven shelters in Merong union, 10 families were taken to one shelter at Boalkhali union, 96 families were taken to three shelters in Kolakhali union and 20 families went to one shelter at Babuchhora union.Merong Union Parishad chairman Rahman Kabir Ratan said at least 17 villages of his union have been flooded with torrential rain. They were providing necessary reliefs including food and medicine to the shelter centers, he said.last_img read more