Intercultural awareness and inclusion series launched by Brock International

The first in a series of workshops aiming to increase intercultural competency on campus is taking place Friday, July 20.Launched by Brock International Services, the series of workshops will focus on providing faculty and staff at Brock University with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to respectful and productive relationships on and off campus.With a growing international community representing more than 100 countries on campus, the ability to support students in their own cultural competence development is becoming increasingly vital to employers.By attending the first workshop, staff will be able to identify elements of visible and invisible culture, list elements of their own cultural identity and identify at least one inclusive practice that they can use in their work or life on campus.“Faculty and staff can expect to have an increased capacity to make the most of diversity’s proven contribution to increased performance and results,” said Trecia McLennon, Intercultural Communications Co-ordinator for Brock International Services. The first workshop is particularly relevant for staff who work directly with students and have not already attended an introductory intercultural workshop.Subsequent workshops are planned for July 26 and 30. The series is a prerequisite to all other course requirements through Focus on Learning that will comprise the Intercultural Certificate for faculty and staff, debuting in September.Registration is required and space is limited to 30 people. To register, please visit the Focus on Learning webpage, under the Training and Development section of Brock’s Human Resources website.Any questions can be directed to McLennon at x6211 or by email at read more