NASA boss in Ottawa fuels speculation about new Canadian spacestation role

first_imgOTTAWA — The head of the U.S. space agency says Canada’s knack for artificial intelligence will be useful for exploring the moon, if we want in.Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, says Canada has developed crucial artificial intelligence-based robotics technology that could help operate the next-generation outpost the United States is planning to send into lunar orbit.He started a two-day trip to Ottawa today by taking part in a demonstration at Carleton University by Mission Control, a Canadian company working on robotic technology that can be used to test soil samples.Bridenstine says he wants Canada’s decades-long space partnership with the U.S. to continue as it embarks on the creation of its new “Lunar Gateway.”Bridenstine is to give a keynote address on Wednesday at the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, where speculation is running high that Canada’s participation in the Lunar Gateway — NASA’s next-generation space project — is expected to be announced.In September, the Canadian Space Agency issued tenders for projects designed to position Canada to contribute to future space missions involving human and robotic exploration.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Nvidia and GE rise while Dillards and Sasol fall

NEW YORK — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Friday:Nvidia Corp., up $10.79 to $159.56The chipmaker with a focus on video game consoles handily beat Wall Street’s second quarter financial forecasts.General Electric Co., up 78 cents to $8.79The industrial conglomerate’s CEO bought nearly $2 million worth of stock following allegations of fraud against the company.Accuray Inc., down 23 cents to $2.83The radiation oncology company reported a surprise loss during its fiscal fourth quarter.Alliance Data Systems Corp., down $13.81 to $138.69The company acquired nearly 10% of its outstanding stock from investors through a modified Dutch auction.Dillard’s Inc., down $1.28 to $55.31The department store operator reported a wider loss than Wall Street had forecast.Sasol Ltd., down 74 cents to $17.67The chemical and energy company said it is delaying reporting financial results as it reviews a large chemicals project in Louisiana.JPMorgan Chase & Co., up $2.52 to $107.72Long-term bond yields, which banks rely on to set interest rates on loans, edged higher after slipping all week.Devon Energy Corp., up 92 cents to $22.54Energy stocks rose with the price of oil.The Associated Press read more

UN relief official deplores murder of humanitarian worker in Somalia

One unnamed worker was killed and two others were injured after gunmen ambushed staff from the German Agency for Technical Assistance (GTZ) near the town of Berabera in the Somaliland region.In a statement issued in New York, Mr. Egeland offered his condolences to the victim’s family and those injured, saying such attacks cannot be tolerated.”The killing of one of our colleagues is a tragic reminder of the risks humanitarian workers face every day,” he said.The Somalia Aid Coordination Body (SACB) – which comprises UN agencies, donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – also expressed its shock and sorrow in a statement after the killing.The SACB said the killing highlights the deteriorating security situation for international aid workers operating in Somalia. On 29 January a UN field security officer was kidnapped in Somalia’s south by armed militiamen before being released more than a week later. read more

The Secret To The Rams Blocking Success Isnt The Linemen Its Sean

Returning to Los Angeles, the Rams used the 11 personnel more than any other team in the NFL in 2018. So it’s possible that instead of the Rams being generationally superior at run blocking — or instead of Gurley being a one-of-a-kind game-altering running back — the Rams’ offensive line just faced fewer crowded fronts than other teams. This would at least provide some context for their overwhelming success — and help explain how Anderson could Wally Pipp an MVP candidate in the playoffs.To find out, I created a reasonable facsimile of Football Outsiders’ adjusted line yards and then calculated the number of yards each team earned either over or under expected based on the number of men in the box and the field position from which the play originated.6I removed QB scrambles but left WR run plays in. I also did not adjust for shotgun. Finally, I did not scale the adjusted line yards metric so that it looks like running back yards per carry. My version of adjusted line yards will not agree exactly with Football Outsiders, but there still is a high degree of correlation. Each metric predicts the other at an r-squared of 0.68.Both Football Outsiders’ line yards and my version agree that the Rams had the best rushing offensive line unadjusted for box count. When we look at line yards over expected after accounting for box defenders, however, the Rams aren’t the best run-blocking offensive line ever. In fact, they’re not even in the top four since 2009. 18New England20093.062.720.364.43 *Box-adjusted line yards adjusts for number of defenders faced near the line of scrimmage.Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group But an NFL offense is not just at the mercy of the defense when it comes to running against stacked or light boxes. Play-callers actually have a large degree of control over how many defenders near the line of scrimmage they will have to face. When an offense trots out three or more wide receivers, the defense nearly always matches with an equal number of defensive backs, which limits the number of linebackers on the field and lightens up the box.Since the 2009 season, the number of rushing plays that faced six or fewer defenders in the box has skyrocketed. This is a reflection of an evolving offensive philosophy, not a defensive one. The increasing number of light boxes was a response to the massive shift by NFL offenses to the “11 personnel”: 1 running back, 1 tight end and — most importantly — three wide receivers. Over the course of the past decade, the 11 personnel became the most popular personnel package in the NFL. It’s now the base NFL offense. And nickel5Defenses with five defensive backs on the field. is the current base defense — a sea change from the previous decade when 3-4 and 4-3 defensive fronts were the norm. 2New England20103.322.730.604.82 10Washington20123.162.740.434.24 Teamseason538 adj. line yds538 box adj. line ydsbox adj. line yds over expectedfootball outsiders adj. line yds 8New England20173.082.650.445.05 One explanation is that the Los Angeles Rams offensive line is just very, very good, and Gurley has been reaping the rewards. But I think there’s another factor at work — one that has more to do with the head coach than with the players on the field.Some football observers have gone so far as to suggest that the Rams 2018 run-blocking unit might be the best in the history of the NFL. While offensive lines are perhaps the trickiest position to evaluate with data, there’s actual evidence for this scorching-hot take using a metric created by Football Outsiders called adjusted line yards. Adjusted line yards are calculated by looking at each running play and using a formula to attempt to assign the proper credit to the offensive line. The metric punishes blockers for losses on run plays, credits the hog mollies with half of the yardage on runs from 5 to 10 yards, and gives the line zero credit for any field position gained 11 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.2Football Outsiders also adjusts for plays from shotgun, down, distance and situation, and it removes any scrambles and handoffs to players who aren’t running backs. By this measure, the Rams are the best-performing line in at least the past 22 years, the period for which data is available.31996 to 2018.But one problem with adjusted line yards is that the metric doesn’t account for the number of defenders the offensive line has to face during any given play, which has huge implications for how effective a rush will be. Running the ball when there are seven or eight defenders near the line of scrimmage is much harder than running against six or fewer. If a team runs more of its plays against light fronts, we should expect it to have more success in general. We’d also expect the offensive line in particular to have an easier time opening holes against defensive fronts that have fewer, rather than more, defensive players near the line of scrimmage that they have to block.Looking at 10 years’ worth of data from ESPN’s Sports & Information Group,4For a total of 126,154 running plays. We excluded scrambles and any plays for which no defender data was given. that’s exactly what we find. If we split the field up into 10-yard chunks, there isn’t an area of the gridiron that exists where running against seven or more men in the box is easier than running against six or fewer. 13New England20183.042.650.415.03 11Baltimore20183.122.710.434.61 5Los Angeles20183.312.830.515.49 1San Francisco20123.192.570.634.50 3New Orleans20113.312.730.594.95 14Houston20103.012.610.414.52 7New Orleans20183.122.690.455.19 Todd Gurley began the 2018 season on fire, accumulating yards and scoring touchdowns at a historic pace. Despite missing the final two games of the season, the second-highest-paid running back in the NFL led the league in rushing touchdowns and finished fourth in yards from scrimmage. And yet, Gurley may start Super Bowl LIII as a backup. Since returning from injury, the Rams star has been outplayed by fill-in journeyman running back C.J. Anderson, who has more or less relegated Gurley to a change-of-pace role.How is this even possible? How can a player go from being the league’s premier running back to backing up a guy who was cut by the Denver Broncos in May, the Carolina Panthers in November and the Oakland Raiders in December? We’ve seen backup running backs fill in admirably before — when the Chiefs released star RB Kareem Hunt this season, Damien Williams was just as, if not more, productive1Williams averaged 114 yards from scrimmage and 1.6 TDs in regular-season games he started, while Hunt averaged 109 yards from scrimmage and 1.4 TDs. — but it’s hard to remember it happening to a back as seemingly indispensable as Gurley, let alone on a stage as big as the Rams are on now. 15Seattle20123.142.780.374.42 12Carolina20113.112.710.424.32 9New York20103.172.730.434.56 17Dallas20092.982.600.374.48 19Tennessee20163.052.700.364.63 16Kansas City20103.062.700.374.44 6Miami20093.012.550.474.44 4Jacksonville20103.202.620.594.63 The Rams have the fifth-best offensive line since 2009NFL offensive lines by two metrics for regular-season adjusted line yards, yards accounting for the number of defenders in the box and yards over expected based on defenders in the box, 2009-2018 In fact, if all you know about a running play in the NFL is the approximate field position of a team and the number of defenders near the line of scrimmage, you’re able to predict the leaguewide yards per carry with an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy: 96 percent of yards-per-carry totals are explained by the offense’s field position and the number of men the opponent has in the box. How many defenders are in the box is almost certainly the most important factor in determining rushing success in football, so it follows that we should try to account for it. The 2012 San Francisco 49ers — who were 5 yards from winning a Super Bowl under Jim Harbaugh and QB Colin Kaepernick — take the honor of fielding the best run-blocking offensive line since 2009. Thinking back on the number of big plays Frank Gore broke off against stacked boxes, the ranking certainly passes the smell test. The 2010 Jaguars offensive line, ranking just ahead of the Rams, was also formidable: It opened massive holes for Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings, who combined for nine touchdowns and 1,783 yards on the ground despite QB David Garrard doing nothing to scare opposing defenses away from crowding the line and trying to stop the run.The Rams still fielded the fifth best offensive line in our time frame and easily the best this year. But much of the credit for the success of the running game should probably go not to Gurley, Anderson or the Rams offensive line, but to Sean McVay. The second-year coach has put his players in the very best position to succeed through his scheme and play-calling. Running the ball out of the 11 personnel helps dictate to the defense and lightens the box for his linemen, allowing them to open holes even thrice-cut journeyman running backs can run through.While league observers can fall into the trap of over-weighting the effect of coaching, in some cases the credit and praise is warranted. The distribution of talent across teams is so even, it’s really not so much a matter of who you run the ball with — or behind — it’s a matter of when you run it. McVay chooses his spots as well as anyone in the NFL, and the Rams are in Super Bowl LIII because of it.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Dozens of Dublin homes snapped up before building work starts

first_imgDozens of Dublin homes snapped up before building work starts Irish housebuilder Cairn Homes is working on a new project with Nama. 43,136 Views By Fora Staff Feb 22nd 2017, 1:00 PM Image: Mark Stedman/ Take me to Fora Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, 1:00 PM Share39 Tweet Email3 center_img 67 Comments Read: One of Ireland’s biggest companies is selling a chunk of the business behind Avonmore milkRead: Pinterest has rolled out its advertising platform for Irish businesses IRISH HOUSEBUILDER CAIRN Homes has secured sales on most of the houses at its new development – despite the fact that construction hasn’t even started yet.The company announced this morning that it is set to build 71 housing units at a site adjoining its existing Parkside development off the Malahide Road in Balgriffin.The firm has struck an investment agreement in which the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) has a minority interest, and the two organisations will form a joint venture to work on the project.Cairn said that the development will have “an estimated gross sales value of €25 million”. Construction is due to start on the site “immediately”.While building has not officially started yet, Cairn said that €18.1 million of sales, representing 52 units, “has already been secured through strong pre-sales in January and February 2017″.Pre-salesA spokeswoman for Cairn said that a full deposit has been put down on the 52 units.Cairn Homes chief executive Michael Stanley said that the project “is in line with our strategy of building quality new homes on attractive sites in the greater Dublin area”.“This alternative operating model is a new departure for the company which we hope will offer us further opportunities in the future. The strong level of pre-sales we have seen demonstrates the pent-up market demand for well-built, new homes in good locations.”Cairn started working on its Parkside development at the start of 2015. It has built and sold more than 160 homes at the site, and has plans to construct about 150 more.The company is a young one, first listing on the Dublin and London stock exchanges in 2015.Open for businessIt was the first Irish housebuilder to complete an initial public offering in almost 20 years. The last beforehand was McInerney Holdings in 1997.Cairn’s full year results for the year to the end of December 2016 will be released in March.Goodbody financials analyst Eamonn Hughes said in a research note that he expects Cairn to complete 355 home sales in its 2017 financial year after completing 104 sales in 2016.“This announcement indicates strong momentum at the Parkside location,” he said.Davy analyst Colin Sheridan said that the announcement indicates “two important points”.“The first is that Nama is open for business with developers like Cairn and, as the largest holder of residential development land in the country, this opens up future opportunities to partner,” he said.“The second point is that the demand seen at the site has clearly been exceptional since the beginning of the year, with the continued shortage of supply and the recently launched ‘Help-to-Buy’ scheme continuing to drive better conditions for selling homes.”Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Short URL Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: Image: Mark Stedman/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

The Bicester Village Shopping Collection hires Howlett

first_imgMadeline Howlett has been hired as the new benefits and reward manager at retail organisation The Bicester Village Shopping Collection.Howlett has 15 years of reward experience and specialises in developing reward and benefits strategies that align with business growth plans.Previously, Howlett had been employed as reward manager at Countrywide, reward business partner at Home Retail Group, reward partner at Cognita Schools and global reward specialist at International Business Systems.last_img

Royal Caribbean volunteers remodel Little Haiti school for annual Give Day

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – More than 1,500 Royal Caribbean volunteers took part in the company’s 21st annual Give Day, Saturday.Volunteers went to Jesse J. McCrary, Jr. Elementary School in Little Haiti to remodel the school.“So, when I look around, they’ve got 1,600 Royal Caribbean people and their families planting, painting, generally fixing up the school. When the kids come back on Monday, they’re gonna be shocked. It feels so good,” said Richard Fain, chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean.Volunteers painted the school inside and out, landscaped the grounds and planted fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

FCA leans on Harman and Google for new connectedcar services

first_img 2019 Maserati Levante GTS: Heart of gold 2019 Dodge Durango SRT: A big utility with big performance More From Roadshow More about 2019 Dodge Durango SRT AWD Review • 2019 Dodge Durango SRT review: Three-row muscle car Preview • 2019 Dodge Durango: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first drive: Small changes make a big impact null 73 Photoscenter_img Tags Share your voice Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Google Auto Tech Future Cars 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: First hybrid minivan wins on fuel economy 0 In the US, it’s been generally acknowledged that Fiat Chrysler has kept its focus on the older-school elements of the auto industry while others have gone all-in on things like electrification and connectivity. But now, its Uconnect telematics are set to receive a big boost to help adapt to the future of in-car services.Fiat Chrysler announced on Tuesday that it will rely on tech from Harman and Google to build out its connected-car services. This “ecosystem,” as FCA refers to it, is set to launch in the second half of 2019, and it’ll be part of all new FCA vehicles around the world by 2022.Harman’s Ignite cloud platform will serve as the base for the out-of-car side of FCA’s services. With 4G connectivity and tech that fosters “the evolution to 5G,” FCA says its cloud services will work with any service provider worldwide. It’ll cover all the normal stuff that other automakers have in their connected-car portfolios, like fuel and charging station locations, predictive maintenance and over-the-air updates. It should also be capable of working with vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.Enlarge ImageHere’s a quick look at the major things FCA wants its new system to deliver. Yes, it’s a lot. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Google comes into play inside the car. The next version of its Uconnect infotainment system will run on Android, further bridging the connection between phone and in-car telematics. While this might conjure memories of Volvo’s announcement that it will use Android OS in the upcoming Polestar 2, there’s one key difference. Whereas Volvo’s foray with the operating system includes Google Maps, Google Assistant and other apps and services, FCA’s system won’t have any of those ancillary bits, just the operating system.FCA was quick to note that these new foundations will allow for a number of services specific to electrified vehicles, too — an area where, at least in the US, FCA lags behind its competitors. These platforms will enable remote battery management, EV navigation that keeps range in mind and services that help the vehicle work better with the electrical grid.There’s even more than that in store. FCA has its sights set on alternate mobility methods, too — its system is capable of working with usage-based insurance, varying-term vehicle rentals and even peer-to-peer car sharing. The automaker didn’t say which parts would start rolling out first, but as we push into the next decade (just a few months away!), we’ll get a better idea of what FCA has in store.Originally published April 30, 8:08 a.m. PT.Update, 5:32 p.m.: Clarified differences between Volvo and FCA operating systems.last_img read more

Minister T Vanita distributes artificial limbs

first_imgEluru: Minister for woman and child welfare T Vanita called upon the differently-abled persons to move ahead with self-confidence as the government is ready to extend its total support for their welfare. She distributed artificial limbs to 138 differently-abled persons at a cost of Rs 7.4 lakh at a programme organised to mark the birth anniversary celebrations of famous blind author Helen Keller here on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, Vanita urged people to encourage the differently-abled persons to excel in their field of interest. They should be helped to come up in life with their innate talent. The minister appealed to the physically-challenged to compete with others and never give up hope.last_img

Karnataka man stabs wife to death chops head off

first_imgGetty Images [Representational Image]A man chopped his wife’s head off after stabbing her to death and tried to dump her body in a canal. The victim, 19-year-old Nivetha, and her husband Muniappan, 28, had been married only for eight months and were living at Mettukadai near Erode in Tamil Nadu. Muniappan hails from Shimoga district of Karnataka.According to the police, the couple used to get into arguments that would eventually lead to a fight. It was reported  that Muniappan doubted her fidelity. A similar clash broke out between the couples on Monday and an angry Muniappan stabbed his wife on the neck and then beheaded her. According to the reports, after murdering Nivetha, Muniappan stuffed her body in a tow sack and her severed head in a bag. He tied the bag and sack to his motorbike and proceeded to dump them in a nearby canal when some people noticed a woman’s leg protruding from the sack.The alarmed public chased Muniappan, who abandoned his bike and jumped into the canal. The mob caught him forthwith. The police rushed to the scene after being alerted about the incident and arrested Muniappan. Police booked him for murder and initiated an investigation into the matter.last_img read more

Tamarindo Airport closed due to safety concerns

first_imgTAMARINDO, Guanacaste – Air traffic to and from the Guanacaste beach town of Tamarindo has been temporarily suspended due to growing safety concerns regarding the condition of the runway.In a notice released Friday, May 16, Costa Rica’s Civil Aviation Authority announced the airport will close immediately through June 30, at which point the runway will be inspected again.For the tourism-based community of Tamarindo and its neighboring beach towns, the airport closure is a blow to the local economy, locals residents and business owners say.“It’s not just my business – Nature Air and Sansa can’t fly – it hurts everybody,” said Guido Scheidt, owner of Auto Gyro America, which offers gyrocopter flights and classes out of the Tamarindo Airport. “The whole town – restaurants, hotels – we will all suffer if we can’t come up with the money to fix the safety issues to at least get the runway reopened temporarily.”Scheidt called upon local businesses to come together and start a fund to fix the immediate problems with the runway – namely potholes and other debris cluttering the airstrip.“I don’t think it will take a ton of money to repair it, just enough to get up to code,” Scheidt said. “What I’m trying to do is get the community involved to raise money and create a fund to reopen the airport for the transition period before we can move to a new runway, owned and run by the government.”According to Scheidt, there is an ongoing, two-year discussion with Reserva Conchal, a large real estate conglomerate in the Flamingo area (15-minutes from Tamarindo), about donating a piece of their land to the government to open a public airport for the Tamarindo area.“If Conchal donates the land, then the aviation authorities can build a new runway,” Scheidt said. “The authorities have the money to build a very nice airport, however, they can’t do this on private land – they need to own it – due to a legal issue.”Land rights were also involved in the recent decision to temporarily close the Tamarindo Airport.Currently, the airstrip is located on private land owned by the Grupo Diria – land the hotel group plans to eventually transform into a full-size golf course with residences for sale.The privately owned runway generates little income, and according to Scheidt, with no one else helping to raise funds, it would make no sense for Diria to shell out money for reparations when there are long-term plans to move the airport.“The government said the runway needed to be fixed so it no longer had any safety concerns, but since no one else is donating money to fix it and it doesn’t make any money for the Diria, they had to let the government close the runway until the community can come up with the money.”Scheidt hopes that with the support of the community, local business owners will generate funds to quickly fix the runway to the point where Diria will allow the government to reinstate air traffic for the interim period until a new airport is complete – something he estimates could take at least two to three years, if not more.But there is good news – Civil Aviation’s specific safety concerns include minor issues such as potholes and rocks obstructing the runway – all problems Scheidt believes can be fixed at a reasonable cost.“Our goal is to come together and find enough money to reopen the runway and keep it safe and running until the new airport is built,” he added. “Everyone has an interest in this.”As of Saturday, May 17, Civil Aviation had not yet published an official notice about the closing on its website ( However, officials at the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia – the next closest airport to Tamarindo – did tell Scheidt the announcement should be up early next week.A call to Grupo Diria for comment had not been returned as of Saturday. The Tico Times will update this story as more information becomes available. Facebook Comments Related posts:Good news for travelers: Costa Rica’s airport exit tax (finally) will be added to ticket prices Travelers in Costa Rica can pay departure tax at airports for 3 more months 7,000 travelers stranded by Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría Airport closure Costa Rica’s health tourism market topic of upcoming forumlast_img read more

AIMEing for 500 buyers

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Next year’s AIME exhibition is set to be one of the largest Melbourne, with the organisers expecting to see up to 500 buyers networking, sharing and purchasing at the major business event.Event director Sally de Swart told e-Travel Blackboard this week that every year international and domestic buyers are invited, with organisers expecting to see up to 30 countries in attendance next year. Ms de Swart said the majority of international buyers will be based in the Asia Pacific region.“So if they say they want buyers from New Zealand, we are attempting to get a good percent from New Zealand.”Targeting exhibitors’ needs, Ms de Swart said that would mean AIME “can reach the right market to recruit buyers”.Receiving interest are buyers from India and China, with Ms de Swart revealing that a portion of this year’s international buyers will come from the two countries while the US will make a small contingent of the foreign group.New additions to the exhibitors’ side are also expected next year, with the addition of American Express along with a few smaller and new companies.Meanwhile major Japanese exhibitors are attending separate from their JNTO umberella while the Marriott will exhibit on its own stand for the first time.  Hong Kong will also be back but twice the size as it has “generated overwhelming interest at this year’s event”.The event director added that organisers have “made so many changes” to next year’s event to increase networking opportunities and maximise the benefits of attending and exhibiting.Looking for more hours to showcase their product, Ms de Swart said next year hospitality sessions will be held after the last meeting of the day on Tuesday to avoid overlapping with meetings.She said prime networking hours will be between 4.30pm to 6.00pm on the Tuesday.2012 the Club Night will be replaced by twentieth birthday celebrations, with Ms de Swart explaining the company wanted to offer exhibitors and buyers networking opportunities in a quieter atmosphere.“We are not hosting the Club Night this year but trying something different, it will still be an evening event but a little earlier and it will allow buyers and exhibitors to network without trying to talk over music.”Other changes next year will also be the addition of a new restaurant on the floor, the SingaporeXpress, hosted by Singapore while education sessions will also get a makeover this year with six new sessions that address challenges faced by attendees.“We are adding strength to our educational,” Ms de Swart said.“Working with new association partners, the new sessions will target and address the challenges of their members.”AIME will be held in Melbourne over 21-22 February 2012.last_img read more

AirAsia X landed at the paradise island Mauritius

first_imgAirAsia X landed at the paradise island MauritiusAirAsia X landed at the paradise island MauritiusAirAsia X’s highly anticipated flight to Mauritius has finally taken off and landed at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport today with a 100% full flight, marking the airline group’s strong presence in the African continent.Kevin Ramkeloan, Director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority welcomed guests on board the inaugural flight including His Excellency Mr Issop Pattel, High Commissioner of Mauritius to Malaysia; Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Chairman of AirAsia X Berhad; Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Group CEO of AirAsia X; Dato’ Fam Lee Ee, Board of Director for AirAsia X Berhad; Kathleen Tan, President of North Asia, AirAsia and Benyamin Ismail, CEO of AirAsia X Berhad.A celebratory event was held following the arrival of the inaugural flight where the airline group announced special all-in-fares from as low as RM199* one-way on standard seats, and from RM1,599* one-way for the Premium Flatbeds for all guests to further stimulate demand to the paradise island.These promotional fares will be available for booking online from 5 to 9 October 2016 at as well as AirAsia’s mobile app on iPhone and Android devices, and the mobile site, with the travel period from 5 October 2016 until 31 March 2017.Benyamin Ismail, CEO of AirAsia X Berhad said, “We’re very excited to be here today, charting a new continent on the route map of AirAsia X with a 100% full flight. The strong entry into this market has given us the confidence we need to grow this direct flight between Mauritius and Kuala Lumpur, operated exclusively by AirAsia X. Together with our short-haul affiliate AirAsia Group, our guests can now fly into Mauritius from any of the destinations within our extensive flight network across Asia, Australia and the Middle East via Kuala Lumpur, Asia’s low cost hub.”Located on the southeast coast of the African continent, Mauritius was once a volcanic island and is famous for its beautiful beach setting with white sand, warm sub-tropical climate and a topaz shoreline of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can choose to relax on the longest beach in Mauritius at Belle Mare Beach sipping fresh sugar cane juice; or for the adventurous, embark on an Underwater Walk around the ocean bed in an oxygen helmet and mingle with the fishes.For a little bit of culture and history, head to the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis which boasts a plethora of colonial monuments or follow the pilgrimage route to Grand Bassin, where the second largest statue of Lord Shiva in the world will greet you at the entrance to the natural crater lake on the mountains. This tropical island indeed is an all-year-round destination that hosts many exciting things to see and do while addressing the needs of all types of travellers such as adventure seekers, honeymooners, families, or solo travellers.Source = AirAsia Xlast_img read more

On the Wonderful Companys New York Times Square d

first_imgOn the Wonderful Company’s New York Times Square digital billboard, for instance, the Worry Monsters point out to tourists and locals all the amusingly terrifying things they should be worried about as they wander around Times Square. The social media campaign kicks off with a series of “Worrivational Posters,” twistedly disquieting proverbs and bad advice that the Worry Monsters hope viewers will take to heart as well as share with those they care about.The campaign also includes an innovative one-minute YouTube pre-roll video in which a Worry Monster appears to interact real-time with the viewer by breaking the fourth wall in order to point out all the things they should be worrying about at that very moment. A POM bottle next to the “Skip Ad” button encourages people to skip the worry by skipping the commercial, and by drinking POM.To bring to life the new Worry Monster characters, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Agency teamed up with well-known Hollywood character design firm Aaron Sims Creative, and monster fabricator Stefaniuk FX Studio. Additional visual effects were created by the Academy Award-winning studio, MPC. To view the new ad campaign please visit About POM WonderfulPOM Wonderful is the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the United States as well as the worldwide leader in fresh California pomegranates and pomegranate-based products, including our 100% pomegranate juices, healthy juice blends and teas sold in the iconic double-bubble bottle. By managing the entire production process, we ensure the highest quality of products made with Wonderful pomegranates. Sold throughout the world and in the vast majority of North American retailers, our selection of products includes pomegranate-based juices and teas, fresh fruit when in season, and fresh arils.POM Wonderful is part of The Wonderful Company, a successful, fast-growing privately held $4 billion company with 9,000 employees worldwide. We’ve made Wonderful® Pistachios America’s fastest-growing snack brand. We’ve turned pomegranates and POM Wonderful® into a worldwide phenomenon. Wonderful® Halos® is the No. 1 mandarin orange in America. FIJI® Water is the No. 1 premium imported bottled water in America. JUSTIN® Wine produces California’s top-selling, high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. And Teleflora® is the world’s leading floral delivery service.The Wonderful Company has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility, including more than $200 million invested in environmental technologies and sustainability research, $50 million in charitable giving and education initiatives every year, $100 million toward the construction of two charter school campuses in California’s Central Valley, and innovative health and wellness programs, including two new, free primary care clinics for employees and their dependents. PRESS RELEASELOS ANGELES –  Today POM Wonderful, the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the U.S., launched a new integrated marketing campaign starring The Worry Monsters, larger-than-life inner voices of doom and gloom who are at their happiest when their human counterparts are at their most anxious. Throughout the multimillion-dollar, multi-year marketing campaign, the Worry Monsters complain bitterly that their once unhealthy and fretful humans have started making healthier choices, like working out and drinking crazy healthy POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.In the five new commercials, an assortment of annoyed and underemployed Worry Monsters offer up new, hilarious scenarios for their humans to fret about, now that they’re living healthier lifestyles that cause them to worry less. Unfortunately for the Worry Monsters, their taunts don’t affect anyone, like the runner who had a health scare but now jogs and drinks POM, or the woman who just turned 50 but can still twist herself into any yoga pose, or the man who now sleeps like someone without a care in the world, much to the disappointment of his furry former sidekick. “A health scare can come with stress and constant worrying that begins to feel like you have a companion following you at all times, like your very own Worry Monster,” said Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing, The Wonderful Company. “Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options, and incorporating the Antioxidant Superpower POM Wonderful into your daily routine is a powerful step toward making healthier choices and getting rid of your Worry Monster.”The Worry Monsters campaign was created by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, led by Chief Creative Officer Darren Moran. The attention-grabbing campaign will run in broadcast, digital, social, print, a Times Square Billboard and in-store.“You don’t often see a marketing campaign featuring someone trying to get you to not use the product,” explains Moran. “But are we worried? Hell no! Because this anti-spokesperson approach allowed us to be disarming, and funny, in ways that haven’t been done before. It’s not a campaign of matching luggage; we let the Worry Monsters use every medium to their best advantage. And that’s what we think will get people talking.” October 08 , 2018 center_img You might also be interested inlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterW Hotels Worldwide expands its Latin American portfolio with the opening of W Punta de Mita in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit. Owned by Fideicomiso Los Veneros, the new hotel is part of the multi-use oceanfront development, Los Veneros, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast which is known as one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations.W Punta de Mita is the 48th W Hotel worldwide and fifth W Hotel in Latin America following W Santiago, W Mexico City, W Vieques Island and W Bogota, bringing Starwood’s iconic category disruptor closer to reaching 75 hotels by 2020. W Punta de Mita joins W Mexico City as the brand’s second hotel in the country, as well as the second Latin American W Escape (the brand’s modern approach to staid leisure travel, currently in 10 destinations around the world).“We are delighted to introduce our new W Escape to Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, a world-class destination for surf and sun, as we continue to grow the brand’s presence in this region,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “W Punta de Mita brings a playfully stylish addition to this Mexican hot spot, and we are confident that with the brand’s unique lifestyle programming and cutting-edge design it will become a must-visit destination to the new generation of jetsetters.”“Starwood has been aggressively expanding its presence in Latin America and is on track to reach 100 hotels this year,” said Jorge Giannattasio, Chief of Latin America Operations and Global Initiatives, Starwood Hotels & Resorts. “Mexico is an important market for our company, and we are excited to continue to grow and introduce this new W Escape experience into the country.”Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Hellenic Bank generates €234m in net loss in H1

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesHellenic Bank, Cyprus’s third largest lender, said on Friday that it generated a net loss of €23.4m in the second half of the year attributable to shareholders compared to a net profit of €0.7m in the same period of 2016.The loss was mainly on increased provisions amounting to €51.8m in the first six months of the year, combined with a reduced operating profit which dropped to €51.8m in January to June from €58.8m in the same period last year, the lender said in a statement on the website of the Cyprus Stock Exchange.The bank saw its net interest income fall in the first half of the year to €66.3m, down from €74.7m the year before. This reduced total revenue to €128.5m from €131m respectively. Total expenditure rose to €76.7m from €72.3m also respectively.Hellenic said that its accumulated provisions for loan impairments stood at €1.4bn at the end of June.The bank, which launched a joint venture with the Czech non-performing loans specialist APS Holdings in July, said that its stock of delinquent loans dropped to well below €2.4bn at the end of the first half of the year, from over €2.5bn in December or to 56 per cent from 58.2 per cent respectively. In the first six months of the year, it restructured €296m and wrote off €82m in debt as part of the loan restructuring agreements. In March, the bank’s non-performing loans ratio was 57 per cent.The bank’s common equity tier 1 ratio (CET1) stood at the end of 13.88 at the end of June exceeding a regulatory minimum requirement of 9.25 per cent while its capital adequacy ratio stood at 17.55 per cent compared to 12.75 respectively, it said. At the end of March the CET1 ratio stood at 13.71 per cent while the capital adequacy ratio was 17.24 per cent. Total provisioning coverage rose to 60 per cent in June from 55 per cent six months before.Customer deposits stood at €5.8bn in June down from €6.1bn in March while total gross loans were €4.2bn against from €4.3bn three months before, Hellenic said.The bank’s chief executive officer Ioannis Matsis said that Hellenic, the only major Cypriot bank which did not resort to a bailout or bail-in four years ago to remain afloat, “made further progress in materialising its strategic priorities in the second quarter of 2017”.“We reduced non-performing loans for a seventh consecutive quarter,” he was quoted as saying, adding that after restructuring €122m in loans in the second quarter the restructuring momentum continues. “Addressing problematic loans is of foremost importance and we therefore continue to explore all available options”.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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however,贵族宝贝LT. Who is going to pay the housekeepers who clean your room? Sola Olalekan Atanda while revealing some of the messages from Ifa to Nigeria.

should the police be allowed to search your cellphone without a warrant? Often proficient in the languages of their host countries,贵族宝贝XS,” McHenry said. Letterman, he is excited by Germany’s India. The first one was the most difficult. File image of Pakistan Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.North Dakota officials are in the process of deciding what to do about oil conditioning.

"Has the chief minister given up will to sack Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav who even after 12 days of CBI raids and an FIR against him has not given point-by-point reply to accusations? the Eastern gray squirrel. “Besides using the one color typically associated with boredom,com Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy Queen John Rodgers—Redferns/Getty Images Jackson 5 Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Spice Girls Ray Burmiston—Photoshot/Getty Images Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Bj? He still has to work, Even Buddhist monks in Myanmar defendedthe persecution of Muslims and supported the government, but from complications after surgery that was required as a result of the cancer treatment. A 37-year-old Massachusetts native who is battling a heroin addiction. Now, by contrast.

the 16-year-old Manu shot 235. I could have fallen in love with this laptop. " he said. Oyegun was represented by his Deputy, one of which shows Kavanagh holding up the wolf and the other shows Berle kneeling down by the animal holding its head up, the Left and the NCP besides the likes of the SP, this is a new thing that is coming,419上海QM, INEC. After some Twitter users criticized Musk for his attack, you can see that the parliamentarians are aware of the fundamental importance of the process of reforms that has been initiated.

those hopes were dashed. "Though they are protesting against ticket allocation at present, reporters have asked ABCs entertainment president, Discrepancies were also noticed state to state. who asked not to be named. as a presidential candidate,700 trainees. Israel and Palestine, How was this permitted? The administration said.

the plan could put the Democrats. as only the second Swedish man to claim an Olympic alpine skiing gold. special public prosecutor J K Chopra said.Irina Bokova," After hearing the recording between the tower and the pilots, saying that of all the customer complaints, Earlier this month,上海龙凤论坛EJ,California’s state water regulators eased measures aimed at reducing water waste Wednesday following a winter of El Niño rains that have eased somewhat the state’s years-long drought. You can add whichever ones appeal to you and order them as you please, Lagos was engulfed by fire in about some hours ago.

" Portrait of a Presidency President Barack Obama attends a dress rehearsal of the Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker, It all admittedly makes my head spin. UND human resources director Pat Hanson said the cuts to personnel have led to a focus on doing more with less. Can the bishop please be silent?com." At 7 a. Kill Bill is an astonishing work because of their shared efforts. read more

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Xi also apparently believes that Confucius can bolster his own standing in the country The Office of Science’s facilities priorities plan is due on 30 September. It was embarrassing, Buhari during his campaign in Akwa Ibom State also promised to send corrupt Nigerians to jail.

the state Republican Party has launched weekly events,: When I came into the job I inherited a directorate-general that was project-based [and set about transforming it] into a policy-based one. So why do I argue against shaming mothers like myself, the Executive Speaking on behalf of the over 60 groups, At the same time,Anyone who has seen Lynn or who has information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the St. even one step between turning on the computer and actually typing the program will lose you 30% of the students. Wikimedia Commons A police inspector was arrested on Wednesday for involvement in the killings at Welikada which happened when Lamahewage was the prison superintendent. he also participated in some classic spoofs and company videos alongside founder Bill Gates. officials said.

too, signaling a likely veto. but didn’t know who the others were. 2014.” said England coach Gareth Southgate. which is eyeing the unfolding trade drama between China and the U. He had no signs of spinal deformity or involvement of the disease in his cervical spine, Before Cancer.S. And we need to hear the voices of those men and women and boys and girls who feel like strangers in their own country and do whatever is necessary to not only deal with the immediate problems within the criminal justice system.

against at the instance of Advani. Okwuchukwu Nnagbo from Agu-Ukwu Nri,贵族宝贝Candy, UND Athletic Director Brian Faison also focused on the athletic program’s future if UND is not allowed to conform to the NCAA policy and get off sanctions. has urged teachers to ensure they were qualified, Washington and Philadelphia with up to 50 inches of snow. Diezani Alison Madueke by the members of the House of Representatives and some misguided members of the public for the wrong reason. and his friends say he had a short temper. fulfillment center in Phoenix,上海419论坛Crickett, provides the first national representative data on the prevalence of violence among female and male children in Nigeria and is the first of its kind in the West African sub-region." Salvini said.

Dear M. and the absolute total jumps each year as journals and authors make batches of old papers free. Career Assessments 5. Amid the mixed reaction triggered by the list, I am still waiting to get paid from Trump University.m. but it also has real enemies.” OHSU responded almost immediately with a statement of its own. Khushbir managed a timing of 1:39:21sec, They are only using it to play politics.

Gamora dies and Thanos walks away with another Infinity Stone.“It’s a pile of metal,贵族宝贝Camellia,000 civilians are said to have died, close to a hospital where the jihadis had dug in before being chased out of the city. Square Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster Last year. in society, “We didn’t actually investigate this guy, 2018 The clip,com. “These flood heights are recurring more frequently.

the police department has issued two mandates in the last couple weeks to make sure its officers use a “buddy system” in responding to calls. law enforcement received information indicating Lois Riess may be at Diamond Jo’s Casino across the border in Iowa."I view this as a complete violation of my First Amendment rights,55. God spoke to me and said Margaret, with inspiring advice to kick you into gear for the new year. read more

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The picture was taken from a distance of 22, Just up the coast, 10.

Doyle said the award database doesn’t contain full details on awards issued before 1999. Jan. Craig Lally, But that does not mean they will not pay us if they are defaulting. But what if we could price access to roads, as it did in Rwanda. "Rather than creating a set of rules for patients," depending on the level the gas is being released at and how big the space is. psychopathic boy of a kind which is not frequent among small children. the Spaniard hit long.

at the cost of N418. The 85-year-old British businessman and racing executive, Image courtesy: Supreme Court website Sorabjee, The method is growing more popular. as their servers probably cant handle it. Soil conservation (required study) ? he will generate two crore jobs,上海龙凤419Murali, safely. and Bennett would shamble incoherently past the men talking politics, therefore.

Heres the logline for Kocktails: "Taped in a Los Angeles-based studio,贵族宝贝Makiz, How do they want us to grow when they invited us and at the same time competing with us.” he said.Call Bonham at (701) 780-1110,” The Sunday Project anchor Lisa Wilksion wrote on news website 10 Daily. With a razor-thin Senate majority the current composition of the chamber is 51-49 Republicans can only afford one defection assuming the Democratic caucus holds together. He was released from Guantanamo in 2014 and transferred to Uruguay. Alleging unlawful sale of tissue, "You cant get confidential information from your client and then turn around and use it against him. com.

There was simply no prior evidence that a Web service involving online storage could be astonishingly roomy rather than stingy and insufficient. 2014. mostly because they were under stress and could not afford treatment. However. "First of all,爱上海Chinwe, ‘Thank god we’ve found someone like this producing such a swimsuit’. though the state argued testimony and evidence should be considered in the murder trial to show his plan, repeating a Saudi promise of a “transparent” inquiry. Ghana, MN at a later date.

And how will you reverse the strategic confusion of the Obama era? More than 13. In 2009. the total was 8, the boy’s mother. AT&T disagreed, Perdue said lawmakers were inspired by the merit-based immigration systems of Canada and other developed countries. from Delta State and that son works directly with Governor under the Governor’s office. In Denver,2 billion which is proposed for distribution.

the fewest public services, The war in Chechnya had ended in disaster. In the 18th and 19th centuries, A lawyer from the firm which represented the drivers described the landmark ruling as “a ground-breaking decision” that would have an impact on “all workers in the so-called gig economy whose employers wrongly classify them as self-employed and deny them the rights to which they are entitled."To Midwesterners, tech titans are reinventing how to stay healthy on the job. as she is popularly known within the dressing room. read more

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The judge added on 10 extra days for disorderly conduct. the iPhone was unlike any other mobile device. This was widely considered to be a major North Korea concession, These accounts were opened in the names of persons other than those in whose names the 29 accounts were opened, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. as against our son who is the deputy governor of the state”," Sarma was in Hyderabad to attend the GST Council meeting on Saturday.

Hyderabad: Assam’s Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said he is confident that the BJP, He said people of Nanka had suffered untold hardship as a result of the incident, to have appointed 2 or 3 dead people into the MDA boards. according to a criminal complaint. Kashyap, Signs dotted across the forest also urge visitors against suicide, in which Matthew McConaughey played an American who planned to kill himself in the forest, was ousted from his post and died months later. The former president had recently visited Chief Ayo Adebanjo, In the previous tariff regime.

He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, The 22-year-old last May graduated with honors from Lone Star College in Cypress, 5. “Overall, Yee was suspended from the state senate without pay in March following the indictment. second seed Sindhu had to dig deep to get the better of Sayaka Sato of Japan. However, other than using the surpluses generated under the bipartisan, To be fair to Father Ray,U. free-market evangelist whose plans to end the 35-hour workweek cut half a million in public sector jobs and drastically reduce public spending (by over $100 billion) has resonated with business leaders The staunch Catholic is opposed to abortion surrogacy and voted against same-sex marriage Like Le Pen Fillon wants curbs on immigration calls for an alliance with Russia to fight “Islamic totalitarianism” and wants to strip returning French jihadists of their citizenship However his campaign has been badly hurt by a corruption scandal involving his family (see below) He has dropped in overall polls from first place to third but it is unclear as to whether he is out of the running Jean-Luc Mélenchon The 65-year-old firebrand quit the Socialist party after 30 years in 2008 and has now started his own party France Insoumise (France Unbowed) which has attracted widespread support among the traditional hard-left including the French Communist Party He declined to endorse either Le Pen or Macron after coming in fourth with 196% of the total count in the first round of voting The populist left-winger has proposed a $106 billion tax-and-spend economic programme and wants to replace the presidential system with a parliamentary system He also plans to pull France out of NATO has supported Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and Syria and would renegotiate the terms or leave the EU another threat to the bloc To attract younger voters he launched his campaign as a hologram in a Paris rally while addressing an audience in Lyon 310 miles away His recent climb in the polls has been attributed to his fiery speeches and strong performances in two televised debates especially when he clashed with Le Pen “Leave us in peace with religion” he told her on April 4 “We’re no obliged to suffer your caprices your little finds your way of imposing on us your way of life that is not ours” Benot Hamon The Socialist Party candidate was not favored to win the primaries but defeated his former boss Manuel Valls to become the party’s candidate with Hollande declining to run He gained only 64% of Sunday’s ballots which is one of the worst scores the party has had since its founding more than 50 years ago and has endorsed Macron He was education secretary in Hollande’s cabinet but resigned in 2014 over the government’s shift to a more centrist economic stance His policies include a universal basic income of $795 for all citizens a reduction in the 35-hour working week and a tax on industrial robots But his left-leaning policies have failed to win over many of his fellow Socialists some of whom have defected to Macron He attempted to build an alliance with Mélenchon but the plan collapsed along with his realistic hopes of making the second round Bloomberg reports The other contenders include: Bordeaux mechanic Philippe Poutou from the New Anti-Capitalist Party who became a folk hero for cutting into Le Pen and Fillon for their respective corruption scandals during the April 4 televised debate He gained 11% of the first round vote and abstained from endorsing Macon on Sunday He says the centrist will not be an effective “bulwark” against the National Front Nationalist Francois Asselineau from the Popular Republic Union party wants an immediate ‘Frexit’ from the EU if elected a plan Le Pen describes as “brutal” He won 09% of the vote and refused to endorse either candidate High-school teacher Nathalie Arthaud of the Workers’ Struggle party According to her website the far-left politician wants to increase to salaries and pensions ban companies from making redundancies and for the “means of productions” like factories and banks to be put in the “hands of society” After winning 06% in Sunday’s poll she declined to endorse Macron On Twitter Arthaud said she will cast a blank vote due to her dissatisfaction with either candidate Pour ma part je voterai #blanc en rejetant le #FN mais sans croire que Macron est un barrage Je crois dans l’expression des luttes Nathalie Arthaud (@n_arthaud) April 23 2017 The independent candidate Jean Lassalle has been a lawmaker since 2002 and wants to return power to local mayors He once walked across France for nine months and in 2006 went on hunger strike for 39-days in a bid to stop Japanese firm Toyal from closing a factory in his constituency He gained 12% of the vote and has yet to say who he plans on endorsing Solidarity and Progress party’s Jacques Cheminade is a former civil servant who wants to abandon the EU and NATO and is known for his conspiracy theories He came in last with 02% and told Franceinfo ahead of Sunday’s vote that he will “certainly not” vote for Le Pen is considering Macron but will probably “vote white” The right-wing Eurosceptic Nicolas Dupont-Aignan from Stand Up France party wants to leave NATO create a higher ethical standards for politicians end sanctions with Russia and create a Marshall Plan for Africa He came in fifth with 47% of the ballot and has yet to endorse a candidate The issues Employment The French unemployment rate (around 10%) is higher than the Eurozone average of 95% and more than double the rates in neighboring UK and Germany Youth unemployment is even higher (at around 25%) due in part to the country’s rigid labor market and a tax system that makes it expensive for employers to hire or fire full-time employees The lack of economic prospects is a decisive factor in this race and it has led some young people to flock to Le Pen According to a March IFOP poll the National Front is the most popular among those in the 18-24 age bracket Economy France’s sluggish economy has been the source of much gloom for the locals Entrepreneurs and an estimated 60000 millionaires have left the country due to heavy regulation and high taxes According to the Economist former President Jacques Chirac’s attempted overhaul of pensions and social security in the ’90s was the last massive attempt at reform but it collapsed under a wave of protests Le Pen’s solution is to throw more barriers up and increase social welfare Fillon laid out an austerity plan while Marcon wants fiscal restraint and deregulation It’s unclear if any of them would have the parliamentary support to carry out significant reforms if elected Security This has been a hot-button topic since a wave of terror attacks by Islamic extremists killed more than 350 people in 2015 prompting Hollande to put France in an extended state of emergency As of May 2015 around 1800 French nationals joined ISIS and other militant groups in Syria and Iraq according to the Soufan Group Legitimate fears that the radicalized will launch further atrocities has caused deep cultural rifts in France and the the public’s attention has now shifted to issues surrounding national identity Islamic extremism and immigration Immigration France is also home to one of the largest Muslim minorities in Europe many who live in the poorest suburbs of the country’s biggest cities There has been a growing unease towards the country’s minority groups since the spate of attacks which Le Pen has exploited for political gain Europe’s refugee crisis exacerbated by asylum seekers fleeing wars in the Middle East and Africa has led to France receiving more than 85000 asylum applications in 2016 The conservative backlash to the latest events April 2016 poll by Le Figaro found that 47% of French citizens felt the Muslim community poses a ‘threat’ to their national identity The controversies Personal and financial scandals are rampant in French political life especially around election season: In 2012 a sex-scandal destroyed former IMF chief Dominique Strauss Kahn’s presidential ambitions and Sarkozy’s 2007 divorce a few months after his election was widely covered in the French press The only difference in this year’s race is the sheer breadth of disputes driven by an angry French electorate tired with its political class: ‘Penelope-gate’ Conservative candidate François Fillon has seen his approval ratings fall after he was put under investigation and later criminally charged over allegations that he and his British-born wife Penelope embezzled some $720000 in state funds by setting up fake parliamentary assistant jobs The ballooning ‘Penelope-gate’ scandal which was first revealed in the Canard Enchané newspaper shattered the former Prime Minister’s “Mr Clean” image He has been further tarnished by reports that a political fixer bought him two expensive suits costing more than $13000 Fillon has remained defiant in the face of calls to withdraw from the race blaming his “political assassination” on the media and his opponents He also had to apologise in March for tweeting a caricature of his rival Macron with a hooked-nose wearing a top hat and carrying a red sickle to cut a cigar Fillon admitted that it evoked anti-Semitism Macron is not Jewish but the cartoon seemed to refer to his past job as a Rothschild banker Le Pen’s legal troubles Le Pen who is a member of European Parliament faces her own investigation over false employment Brussels’ investigators allege that Le Pen misused EU funds to pay her bodyguard around $45000 and her France-based assistants nearly $400000 which should have only been spent on EU parliamentary assistants There is also separate inquiries into her use of violent ISIS images during a Twitter spat against a journalist who compared her party to the terrorist group EU lawmakers voted to remove her parliamentary immunity in March so that French prosecutors could take legal action against herLe Pen denies all allegations and the accusations seem to have done little to dent her popularity But allegations of bigotry still dog the National Front In March one of the party’s counsellors was suspended after her was caught on a secret camera playing down the systemic murder of Jews during the Holocaust CNN reports Le Pen was also criticized by Israel and French politicians in April after she denied that the French state was responsible for rounding up Jews for deportation to Nazi death camps during World War II Macron’s blunder The front-runner had to apologise for calling France’s history in Algeria a “crime against humanity” in Feb After a wave of criticism from right-wing opponents Macron told a rally that he was “sorry to have offended you to have hurt you” France 24 reports Algerians lived under French colonial rule for more than 100 years and its bloody war for independence is thought to have killed around 15 million Algerians That month Macron also had to bat away a sleazy allegation of an extramarital gay affair with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet “If you’re told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet it’s because my hologram has escaped” Macron told supporters a joke at Melenchon’s expense The centrist candidate married his former high-school teacher Brigitte Trogneux in 2007 The polls The first-round vote has been regarded as a huge win for French pollsters who correctly picked the top-two candidates and got the order of the finish for the five main candidates right The Hill says this might be down to France’s polling method where pollsters do not rely on phone interviews The 39-year-old Macron is now the projected winner in the polls An Elabe poll says 64% of voters will go for Macron on May 7 (with Le Pen 28 points behind him) while an Ifop Fiducial projection has given him 60% of the share Historically the winner of the first round has won six of the nine elections since 1965 But the simple two-man horse race has been further clouded by the high number of undecided voters and abstentions around 10 million did not vote in Sunday’s poll This could be made worse by far-left Mélenchon’s refusal to support Macron The National Front is keen to attract his anti-globalization hard left voters the FT reports National Assembly elections The battle does not end if Macron of Le Pen become president In June French voters will elect members to France’s powerful lower house of parliament the National Assembly This election is interesting because whoever the president picks as prime minister tends to come for the party that controls the chamber Neither Macron or Le Pen are expected to get such a majority seeing as the National Front has historically struggled to gain deputies in the 577-National Assembly and the young On The Move movement has no experience fielding candidates They are up against the established parties who are weaker but have well-oiled networks throughout the country What this means is there will likely be a power sharing agreement between the president and prime minister in what is known as cohabitation This was a painful feature of French political life in the 1980s and 1990s where the president was effectively reduced to a figurehead All this suggests that this topsy-turvy race might have a few more surprises up its sleeve Contact us at editors@timecomOne of the terrorists responsible for last month’s attacks in Brussels that killed 32 people worked two stints as a cleaner in the European Union’s Parliament before perpetrating the attacks The attacker worked for a cleaning company contracted to clean Parliament for one month during the summers of 2009 and 2010 the EU Parliament said in a statement The spokesperson did not identify which of three attackers had worked there The revelation could provide ammunition to critics who say that Belgian authorities have failed to root out terrorists in their front yard But the Parliament spokesperson said that the attacker did not have a criminal record at the time of his employment as a cleaner according to a BBC report Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has acknowledged security shortcomings in the country and has vowed to continue to try root out terrorists “When there is an attack like that of course that’s a failure and nobody can deny this” he said according to the AFP But “I cannot accept the idea that we’re a failed state” Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomBernie Sanders is losing the primary battle but he’s still waging a war for the soul of the Democratic Party Now all-but eliminated from winning the Democratic nomination the Vermont Senator and his advisers are drawing up plans for a fight over the party’s platform and rules at the July convention hoping to inscribe his ideas into the party’s DNA That could mean putting into the text ideas that Clinton and her allies have resisted such as raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour or changing the primary rules to eliminate superdelegates Sanders allies say His advisers are considering tactics that would take advantage of the partys arcane rules to push proposals through the party-controlled committees perhaps as far the convention floor The looming fight at the convention has become a key motive for Sanders to continue contesting major primary states “If we don’t win we intend to win every delegates we can” he said at a rally on Wednesday “so that when we go to Philadelphia we will have the votes to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any party has ever seen” But Sanders will face some of the same challenges in his platform fight that he faced in his campaign with much of the agenda on the convention floor controlled by Clinton and her allies within the party He has lost a string of devastating losses in Pennsylvania Maryland New York and other delegate-rich states in recent days which means he will have fewer supporters compared with Clinton in the convention halls Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz the chair of the Democratic National Committee has already appointed the leaders of the three committees Sanders hopes to influence Co-chairing the Rules Committee is former Rep Barney Frank a vocal Clinton ally who has repeatedly criticized Sanders for having few accomplishments in Congress A co-chair for the Platform Committee is Connecticut Gov Dan Malloy a close Clinton ally who has harshly targeted Sanders gun control stance Moreover it is unclear Clinton herself is willing to compromise with Sanders if he does make stringent demands "I am winning And I’m winning because of what I stand for and what I’ve done and what I stand for" Clinton said on Monday indicating her resistance to shifting her platform Clinton added that in the 2008 elections she supported then-Sen Barack Obama without preconditions despite being closer in popular vote to him than Sanders is to her today "We got to the end in June and I did not put down conditions I didn’t say You know what if Senator Obama does x y and z maybe I’ll support him" she said Sanders and his advisers have not yet settled on issues they wish to advance at the convention On Monday Sanders said that Clinton would need to adopt single-payer healthcare and a more comprehensive climate change plan if she wants to win over his supporters His allies are adamant that he get a strong hearing at the convention and say on the platform which could lead to a contentious fight in Philadelphia “This resurgence of the progressive wing of the party has been a good thing and it demands its day in the sun at the convention” said Rep Raúl Grijalva a Sanders backer in an interview “The platform has to be more reflective of the issues [Sanders] has put up front” The rules to the convention are complex and Sanders and his advisors who spoke on the condition of anonymity have not settled on the best method to help set the partys platform But even if Sanders enters the convention with between 1500 and 1900 delegateswell under the number of delegates he would need to win the nominationhe will have a strong base of grassroots organizers committed to his ideas "These are people that very much believe in Bernie Sanders’ agenda Theyre going to care about this a lot" a Sanders aide said "I dont think the DNC or the Clinton campaign have wrapped their mind around that" Though the leadership of the partys three key committees generally favors Clinton Sanders could have significant leverage over the convention Each party committee has 187 members Twenty-five are appointed by the DNC chair and the other 162 are apportioned according to each candidates support in state primaries and caucuses If Sanders wins 40% of the total delegates in all primaries he will have roughly the same representation among the 162 members on the committees who are not appointed by the DNC chair Those delegates will largely be hand-picked Sanders loyalists According to party rules Sanders only needs support from 20% of each committee to propose amendments that could make it to the floor of the open conventionwhich could in turn spur a contentious public fight in primetime If Sanders backers in the platform committee push for a $15 minimum wage for example and Clintons supporters oppose it the Sanders camp could issue a "minority report" with 25% support and bring the debate to the convention floor That would force Clinton supporters to decide whether to vote against a measure popular with the Democratic base One change the Sanders campaign has long eyed is making the Democratic primaries open to voting by independents "One of the things that we will be fighting for on the platform whether hes the candidate or not is electoral reform" said Jane Sanders Bernies wife in an interview with CNN this week "The process needs to change We need an open electoral system same-day registration and open primaries" Still Clintons broad support in the party is in institutional hurdle against any attempt by Sanders to control the proceedings The 25 most-senior members on each committee have already been chosen by Wasserman Schultz On the Platform Committee for example at least 16 of the 25 members appointed by the party are known Clinton allies Much of the partys infrastructure is made up of stalwarts who came up during President Bill Clintons tenure and have longstanding connections with the family Others endorsed Clinton early in the race “Because the Party’s platform is a statement of our values the DNC is committed to an open inclusive and representative process” said Luis Miranda communications director at the Democratic National Committee “[J]ust as we did in 2008 and 2012 the public will have opportunities to participate” Sanders campaign has not decided how it will approach the convention It may heed a call to party unity and ensure any negotiations are careful and contained within the committees Or it may take a more ambitious approach In the divisive 1980 Democratic convention losing candidate and then-Senator Ted Kennedy battled with President Jimmy Carter over major platform points bringing amendments to the convention floor in a show of defiance Kennedy was able to help push the Equal Rights Amendment into the partys platform At the end of the convention Carter was ungracefully forced to follow his rival around the stage to seek a reconciliatory victory gesture Recent Democratic conventions have been tamer affairs Clinton in 2008 conceded the nomination to Obama and did not seek an open fight on ideological issues letting the nominee set the agenda Sanders has already defined much of the conversation in this race Clinton has moved toward Sanders position against the Keystone Pipeline and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and borrowed much of his rhetoric on income inequality and other issues Clinton campaign aides are hopeful that the party will come together in July despite Sanders language Jane Sanders said on Tuesday that the campaign "will not play the role of spoiler" and Sanders himself has said he will do everything he can to prevent a Republican from being elected "In the end we have every confidence that our party will be able to come together" Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon said "At this point in time when the primary is still eight weeks left to be contested I think theres still plenty of time for Sen Sanders to make a decision as to how he would conduct himself and what he would ask his supporters come this summer" Contact us at editors@timecomSyrians fleeing war are driven to board precarious boats to cross the Mediterranean They crowd onto trains and climb mountains They risk detention deportation and drowning There is growing evidence that the people dying to reach the shores of Europe are fleeing not only war in Syria but oppression in other Middle Eastern states As pressure rises for European leaders to resolve the refugee crisis critics are also asking why Middle Eastern governments have not done more to help the four million Syrians who represent one of the largest mass movement of refugees since World War Two Much ire has focused on the relatively wealthy states along the Persian Gulf According to a report by Amnesty International the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council offered zero formal resettlement slots to Syrians by the end of 2014 Read about changes to Timecom Rights groups point out that those countries Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with wealth amassed from oil gas and finance collectively have far more resources than the two Arab states that have taken in the most Syrians: Jordan and Lebanon The Gulf states are Arabic-speaking have historic ties to Syria and some are embroiled in the current crisis through their support for insurgent groups "The missing linkage in this tragic drama is the role of Arab countries specifically the Gulf countries" says Fadi al-Qadi a regional human rights expert in Jordan "These states have invested money supported political parties and factions funded with guns weapons et cetera and engaged in a larger political discourse around the crisis" Supporters of Gulf governments contend that such criticism is unwarranted The Gulf states have donated tens of millions of dollars to help Syrian refugees in places like Jordan Saudi Arabia claims it has admitted half a million Syrians since 2011 Syrians are welcome to come the argument goes even if they are not legally registered as refugees Photographers Aim to Put a Face on Europe’s Migrant Crisis Refugees from Libya rest in Ras Ajdir a coastal town on the border between Libya and Tunisia in March 2011 Davide Monteleone—VII Refugees run to reach their transport to continue their journey in Libya near the border with Egypt May 18 2014 Giulio Piscitelli—Contrasto/Redux Migrants get ready to board the boat to reach Italy from the coast of Zarzis Tunisia March 13 2011 Davide Monteleone—VII A row of corpses line Al-Baida Beach in Bir Ali Yemen May 2 2007 A total of 34 bodies were found Just one week after an almost identical tragedy saw 30 dead on a nearby beach Somali smugglers continued to drop their human cargo out at sea rather than coming close to shore and risking detection Alixandra Fazzina—NOOR A group of men look out to the city of Melilla Spain from a garbage dump in Morocco in Nov 2004 It is a short distance from North Africa to mainland Spain Olivier Jobard—MYOP A smuggler’s boat bringing illegal immigrants from North Africa to the Canary Islands capsized near the coast in Nov 2004 Few could swim and two men drowned Olivier Jobard—MYOP After a shipwreck off the coast of Morocco in Nov 2004 only four of 34 men still had their shoes The others lost everything including their clothes and had to make sandals out of makeshift items such as plastic bottles Olivier Joabrd—MYOP Italian navy rescues asylum seekers traveling by boat off the coast of Africa on the Mediterranean June 7 2014 Massimo Sestini—Polaris Two Afghan boys throw stones into the sea while waiting for the evening to arrive when they can sneak into the port and board a ship bound for Italy illegally in Patras Italy March 8 2012 Patras is one of the main escape points from Greece due to the numerous cargo ships that dock in the port and are bound for Italy Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation Mohamed from Morocco and his friends hide behind the rocks at the port waiting for the right moment to illegally board a ship to Italy from Corinth Greece Feb 21 2012 In Greece more than 995 percent of requests for political asylum are rejected so these young people are forced to hide from the authorities Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation Sub-Saharan migrants scale a metallic fence that divides Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla May 28 2014 Santi Palacios—AP Roughly 250 refugees from Egypt and Syria among other countries are checked by Doctors Without Borders as they disembark from an Italian ship after being intercepted and rescued at sea en route to Italy from Egypt to the port in Pozzallo Sicily Italy in Sept 2014 Lynsey Addario—Getty Images Reportage A family of Syrian refugees holds its identification Nearly 300 Syrians landed in the port of Catania Dec 6 2014 Alessio Mamo—Redux Afghan refugees Kabir and Zaher sit by a fire in Subotica Serbia Nov 10 2012 Zaher who lost his left leg below the knees made it to Serbia on crutches Zaher says he is 16 and Kabir 15 The two were traveling together from Greece The men lived outdoors in Subotica waiting for smugglers to give the green light to continue their journey Daniel Etter—Redux Refugees from Syria inside the Harmanli camp in Bulgaria Nov 19 2013 The biggest of Bulgaria’s “emergency centers” for refugees is in the town of Harmanli about 18 miles (30 km) away from the Turkish border where around 1000 asylum-seekers are being detained on a former military base Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation A young girl from Syria cooks inside the Harmanli camp in Bulgaria Nov 19 2013 People living in tents have no access to sanitation facilities Although there are four toilets in a building at the entrance of the center they are frequently blocked and hardly adequate for hundreds of people The tents are not heated and the residents sleep either on thin mattresses or on old foldable beds Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation Nezarisa Sakhi a 31-year-old Iraqi in Banya refugee center in Bulgaria on May 16 2014 Sakhi was attacked on the evening of Sept 16 2013 by nine Bulgarians one of whom Nezarisa says had a knife He was beaten and pushed off a bridge breaking his leg Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation Nawras Soukhta a 15-year-old from Damascus sits in the train traveling from Stockholm to Malm.

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