Egypt, Indonesia report human H5N1 cases

first_imgMar 12, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The accumulation of human cases of H5N1 avian influenza continued with the reporting of one case each in Egypt and Indonesia in the past 2 days.Officials in Egypt said a 4-year-old boy from the Nile delta town of Daqahliya tested positive yesterday, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report published yesterday. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the case in a notice today.The boy, who fell ill Mar 7 and was hospitalized the next day, was in stable condition, the WHO said. A health ministry official said the boy caught the virus from birds raised by his family, according to AFP.Egypt has had 24 confirmed H5N1 cases, 13 of them fatal, according to the WHO. Those include six cases with three deaths so far this year; the rest were in 2006.In Indonesia, officials reported today that a 20-year-old woman from East Java was in critical condition in a hospital, according to a Reuters report. Joko Suyono, a data analyst at the national avian flu center in Jakarta, said the woman had cleaned an area where a neighbor had dumped dead chickens, the story said.By the WHO’s count, Indonesia has had 81 human cases of H5N1 illness, with 63 deaths. The WHO has not yet recognized the young woman’s case or four previous cases reported by Indonesian officials since Jan 29, when the agency confirmed a fatal H5N1 infection in a 6-year-old girl from Central Java province. Those four cases involved a 15-year-old girl and a 30-year-old man, reported Feb 6, plus a 22-year-old woman and a 9-year-old boy, reported Feb 12. Both of the latter patients died of the illness.With the new case in Egypt, the WHO’s global tally of human cases reported since H5N1 began spreading widely in late 2003 reached 278 cases with 168 deaths.In other developments, South Korea reported killing more than 35,000 ducks on farms to control an H5N1 outbreak reported last week, according to an AFP report published yesterday.The disease erupted on a breeding farm in Cheonan, 56 miles south of Seoul, the story said. A city official said culling was done on that farm and four neighboring farms.See also:Jan 29 WHO statement read more

According to the CNTB, we realized 102 million overnight stays last year, and according to the CBS, 86 million overnight stays, which data is correct? Both answers are “correct”

first_imgIn January this year, the Croatian Tourist Board (CNTB) presented historical tourist results, which according to the data eVisitor system, from January to the end of December 2017, there were 18,5 million arrivals (+13 percent) and 102 million overnight stays (+12 percent). But a month later, in mid-February, Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced that according to their data, in 2017 there were 17,4 million arrivals and 86,2 million overnight stays.The results of the CBS logically caused confusion among the profession at the beginning, because the data differ significantly, so various speculations and different interpretations started. But in order to have your own opinion, you should always first be well informed and look for answers and explanations, and only then can we draw constructive conclusions, with all the relevant information. So in this case.The answer to the title question is that both data are “correct”, and the big difference in the data is the result of a different approach to counting between the CBS and the CNTB. As they point out in the CNTB, their data are based on the eVisitor system, which contains tourist traffic generated in commercial i non-commercial objects and nautical charter (eCrew system), while the CBS used the data only in commercial accommodation facilities.”The statement of the CBS clearly states that these are the results achieved in commercial accommodation facilities in Croatia. In this context, the number of 86.200.261 overnight stays was published, as well as 17.430.580 arrivals (foreign and domestic tourist traffic in total) realized in this segment. The difference in numbers is a consequence of the communication of results achieved only in commercial accommodation facilities by the CBS, ie in the fact that the CNTB communicates the results achieved in commercial and non-commercial facilities and nautical charter.. “Point out from the CNTB and add that they regularly publish detailed reports on the topic of tourist traffic on their websites from month to month.Page 17. / Data for January – December 2017 Also, there are some small deviations in commercial traffic according to the records of the CBS and the eVisitor system, which are visible in the table below. As pointed out by the CNTB, this difference is the result of the fact that the CBS in statistical processing uses procedures that potentially result in statistical elimination of a certain volume of tourist traffic that does not have the characteristics of tourism in accordance with the definition of tourism. which is subject to registration and (eventual) payment of sojourn tax in accordance with the applicable legal framework. ” Since 2017, the CBS has also taken data on tourist traffic (number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays) and accommodation capacities from the administrative source of the eVisitor system and further processes them statistically. During the above statistical processing, there are some minor corrections in relation to eVisitor data, which the CNTB publishes in its original form, with the state of tourist traffic on the day of generating data for publication, and given the dynamic nature of the system, due to subsequent tourist traffic entries and occurrence of a business event – arrival / departure of tourists, minor deviations / corrections are possible based on the time lag between the occurrence and entry into the system by the person obliged to enter. ” conclude from the CNTB.So, as can be seen from the first table, these are the same data, the only difference is that the CNTB uses data from all segments in statistical processing, while the CBS uses data only from commercial accommodation facilities.Otherwise, every month it is possible to see the tourist indicators that are published on the CNTB website, under the category: Market flow information. On the contrary, in order to know where we are and in which direction we are going, we must monitor the real situation, which is why the eVisitor system serves, because only in this way can we strategically and systematically develop and grow.Side dish: INFORMATION ON THE COURSE OF THE SEASON nights86.200.26186.784.5140,68 Arrivals17.430.58017.505.2100,43 CBSHTZdifference in%last_img read more

Study calls for urgent action on cutting emissions from existing ships

first_imgThe study believes slow steaming and operational measures are well suited to bringing committed emissions down in the container ship type, reducing their committed emissions by 27% in this analysis. This is further reinforced by evidence that container ships on average travel at faster speeds than other ship types meaning there is potentially great scope to reduce container emissions via this parameter. Delays to appropriately stringent policy implementation would mean additional measures, such as premature scrappage or curbing the growth in shipping tonne-km, become necessary to meet the Paris climate goals. For ships and ship types with shorter remaining life, the successful uptake of emissions reduction measures requires action from policy-makers, such as regulating on speed, retro-fitting to improve efficiency or market-based mechanisms that impact on fuel price. Hence, it would be crucial for policymakers to incentivise initiatives like early scrappage in order to avoid inefficient ships being sold to other geographical areas and making sure they are removed from the market. Without action, existing ships are expected to emit well over 100% of a Paris-compatible carbon budget, the study said.  The average age of a ship scrapped in 2018 was 28 years, Clarksons’ World Shipyard Monitor, and as such many ships trading today are likely to be sailing the seas in 2030 as well, making it much harder to achieve reduction targets than other modes of transport with a more rapid turn-over of assets. No time to waste Interventions per ship type The Paris Agreement sets out a global framework to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.  It was signed by 195 nations in December 2015, who have pledged to try and keep the global warming going over 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. “Unlike in aviation, there are many different ways to decarbonise the shipping sector, but there must be much greater attention paid to retrofitting the existing fleet, before it’s too late to deliver on the net-zero target,” Climate Change Lecturer at The University of Manchester, Dr John Broderick said. Container ships have the highest baseline committed emissions, at 29% of the total. The EU MRV data show that even though new container ships are among the most energy efficient vessels (in gCO2/t nm), the fact that they are so large, so new and so long-lived means they have a disproportionately large impact on total committed emissions. Paradoxically perhaps, this suggests a mitigation policy focus on the ships that are already some of the most efficient. The research highlights the multiple ways that ships can cut their committed emissions, such as travelling at slower speeds, fitting new renewable technologies such as Flettner rotors, connecting to grid electricity while in port, and retrofitting other energy-saving measures. center_img Scientists say time is of the essence; if implemented quickly and at scale, the shipping sector could still fairly contribute to the Paris climate agreement goals, but if not, other sectors will need to cut their emissions deeper and faster to compensate.  This study analysed new CO2, ship age and scrappage datasets covering the 11,000 ships included in the European Union’s new emissions monitoring scheme (EU MRV), to deliver original insights on the speed at which new and existing shipping infrastructure must be decarbonised. There is also the potential for committed emissions from existing ships to swallow a high percentage of any carbon budget ascribed to the shipping sector. Analysis of emissions data by ship type can aid policymakers by enabling a focus on areas with greatest potential. The study shows that if mitigation measures are applied comprehensively through strong and rapid policy implementation in the 2020s, and if zero-carbon ships are deployed rapidly from 2030, it is still possible for the ships in the EU MRV system to stay within 1.5 °C carbon budgets. Some types of ships are very long-lived, notably cruise, passenger and ro pax vessels. Slow steaming may be harder in these cases, which means that retrofit and operational efficiency measures are likely to bring the largest gains. Urgent action is needed to target emissions from the existing ships in order to deliver on what is dictated by the global Paris Agreement, according to a University of Manchester study published today in the new journal BMC Energy. The sector also has to up its game if it is to deliver on the IMO 2050 targets of an at least 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and at least 40 per cent reduction of the average carbon intensity, or CO2 per tonne-mile, by 2030 versus 2008 levels. The study urges for greater attention to be put on retrofitting existing ships with green solutions instead of relying on the net-zero ships of the future, especially having in mind the life-span of ships.last_img read more

St Lucia priest pulled from ministry after homosexual relationship

first_imgFaithLifestyleNewsRegional St Lucia priest pulled from ministry after homosexual relationship by: – July 7, 2014 Share Sharing is caring! Archbbishop RivasCASTRIES, St Lucia (CMC) – The Roman Catholic Church Monday confirmed that a priest had been withdrawn from the ministry “with immediate effect’ after he had a relationship with a male parishioner.“It was clear that the Priest crossed his boundaries and acted inappropriately,” said Archbishop Robert Rivas adding that the Church had considered the matter to be serious.In a statement, in which the priest was not identified, Archbishop Rivas said the priest had also been sent on administrative leave during which time he will receive “spiritual and counselling support.“This is an ongoing process so whenever a situation develops, once it’s brought to the attention of the authorities the matter will be properly investigated and once it is proved that something is wrong, that there has been bad behaviour or an injustice, we have to ensure that it is corrected,” Archbishop Robert Rivas said, recalling the position adopted by the Catholic Church in the wake of allegations against priests over the past two decades.He said that the Roman Catholic Church would not cover up for indiscretions by priests in the future.“We have to be open and transparent,” Rivas declared, noting that the incident involving the priest was “a fairly recent matter.”The Archbishop also disclosed that church protocol dictates that the victim always has to be considered, and said the church had offered counselling to the adult male involved, which the church hoped he would accept.Archbishop Rivas said counselling would also be made available to parishioners, who have designated Saturday a day of prayer, and will participate in a “mass of healing” on Friday.Caribbean Media Corporation Sharecenter_img 102 Views   no discussions Share Tweetlast_img read more

US ban vs De Lima jailers not fake news – Palace

first_imgDe Lima, however, explained thecontroversial provision is in the explanatory report, which is supposedlyincluded in the final explanatory statement that forms part of theappropriations bill. Pro-administration blogger RJ Nietoearlier dismissed the ban as fake news because the words, “De Lima,”“wrongful,” and “imprisonment,” were nowhere to be found in the spending billsigned by US President Donald Trump. Presidential Spokesperson SalvadorPanelo said in a radio interview the existence of the provision was validatedby Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel “Babe” Romualdez. MANILA – There was indeed a provision inthe United States’ 2020 national budget banning the entry of Philippineofficials who were involved in the detention of Sen. Leila De Lima. “When I was talking to (PhilippineAmbassador to US) Babes Romualdez, sabiniya, tsinek daw nila ‘yung batas,meron nga daw. Totoo ‘yung ban,” Panelo said Sunday. De Lima has been detained since February2017 at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame, QuezonCity over allegations that she let the illegal drug trade to proliferate insidethe New Bilibid Prison. She has repeatedly denied the charges./PNcenter_img De Lima added that the operations of theUS Federal Government are “very broad and complex” and that preparing for itsbudget “will be more complicated” than what is done in the Philippines. “Interpreting US appropriations Lawrequires more due diligence than just looking at one document and, thereafter,promptly concluding that it does not contain the provision banning my persecutorsfrom entry into the US,” De Lima said. US Democrat Senators Dick Durbin andPatrick Leahy were behind the inclusion of the provision on banning De Lima’sjailers in the US government’s spending package. US President Donald Trump has signedinto law the 2020 national budget, which includes the Department of State,Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Bill 2020 where a clausebanning Philippine officials who detained De Lima is included.last_img read more

South Dearborn students elected to District FCCLA offices

first_imgleft to right: Torrey Hibbard, South Dearborn HS, State Vice President of STAR Events, Luke Jones, South Decatur HS, State Vice President of Development, Kortney Wright, South Dearborn HS, District Vice President of Membership, Stacey Armah, South Dearborn HS, District Secretary, Alyssa Thomas, East Central HS, Katelynn Osman, East Central HS, State President, Maria Deddens, East Central HS, District President, Camryn Randolph, East Central HS, Hayley Lewis, East Central HS, State Vice President of National Programs, Natalie Douthit, East Central HS, State Vice President of Community ServiceAurora, In. — After a great school year with FCCLA coming back at South Dearborn, more students are stepping up to the plate and have been elected as Indiana FCCLA District 12 Officers for the 2019-2020 School Year.Stacey Armah (Junior) has been elected to serve as Indiana FCCLA District 12 Secretary, Kortney Wright (Junior) has been elected to serve as Indiana FCCLA District 12 Vice President of Membership and Brooke Smith (Junior) has been elected to serve as Indiana FCCLA District 12 Vice President of Public Relations.“I can not express enough how proud I am of these students. In less than one year at South Dearborn since I arrived here as the new FCCLA Adviser, I have had a core group of students that joined FCCLA step up to the plate and help to lead our chapter in this organization forward at speeds I would have never imagined in my first year.”In addition, Torrey Hibbard (Sophomore) continues in her role as Indiana FCCLA State Vice President of STAR Events. Armah has also been elected to serve at the South Dearborn High School FCCLA Chapter President for the 2019-2020 Year, Wright has been elected to serve at the South Dearborn High School FCCLA Chapter Vice President for the 2019-2020 Year, and Smith has been elected to serve as the South Dearborn High School FCCLA Chapter Secretary for the 2019-2020 Year.As we look ahead to the summer, these students are preparing to attend the Indiana FCCLA Summer Leadership Camp at Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana June 11-13th, 2019. At the Summer Leadership Camp, students will participate in team challenges, take part in Family and Consumer Science Concurrent Workshops as well as leadership training and be able to work with their other chapter and district members in planning their Program of Work for the next school year. “These students will get hands on leadership training experience at the Summer Leadership Camp which will help them as we head into a new school year, and work on recruiting new members into our FCCLA Chapter”, Schuerman says.Family, Career and Community Leaders of America These students were elected at the Indiana FCCLA District 12 Spring Meeting which was held on May 9th, 2019 at South Decatur High School in Greensburg, Indiana. While at the district meeting, students participated in leadership training as well as took part in membership building activities and other projects that can be done in their schools. The keynote speaker for the evening was Bryan Schuerman, M.Ed., Chapter Adviser at South Dearborn High School. Mr. Schuerman talked about how he “Launched into Leadership” with FCCLA and how FCCLA prepared him for college and both his careers as a television meteorologist in addition to becoming a teacher. Schuerman, a freelance meteorologist for WKRC Local 12 News in Cincinnati, Ohio has spent the last 10 years as a meteorologist in addition to spending 3 years teaching in West Virginia before moving back home to Southeastern Indiana and teaching now at South Dearborn. A graduate of East Central High School Class of 2004, Schuerman has extensive experience in FCCLA as he served as 2003-2004 Indiana FCCLA State Vice President of Parliamentary Law.“I am extremely proud of what our FCCLA Chapter has done this year. Mr. Schuerman and his students have worked very hard to rebuild the chapter in his first year with us, and we look forward to him and his students vision for what FCCLA will be at South Dearborn in the years ahead”, says Dr. Jeff Bond, Principal at South Dearborn High School.In addition to the work being completed at South Dearborn High School, South Dearborn FCCLA has been awarded numerous grants to allow them to travel to Anaheim, California for the National Leadership Meeting. These grants through the South Dearborn Community School Foundation, Aurora Lions Club, Civista Bank Charitable Foundation and Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association, in addition to the fundraising the students have completed at school will be instrumental in these students attending the National Leadership Meeting in addition to preparing them for upcoming events next school year. South Dearborn High School FCCLA thanks all those who have donated grants to their organization and their support of their students.Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences Education.last_img read more

Phoenix snare Fulham striker on loan

first_imgWellington Phoenix have added some depth to their squad with Fulham striker Corey Gameiro joining the club on loan until the end of the season. Press Association The 20-year-old shot to prominence at the under-19 AFC championship, scoring all six of Australia’s goals at the tournament to help them qualify for the 2013 FIFA under-20 World Cup. He has never played a senior match for Fulham, but made eight appearances for Dutch club FC Eindhoven on a recent loan spell. center_img “It is important to establish relationships with clubs around the world and it is exciting that we are now forming one with an English Premier League side,” Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert said. “Having players coming this way is good for the future of the club.” Gameiro should be available to make his debut next week against the Brisbane Roar. last_img read more

Long Beach St. looks to sweep UC Irvine

first_imgLong Beach St. looks to sweep UC Irvine BIG MEN ON CAMPUS: UC Irvine’s Collin Welp has averaged 13.8 points and 6.2 rebounds while Eyassu Worku has put up 12.1 points. For the Beach, Chance Hunter has averaged 14.8 points and five rebounds while Michael Carter III has put up 12 points.DEFENSIVE IMPROVEMENTS: The Anteaters have allowed only 62.5 points per game across 11 conference games, an improvement from the 68.5 per game they allowed in non-conference play.CLUTCH CHANCE: Hunter has connected on 44.1 percent of the 118 3-pointers he’s attempted and has made 12 of 26 over his last five games. He’s also made 61.8 percent of his free throws this season.YET TO WIN: The Anteaters are 0-6 when they score 61 points or fewer and 17-4 when they exceed 61 points. The Beach are 0-16 when allowing 66 or more points and 9-1 on the season, otherwise.UNBEATEN WHEN: Long Beach State is a perfect 7-0 when it holds an opponent to 63 points or fewer. The Beach are 2-17 when opponents score more than 63.SECOND CHANCES: UC Irvine has posted an excellent offensive rebound percentage of 35.5 percent this year. That figure is the 15th-highest in the nation. The offensive rebound percentage for Long Beach State stands at just 25.7 percent (ranked 263rd). February 18, 2020 Associated Press center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditLong Beach State (9-17, 4-6) vs. UC Irvine (17-10, 9-2)Bren Events Center, Irvine, California; Wednesday, 10 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: Long Beach State goes for the season sweep over UC Irvine after winning the previous matchup in Long Beach. The teams last played each other on Jan. 22, when the Beach shot 46.2 percent from the field while holding UC Irvine’s shooters to just 33.8 percent en route to a seven-point victory. ___For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more

GCA fast-bowling programme to end with 3-day fast-bowling clinic

first_imgTHE Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) will culminate their Youth Fast-bowling clinic, with a 3-Day camp for U-19 players, from Friday, December 27 to Sunday 29 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.With the New Year just days away, the GCA will now ensure that the young crop of potential U-19 fast-bowlers enter 2020 with a bit of zest, following a few weeks of training.The concept was initiated a few months back when Guyana Jaguars head Physio/Strength and Condition coordinator Neil Barry Jr and his technical team from the University of Guyana’s Physio department, held daily classes for the young bowlers.Prior to his departure for the Regional Super50, Barry Jr managed to break out the speed gun as he held a few sessions at the Malteenoes Sports Club, which was well-attended.Continued emphasis will be placed on the important technical aspects of fast-bowling, which is geared towards bowling at faster speeds while sustaining the pace over a significant period.Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to engage in power training while being taught to maintain their speeds. In addition to persons who were in the programme from its inception in October, new fast bowlers between ages 14 and 19 are invited and they are advised to come in training kits with indoor sneakers.Daily refreshments will be provided and moderate prizes given on the last day for commendable efforts from the participants.last_img read more

Westhill girls basketball goes 3-0; Larrabee gets 1,000th point

first_img Tags: Bishop Luddengirls basketballJ-EskaneatelesSolvayWesthill With a five-game win streak, the Westhill girls basketball team drew enough notice so that it entered the state Class B rankings for the first time this winter in the no. 25 spot.Even more attention followed when senior forward Jenna Larrabee reached the 1,000-point mark during last Thursday’s 71-26 romp over the Mexico Tigers.What made Larrabee’s feat all the more impressive was that she battled two different types of pneumonia throughout December and January, yet has not missed a single game thanks to taking a trio of antibiotics.It was late in the third quarter against Mexico that Larrabee hit the basket that put her past 1,000 points, all part of a night where she scored 25 to go with 12 rebounds.Five Warriors hit double figures as Erica Gangemi put in 12 points, while Catherine Dadey, Mary Gibson and Jada Doss each got 10 points.All this took place two nights after Westhill handled Phoenix 63-28, Larrabee getting 26 points and 12 rebounds. Dadey poured in 15 points, with Gangemi earning 12 points and Tess Roesch picking up 11 points.Then, on Saturday at Onondaga Community College’s Allyn Hall, Westhill knocked off defending sectional Class C champion Cooperstown 58-51 to make it eight wins in a row.A 14-0 run in the third quarter proved the difference, the Warriors holding off the Hawkeyes’ late charge as Larrabee gained 19 points, Dadey was close behind with 16 points and Gangemi had 11 points.Skaneateles faced off with Jordan-Elbridge on Wednesday night and the Lakers kept the Eagles winless while improving its own post-season chances in a 63-32 decision.Bolting to a 26-8 lead through one period, Skaneateles added to that margin as Kate Aberi had 14 points, with Maddy Ramsgard getting 12 points and Maeve Canty earning 11 points. Tatumn Pas’cal contributed nine points.Kasey Jackson led J-E with 11 points as Mollie Yard got nine points, Ashlee Eaton and Kyler Langhorn finishing with six points apiece.Now, though, the Lakers had to go face Bishop Ludden on Friday night, and the Gaelic Knights, recovering from a loss to CBA earlier in the week, prevailed 55-40 over the Lakers.An opening 17-7 run sustained itself as Ludden saw Amarah Streiff pour in 23 points, helped by 11 points from Ke’iara Odume, nine points from Kaitlyn Kibling and seven points from Lauren Petrie. Canty paced the Lakers with 15 points.A day later, Ludden beat Indian River 60-48, helped mostly by a 23-9 second-quarter surge as, once again, Streiff set the pace, earning 21 points.Far more important, though, was the production around Streiff as Odume got 14 points, with Petrie and Kibling each contributing 11 points.On that same day, Solvay won 48-25 over Mexico to clinch a sectional playoff berth.Outscoring the Tigers 29-16 in the second half, the Bearcats had Tazz Pitts earn 16 points and six rebounds, while Ryleigh Bidwell got a triple-double of 10 points and 13 rebounds.In last Tuesday’s 61-41 loss to Homer, a 25-9 third-quarter push put the Trojans in charge, despite Pitts’ 20 points and 10 rebounds as Myah Platler had 12 rebounds.In Thursday’s 38-31 loss to Phoenix, Solvay was victimized by a 17-9 third-quarter push by the Firebirds. Pitts had 12 points and 10 rebounds, with Bidwell and Haley Muehl also earning 10 reboundsJ-E lost 62-26 to Bishop Grimes on Friday night, with Jackson and Smart each getting nine points for the Eagles.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story last_img read more