Group criticizes US screening of asylum seekers from Honduras

first_imgAmong the deportees Long interviewed in Honduras, soon after they were flown from Texas in U.S. immigration custody, were a man who had been shot and nearly killed by strangers in an apparent gang initiation rite, and a woman who had seen her mother murdered during a gang shootout outside a carwash and cafe.“I was selling candy and nuts at a shop, and I saw some men with guns. They started shooting at me for no reason. Only God saved my life,” recounted the man, identified only as “Marlon,” who was reached by cellphone this week in the city of San Pedro Sula. After six months in a hospital, he said, he went into hiding, then decided to flee the country after his brother -in-law, a tortilla seller, was shot dead for refusing to pay a monthly gang “war tax.”According to Human Rights Watch, “Marlon” was caught and detained twice at the U.S. border this year. He said he tried to tell officials what had happened to his family but was deported anyway. “The men told me, ‘I’m sorry, but we can’t do anything for you,’ ” the man recalled. He said he is now in hiding with various relatives. A security contractor hired by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Mesa, Arizona, prepares to handcuff Honduran immigration detainees before their deportation flight bound for San Pedro Sula, Honduras. ICE operates 4-5 flights per week from Mesa to Central America, deporting hundreds of undocumented immigrants detained in western states of the U.S. John Moore/Getty Images/AFPIn the second case, a young woman identified as “Alicia” said she went to meet her mother at a clothing shop when some armed “criminals” appeared, apparently looking for someone else. “They killed my mother right in front of me,” she said in a video that is part of the report. “I have been fleeing ever since because I know they are looking for me.”Soon after the murder, “Alicia” fled to the U.S. border. She said she told officials there about it but did not have any proof of the crime with her. She was deported in August. Last month, Long obtained her mother’s death certificate, a photo of her bloody corpse and local news articles about the shooting.Adults who try to enter the United States illegally are not given the same rights as children who arrive alone, who are given shelter and allowed to remain in the custody of relatives while awaiting immigration hearings. Most adults are kept in custody and processed for deportation unless they can make a convincing case that they would face harm or persecution if sent back.Critics of lenient immigration policy note that illegal immigrants frequently concoct false stories to gain admittance to the United States and assert that the vast majority should be deported. They say that both the explosion of gang violence in Central America and the surge of unaccompanied children welcomed at the border have given adult migrants extra impetus to make up tales of suffering and threats.But some experts on Central America say the plague of criminal violence has become so widespread, particularly in Honduras, that few communities are safe. Pro-immigrant groups complain that the Obama administration, under pressure from conservatives, has hiked its deportation figures by speeding up removals of adults who arrive at borders illegally or commit other crimes. A security contractor frisks a female immigration detainee from Honduras ahead of a deportation flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. John Moore/Getty Images/AFP© 2014, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Related posts:Mexico has key role in confronting surge of Central American migrants Central American child migrant crisis ‘one of the greatest tragedies,’ says Costa Rica’s Solís US nation-building efforts should be in Central America, not Iraq and Afghanistan Nearly three quarters of US citizens think their country should shelter (not rush to deport) unaccompanied minorscenter_img WASHINGTON, D. C. – Adults who flee gang violence in Honduras and reach the U.S. border illegally are being swiftly screened and deported back to dangerous conditions without adequate opportunity to explain why they fear being sent home, the advocacy group Human Rights Watch charged in areport released early Thursday.The report, based on interviews with Honduran migrants who were recently deported or are still in U.S. custody, called the system for assessing such asylum claims at the border “seriously flawed.”Read the report here. “In its frenzy to stem the tide of migrants from Central America, the U.S. is sending asylum seekers back to the threat of murder, rape and other violence,” said Clara Long, a researcher who authored the report. Long visited Honduras several times this fall and spoke with 25 people who had just been deported, as well as 10 who were still in U.S. immigration custody. A refrigerated unit at a morgue in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, contains five bodies, all the result of killings that took place before lunchtime on June 3, 2014. Photo by Sean Sutton/Panos Pictures for The Washington PostBeyond anecdotal reports, Human Rights Watch said it had obtained U.S. government records that showed that, during 2011 and 2012, “the vast majority of Hondurans, at least 80 percent,” were put on a fast track for deportation from the border, and less than 2 percent were allowed to speak to an asylum officer about their fears of returning home.The group said the 2 percent figure for Hondurans granted “fear interviews” was among the lowest for all nationalities. For illegal immigrants who arrived from China during the same period, 66 percent were given asylum interviews on arrival; the numbers for Nepal and Bangladesh were even higher. The worldwide average was 21 percent.Experts familiar with immigration procedures said migrants detained at the border are asked a series of questions about their motives for fleeing and personal circumstances.If they express fears of returning home, they may be referred to an asylum officer, who asks more detailed questions and decides whether they should be allowed to stay and apply for permanent protection. Spanish-language interpreters are available during those so-called “credible fear” interviews.Human Rights Watch acknowledged that people have “mixed motives” for fleeing Central America, including poverty and the hope of being reunited with relatives in the United States. But the report also said that many, especially Hondurans, were “acutely” afraid of gang violence and threats and that some of their stories, “if true, should qualify them for asylum.” A man lies dead June 4, 2014 in Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, after gunmen drove up and opened fire while he was reading a newspaper with his car door open. The man was shot 13 times at close range outside his workplace. The reason for the killing was unknown, but many businessmen have been slain for failing to pay fees extorted by the gangs. Photo by Sean Sutton/Panos Pictures for The Washington PostThe report said that all the deportees interviewed expressed fear of being returned, but that less than half had been referred to an asylum officer and almost all had been “summarily deported” under new or previous legal orders.Honduras has one of the world’s highest per capita murder rates, and it has become notorious as a hub of armed gangs that fight over drug trafficking, extort civilians for money and take violent reprisal if they fail to pay, and force their own members to commit violent assaults or be killed themselves.last_img read more

Outburst after town bans performance of gay play

first_imgState theatre organisation Thoc said on Wednesday it may take legal action against Sotira local authority for banning a performance of the play, Cock, because residents objected to its perceived gay content.Cock by Mike Bartlett tells the story of a man who after breaking up with his boyfriend falls in love with a woman and the efforts of his ex to win him back.It was scheduled to be staged at the Sotira municipal theatre for one show, but the town’s local government announced on Tuesday after an extraordinary meeting that they unanimously agreed that the show was to be cancelled “to preserve order and normality within the municipality and to avoid any unpleasant incidents”.Mayor of Sotira, Giorgos Takkas, seemed embarrassed on Wednesday as he awkwardly tried to explain the council’s decision.He said that even though he felt that reaction against the play were over the top, he did not want to risk strife within the local community.A publicity poster with the two male co-stars of the play kissing seemed to be the immediate cause for the town’s objections.“I spoke to several people, what bothered them was the poster,” Takkas told Sigma TV.He said that people who opposed the play had warned the municipality they would cause trouble.“We didn’t want to create strife within the municipality. Caution was necessary. As a mayor, I wouldn’t want to see people fighting each other over such an issue.”Takkas said he had made attempts to alleviate concerns. “Unfortunately, no side would budge, so, to avert scuffles, we decided that the show would not be staged.”Thoc on Wednesday said that although it believed the show must be staged as part of its mandate to reach audiences in all districts, the municipal council decision had forced it to pull the performance. But it said that “it reserved the right to exercise any legitimate right resulting from the decision of the municipal authorities of Sotira, to protect its prestige and function”.Thoc said it had scheduled staging the play in Sotira, in cooperation with the municipality, believing they were offering a “high-level artistic production that sensitively and humorously touches issues that concern society, such as those of companionship, self-determination, freedom of choice and acceptance of diversity”.Reactions to the play are possibly due to misinformation on the content of the show which has been staged successfully in Nicosia and Limassol without having raised any protests, it said.Following the rejection by Sotira, mayor of neighbouring Deryneia, Andros Karayiannis, offered to host the play instead.Artistic director of Thoc, Savvas Kyriakides, said that they would seriously look into the possibility of staging the play in Deryneia if an official proposal is made to them.Kyriakides stressed that Cock is not about homosexuality.“It begins with a gay couple but it is about co-existence, self-determination, acceptance of the other person,” Kyriakides told the Cyprus Mail.He added that the show has been staged in Nicosia and Limassol over the past two months without a single problem, as it “approaches the issues it deals with great sensitivity, and not aiming to provoke”. It is also one of Thoc’s most successful plays, he said, playing to near capacity audiences.Sotira’s decision has also stirred strong reactions in the wider community, including Accept LGBT-Cyprus.“It reminds us of periods of Nazism and reveals efforts to limit public awareness,” the head of Accept, Costas Gavrielides said.Education Minister Costas Kadis also expressed his disappointment. “Such approaches are not justified in an open, tolerant and democratic society,” Kadis tweeted.Cock is to be staged in Larnaca later in the week and will return to Nicosia next week until January 13. You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Rep Webber honors regional youth soccer champions

first_img18Oct Rep. Webber honors regional youth soccer champions Categories: Webber News State Rep. Michael Webber today welcomed the Nationals Union 02 Girls Black soccer team to the Capitol. The team, coached by Jeremy Harkins, won the U.S. Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championship this summer.Rep. Webber and Gov. Rick Snyder honored them with a tribute from the Michigan House of Representatives.“I’m very excited to host this remarkable group of young athletes today,” Rep. Webber said. “The Nationals Union 02 Black team has had an outstanding season under the leadership of Coach Harkins. I’m certain this team will continue to work hard and achieve great things.”All National Union 02 Black soccer team players reside in the southeast region of Michigan, including the Greater Rochester Area. The U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship series is a prestigious national youth soccer tournament, providing approximately 185,000 players on over 10,000 teams the opportunity to showcase their athletic skills.PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Michael Webber today welcomed the Nationals Union 02 Girls Black soccer team with Gov. Snyder. They were joined by head coach Jeremy Harkins in the Michigan House of Representatives.last_img read more

House Insurance Committee approves Rep Bellinos air ambulance legislation

first_img30Nov House Insurance Committee approves Rep. Bellino’s air ambulance legislation Categories: Bellino News The House Insurance Committee today unanimously approved air ambulance reform legislation authored by state Rep. Joe Bellino, of Monroe.Bellino’s measure requires hospitals to transport patients via ground ambulances, rather than air ambulances, unless medically necessary. Many times, patients are transported to hospitals by air ambulance without it being necessary and are eventually slammed with outrageous medical bills.“This legislation is a much-needed remedy for patients in hardship,” said Bellino, who serves on the committee. “Through no fault of their own, patients bear a heavy cost when being transported by air rather than ground.”Air ambulance companies currently participate in “balance billing” where the patient’s health care provider will pay for a portion of the bill, but not its entirety. This leaves patients with medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.“We are simply trying to protect patients and their pocketbooks,” Bellino said. “As a Legislature, we need to make sure residents across the state are not faced with unnecessary financial burdens.”House Bill 5217 now moves to the full House for consideration.last_img read more

Rep Vaupel posts perfect voting record

first_img State Rep. Hank Vaupel finished his second term in the state House of Representatives with a perfect voting record, taking part in all 1,554 roll call votes during the 2017-2018 session.“The people of Livingston County elected me to be their voice in Lansing,” Rep. Vaupel said. “I take that responsibility very seriously and believe it is important to be present and participate in every vote. Over the next two years, I will continue working hard to represent the interests of the 47th District.”Rep. Vaupel is currently serving his third term in the Michigan House of Representatives. 08Jan Rep. Vaupel posts perfect voting record Categories: Vaupel Newslast_img

Rep Markkanen to host teletown hall meeting

first_img State Rep. Greg Markkanen will host a tele-town hall meeting Tuesday, June 18, for residents to ask questions about the upcoming change in Michigan’s car insurance system. Markkanen will be joined by Speaker Pro Tempore and Chairman of the select committee on reducing car insurance rates, Jason Wentworth.“Last month, I was happy to cast my vote to lower car insurance rates for drivers across the state,” Rep. Markkanen said. “Speaker Pro Tem Wentworth has worked tirelessly on this issue. I am excited for my constituents to be able to ask questions and learn more about the new law.”The tele-town hall will begin at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Those wishing to participate may call 1-855-756-7520 Ext. 48670# toll-free.For more information, contact Rep. Markkanen’s office by calling (517) 373-0850 or by email at 17Jun Rep. Markkanen to host tele-town hall meeting Categories: Markkanen Newslast_img read more

Spotify Launches Its First Charity Game Application

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 SharesMarch 4, 2014; The GuardianSpotify is one of today’s most popular online music streaming services, and the company is now launching its first charitable app, which aims to integrate giving with sharing and enjoying music. Spotify helped fund the Guilty Pledgers project, which was created by London creative agency Poke colleagues Andy Whitlock, Katy Theakston, and Ben Tomlinson. This new app could be the best of both worlds for online users that love music and charity.The new app has a playful side to it, creating an online game that encourages users to give to get their favorite songs played. Via the app or the website, users can choose a charity to give to, and then start a fundraising party to share with friends. Online guests will then share their favorite songs by pledging a donation to add to the party playlist. The current minimum pledge is £2.Guilty Pledgers describe the last step as simply enjoying the virtual house party. “The charity makes money, and everyone enjoys their guilty pleasures, without any guilt.”“We think it’s a shame that guilt is often used cynically in charity marketing: Make people feel bad, then ask them for money to feel okay again,” states the application’s site. “We wanted to turn ‘offsetting guilt’ into something fun, where everyone gets to feel brilliant.”Once the fundraising party is over, Guilty Pleasure adds up the proceeds and sends them to JustGiving, an organization that provides a secure way for donors to give to over 13,000 charities. Currently, Guilty Pledgers can only be used to raise money for charities that are registered with JustGiving, so they encourage nonprofits to register with the site to get supporters to use this new charity tool.—Aine CreedonShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

Movie streaming service Voddlers adsupported tit

first_imgMovie streaming service Voddler’s ad-supported titles can now be downloaded and watched an unlimited number of times within a 30 day period.Voddler, which is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain, made its rental service available off-line in December. Free movies can now also be watched offline by premium Voddler Plus members. Users must first download the Voddler Player app to their computers. Voddler said it was hoping to expand the service to other devices, and added that most content owners, including all the Hollywood studios with which it has deals, have made their content available for downloading.“Our goal has always been to offer all titles for offline viewing, regardless of which revenue model they use. Today we reach that goal,” said Anders Sjöman, vice-president communication at Voddler.Voddler Premium members can download an unlimited number of Voddler movies. Rental movies can be watched an unlimited number of times within a 48-hour period, while ad-supported movies can be watched within a 30 day window.last_img read more

Technology provider RGB Networks has teamed up wit

first_imgTechnology provider RGB Networks has teamed up with BlackArrow to deliver targeted advertising on multiple screens. The joint solution is comprised of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System and RGB’s Ad Insertion for Multi-bitrate (AIM) solution. The joint solution, based on the SCTE 35 and SCTE 130 standards, is designed to deliver addressable ad insertion in an HTTP streaming video delivery environment.AIM is a subset of RGB’s Enhanced Video Intelligence Architecture (eVIA) allowing for the insertion of ads, as well as program substitution and blackout applications, in a multiscreen IP video environment.last_img

Laura Farina the former vicepresident for legal

first_imgLaura Farina, the former vice-president for legal affairs at Discovery Communications, has joined law firm SmithDehn LLP.Farina will head SmithDehn’s new Washington DC office. At Discovery she was in charge of global litigation, supervised transactional work and content review for hundreds of programs and films and handled the company’s insurance matters, among other responsibilities.“I’m happy to be working with such accomplished lawyers and serving clients in the media and sports industries across the globe.  I’m also proud to have served at Discovery and to have played a part during its time of tremendous growth and success. I cherish the many friends and colleagues I met there,” said Farina. “As the television and entertainment landscape continues to evolve, and as independent production companies flourish in particular, I’m eager to increase my direct involvement with filmmakers, production companies and content developers and provide them with the benefit of the huge range of experience I’ve gained over the years. SmithDehn LLP, as an innovative and rising leader in the field, is the perfect match for my continuing legal career.”last_img read more

The founders of TV technology firm Cat and Mouse h

first_imgThe founders of TV technology firm Cat and Mouse have left the company to work on a new Skype-based TV solution for Microsoft, DTVE sister title TBI has learned.Cat and Mouse specialises in studio graphics and software and interactive solutions for TV shows and live events, working with a range of producers and broadcasters, largely in the UK.Official filings reveal four of the senior management have now left the company and TBI understands several are working for Microsoft and its voice unit Skype.Cat and Mouse managing director Simon Lucas has been listed as a principle project manager at Microsoft for the past four months and Cat and Mouse creative director Carl Blundell is now a principal programme manager at Skype.Meanwhile, Cat and Mouse project director Simon Latus has also left the company, as has company secretary David Burton.Cat and Mouse developed the CatCall Skype-based system that allows video and audio from Skype to be integrated into broadcasts allowing for a range of interactivity to be built into TV shows.UK series including Britain’s Got Talent companion series Britain’s Got More Talent and Embarrassing Bodies Live From the Clinic have utilised the CatCall solution.The Cat and Mouse execs now working for Microsoft are understood to be working on a more advanced product that will integrate Skype and TV in new ways. A source told TBI that it will be a “massive improvement” on CatCall.Other Cat and Mouse staff now Microsoft employees include programme manager Solmar Cataldi.Filings show Cat and Mouse’s official base is now in London. It still has an office in Crawley in the UK, but that will close within weeks a staffer said.Cat and Mouse worked on shows including Big Brother, Dancing on Ice, 5 Minutes to a Fortune, Pointless, Test the Nation, The Voice and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.Some of that work has been taken on by Kinetic Pixel, a new firm based in Caerphilly and founded by Craig Hann and Joe Styles. Hann was a show designer at Cat and Mouse, working on the interactive elements of programmes including Endemol’s Test the Nation and Pointless until last October. Styles is also an ex-Cat and Mouse employee. The firm was recently recruiting for London-based technical staff.The new company will handle technical elements for live events and entertainment series including interaction and graphics systems.Microsoft in the UK and US declined to comment. A spokesman said the tech company “had nothing to share”.last_img read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook Apple is set to invest €17 bi

first_imgApple CEO, Tim CookApple is set to invest €1.7 billion to build and operate two European data centres that will power online services for it European customers including the iTunes Store and the App Store.The two data centres will each measure 166,000 square metres, are expected to begin operations in 2017 and will be located in County Galway, Ireland, and Denmark’s central Jutland.“We are grateful for Apple’s continued success in Europe and proud that our investment supports communities across the continent. This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.last_img

Belgacom added 65000 TV subscribers in the first

first_imgBelgacom added 65,000 TV subscribers in the first quarter of the year and said that “solid revenue growth for TV” helped to boost underlying core revenue. Announcing its Q1 results, the Belgian telco said that its TV customer base reached 1.66 million customers, up 9.4% year-on-year.“The first-quarter 2015 TV revenue grew by 14.8% to €79 million, as a result of continued subscriber growth, and TV-options such as football subscriptions and TV-replay,” said Belgacom.The company said that recurring TV ARPU grew by 6.1% year-on-year to €19.90, driven by the increased uptake of TV options.Overall, Belgacom said that underlying first quarter revenue came to €1.479 billion, an increase of 5.5% compared to the first-quarter of 2014. Underlying group EBITDA totalled €423 million, 3.8% higher compared to the previous year.last_img read more

US cable giant Comcast is said to have held talks

first_imgUS cable giant Comcast is said to have held talks with Deutsche Telekom about a potential deal to acquire mobile network T-Mobile US.According to Germany’s Maganger Magazin, which cited unnamed insiders, Comcast is one of a number of interested parties in the US mobile network, with US satellite operator DISH also linked to the firm.The report claimed a Comcast-T-Mobile tie up would provide a new growth opportunity for Comcast, following the collapse of its merger agreement with Time Warner Cable earlier this year.It also said that Comcast’s financial strength, and ability to stage a full takeover of T-Mobile, would make it an attractive bidder.The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that DISH Network is in merger talks with T-Mobile US about a multi-billion dollar deal to combine the two companies.The WSJ report said that DISH and T-Mobile were “in close agreement” about the structure of a combined company, but had not resolved issues surrounding the price of the deal or the mix of cash and stock that would fund it.last_img read more

DVR maker TiVo has reached 7 million subscriptions

first_imgDVR maker TiVo has reached 7 million subscriptions for TiVo-enabled platforms across North America and Europe, it announced.TiVo said that its total cumulative subscriptions have grown by approximately 1.5 million, or 27%, since January 31, 2015.“In a world where more content is being delivered from the cloud, our technology is more valuable than ever when it comes to letting people access the content they want, on the device they want, in the way they want,” said TiVo’s Interim CEO, Naveen Chopra.“The changes we’re making to our business and the sharper focus on execution will continue to fuel innovation, subscription growth, and enhanced profitability. We are very proud of this milestone, and more importantly, we have an incredible amount of opportunity in front of us and a plan for capturing it.”Operators including Virgin Media, Vodafone Spain, RCN, Cogeco and Suddenlink have deployed TiVo’s platforms in North America and Europe.last_img read more

Mediaset chief executive Pier Silvio Berlusconi ha

first_imgMediaset chief executive Pier Silvio Berlusconi has blamed the collapse of the Italian broadcaster’s pay TV deal with Vivendi for its record €294.5 million loss last year.Speaking to journalists in Italy, Berlusconi said that if Vivendi had honoured its side of the deal to take control of Mediaset Premium, the company would have broken even in 2016.Mediaset has estimated the negative impact of Vivendi’s alleged violation of its contract to be €341.3 million, contributing  to an overall loss for Mediaset’s domestic operations of €380.1 million. The losses in Italy were offset to some extent by the strong performance of Mediaset España, which turned in a profit of €171 million.Mediaset Italy delivered negative cash-flow to the tune of €288 million in 2016, compared to positive cash-flow of €75.5 million for the prior year, while Mediaset España’s cash-flow improved from negative €73.3 million in 2015 to negative €15 million last year.Berlusconi told journalists that Vivendi must respect its original contract with Mediaset for the purchase of Premium and the pair’s exchange of shares, and that it was up to Vivendi to find a solution. He said that no substantive talks had taken place between the pair.Berlusconi said that Mediaset would comment at a later stage on the ruling by Italian regulator AGCOM that Vivendi must sell down either its stake in Telecom Italia or its stake in Mediaset – acquired in stages at the end of last year – in order to conform with the country’s media concentration rules.AGCOM said that Vivendi could not simultaneously hold its sizeable stakes in Italy’s principal telecom operator and leading commercial broadcaster and would have to sell one or the other within 12 months. It ordered Vivendi to submit a plan confirming how it would comply with the order within the next 60 days.Vivendi has said that it will challenge the ruling.Mediaset chief financial officer Marco Giordano meanwhile said that he expected Mediaset Premium to deliver revenues of between €630-640 million this year.last_img read more

Secretary of State Karen Bradley centre at the D

first_imgSecretary of State Karen Bradley (centre) at the DCMSThe UK government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport has added ‘Digital’ to its title in a bid to reflect that its “remit has evolved”.The department will continue to be referred to as DCMS in all communications, but is now the department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said DCMS in a statement.“DCMS celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and it is fitting now to include Digital in the name,” said Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley.“The department has taken on significant new responsibilities in recent years, so that half of its policy and delivery work now covers the digital sectors – telecommunications, data protection, internet safety, cyber skills and parts of media and the creative industries.”DCMS as a whole also covers arts, culture, the creative industries, sport, tourism, heritage, and gambling.last_img read more

South Korean three largest networks – KBS MBC and

first_imgSouth Korean three largest networks – KBS, MBC and SBS – have jointly launched a subscription on-demand platform in the US.The trio has formed KCP Global, a venture that houses the new SVOD service, Kocowa.This will offer subscribers streamed South Korean entertainment programming and K-pop shows.Shows will be made available subtitled into English less than six hours after their Korean broadcasts, thanks to a translation team that will work as programmes run.Programming will include drams such as Into the World Again and School 2017, and variety shows Running Man and 2 Days 1 Night.KCP was founded in LA in November last year. Its CEO is Junsik Kim, who said: “Korean pop stars, such as PSY and BTS, have captured global audiences, forging interest in discovering more Korean stars and TV programmes.“Kocowa offers a single destination to discover the best of all types of Korean TV programs, from drama to variety.”The service will cost US$0.99 a day, US$6.99 a month or a discounted US$69.99 a year. There is also an advertising plan that offers 24 hours free access.Kocowa is shorthand for Korean Contents Wave, and has been created to target around eight million US-based consumers identified as interested in Korean programming.last_img read more

A new subscription VOD service has launched in Fra

first_imgA new subscription VOD service has launched in France.Okidoki has been available through Samsung TVs since the start of the month, offering viewers around 3,000 shows and 500 hours of content.The service, billed as a “channel bouquet”, comes from Paris-based Alchimie, with French kids TV firm Millimages providing animation.Tech firm Alchimie is offering Okidoki free for all Samsung viewers for two months, after which a subscription fee will be required.The programme offer includes animated shows, live-action series, documentaries, ‘do-it-yourself’ content and movies for young audiences.Alchimie chief business development officer Raphael Porte predicted smart TVs such as Samung “could become the main gateway to access OTT content all over the world in coming years”.The Okidoki service is being rolled out in 23 languages and will be made available for distribution “in coming weeks”, according to the company.last_img read more

Rohde Schwarz subsidiary GMIT GmbH is to introdu

first_imgRohde & Schwarz subsidiary GMIT GmbH is to introduce a new commercial web service to supplement the Rohde & Schwarz content monitoring and multiviewing solution R&S Prismon at IBC.R&S Prismon was launched early this year as a convergent solution for content monitoring in both broadcast and streaming media/OTT environments.The service now provides users with real-time access to monitoring and status parameters from R&S Prismon monitoring probes on mobile internet-enabled devices using a secure web service anywhere, anytime.Rohde & Schwarz’s A/V monitoring platform R&S Prismon is designed for advanced, convergent content monitoring in broadcast and OTT delivery networks. It serves as a multiviewer and monitoring probe and is designed to help operators ensure service quality and availability, supporting formats from SMPTE 2110 to MPEG-DASH.GMIT has now launched the virtuWall portfolio with a new web service that provides a secure connection to multiple Prismon devices via a single entry point, making complex virtual private networks (VPNs) obsolete, according to the company. The virtuWall web service can either be installed on-premises or operated as cloud service by GMIT.The virtuWall iOS App provides users with information on the state and health of all monitored services. If an error is detected, virtuWall notifies its users in real time and provides in-depth analysis capabilities. Operators can detect system failures and assess their severity from their mobile device.“VirtuWall can revolutionize traditional broadcast monitoring workflows,” said Marcus Ruoff, product manager at GMIT. “Operators are no longer tied to their consoles, working in shifts in case of a very rare system failure. Instead, they can focus on more productive tasks anywhere within their broadcast facility and still receive error notifications whether they are on- or off-site.”GMIT will exhibit at IBC on stands 7.E25 and 14.K18last_img read more