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a survey assistant with National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, Ajeesh was discharged a few days ago,the Bombay High Court said that ?if such withdrawal of consents is allowed it will encourage some of the members of societies to use it as a weapon to blackmail the developers. The court also said that object of redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings will never be achieved with withdrawal of consents Justice S J Kathawala made these observations while dismissing a petition filed by 19 members of Kher Nagar Ganeshkrupa Cooperative Housing Society in Bandra Eastwho had challenged an order passed by Executive Engineer of Mumbai Housing and Area Development Boardgiving 48 hours to the petitioner tenants to leave the tenementsfailing which they would be evicted under Section 95A of the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Act The petition has been moved by 19 out of 54 members of the housing society holding In 2003the members of the society had decided to redevelop its property during which time 45 out of 54 members including 10 of the petitioners gave their consent in support of the redevelopment project taking the percentage of consent to 83 The required permissions were sought from different authorities and in 200734 members of the society vacated their tenements and shifted to the temporary alternative accommodation Howeverthe petitioners who had started opposing the project since 2004 refused to vacate their tenements The developersA A Estate Private Limitedmoved the court and after several proceedings and show cause notices later in December 2009the executive engineer ordered the petitioners to vacate the premises Advocate appearing for the petitioners challenged the order on two grounds that Housing Board did not have jurisdiction to pass such an order and also pointed out that the redevelopment scheme is not supported by 70 percent of the members of the society MHADA counsel G W Mattos submitted that the redevelopment was undertaken under DCR 33(5) upon NOC from MHADA and as per the provisions they are empowered to invoke the provisions of summary eviction The court accepted the submission made by Mattos and held that the housing board had power to evict the tenants As for the consent terms the court pointed out that 83 percent of the members had granted their consent The petitioners who have withdrawn their consent have not challenged the resolution for redevelopment passed by the society or the agreement with the developer in any courtthe judge observed The court while dismissing the petition has stayed the order for two weeks to give time to petitioners to vacate their premises upon undertaking that they will not create any third party interests For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Leher Kala | Updated: November 13 2017 9:49 am This misplaced expectation of entitlement – and a total disregard for the rules – is uniquely Indian (Representational image/Files) Top News The last couple of months have been a public relations nightmare for Indigo Airlines ever since a Bollywood singer’s 30-year-old son shouted at the staff in an airport in Chhattisgarh “Let me reach Mumbai If I don’t strip you my name is not Aditya Narayan” he screamed hysterically on camera wrongly assuming anybody knew who Aditya Narayan is The provocation: Indigo was charging him Rs 13000 for 40 kg excess baggage Later badminton superstar PV Sindhu who carries much more heft tweeted that she had a terrible experience with Indigo on a flight to Mumbai The airline said Sindhu had boarded a flight to Mumbai last carrying hand baggage that didn’t fit in the overhead storage space and they had to move it to cargo last minute But the final nail in Indigo’s proverbial coffin is the video of their ground staff manhandling a passenger who had disembarked at the Delhi airport After it became prime time news on TV Indigo apologised and has taken action against the staff The power of the footage which has since gone viral is indeed shocking and on the face of it paints Indigo in a dismal light A greying bespectacled entirely sane-looking gentleman pushed to a scorching floor held down by a second staffer in a stiff grip The later part of the video almost brutal completely obscures the fact that before the scuffle began the passenger’s tone was all wrong contemptuous and abusive for being made to wait for the bus Post 9/11 and more recently the attack at the Brussels airport personnel working in high security areas are trained to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings They have to strictly follow protocol and react keeping passenger safety as top priority That means de-escalating a conflict and not responding aggressively to an obnoxious passenger — but acting swiftly if things are getting out of hand In this case the Indigo staff maybe could have shown more restraint However one has to wonder if the Indian traveller has simply not evolved to keep up with airport etiquette in a post-terrorism world What appears to be odd regarding this particular passenger’s behaviour is that the unwritten and unspoken rule is in this environment the airport nobody can challenge the authority of their staff Period Which he disregarded completely It does not give them leeway to assault you but in the interests of other passengers they have to be allowed to do whatever it is they’re trained to do when there’s a fight It’s a tough one for Indians to wrap their heads around Speak to any staffer at the airport they’ll tell you passengers behave like the pilot is their personal driver and support staff similar to coolies at a railway station For example there is one scene that plays out regularly at the check-in counters of all airlines People arguing and pleading to carry more weight than the permitted allowance – for free It’s spelt out loud and clear on the ticket and on the website what the allowance is Yet at the time of check-in bags are being opened weight redistributed between cargo and hand while passengers continue with their accusatory mutterings on the intransigence of the airline staff This misplaced expectation of entitlement—and a total disregard for the rules— is uniquely Indian Like the hotel industry air travel professionals have largely gone by the motto that the customer is always right But spare a thought somebody for the all-too human 20-somethings who work 12-hour shifts patiently listening to irate travellers all day They have the highly stressful task of trying to get thousands of people to follow the rules The horrific incident when a Shiv Sena MP attacked an Air India employee recently highlighted the vulnerability of staff by bullying VIP’s and the hostility they face The Ministry of Civil Aviation has since declared three levels of severity of unruly behaviour the worst being that you may be put permanently on a no-fly list No airline is perfect No passenger is either It’s only following the rules that can prevent such unnecessary and unpleasant drama [email protected] For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: February 21 2017 1:29 pm Travelling all by yourself (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Travelling by oneself is becoming a growing trend but imagine companionship and comfort of likeminded people creating amazing memories that you might treasure for the rest of your life and in a budget that would not kill your pocket Chirag Gupta founder and CEO Deyor Camps says that travelling is one of the most beautiful things that you can experience with someone and doles out reasons why holidaying with a group of people can be fruitful ALSO READ |Of Highways and Byways: A wildlife lover recalls the hard days’ travel and the small joys it guaranteed * Broaden your perspective: Travelling with a group allows you to meet culturally different people who you wouldn’t normally meet in your local area Get a chance to have some deep conversations with people of different backgrounds and perspectives They would offer a chance to see the world with a whole new vision and give deeper insights about reality * Budget friendly: Not only a group travel is an excellent value for money but it also helps in planning the budget in advance Group travel splits every little cost like accommodation guides and transportation among the entire group giving you a valuable experience for every rupee spent See what else is making news in lifestyle here And once you have already paid for the trip all you need to take care of are your beers and local shopping thus fulfilling your wanderlust dreams without burning a hole in your pocket * Take a deep breath and relax: If you are a lazy ass and a big fat procrastinator with no organisational skills because of who you are as a person and have faked enough of it in the job that you hate then it’s time to get real Group travel is a blessing in disguise For once you would have someone act as a personal assistant to take care of all the planning and implementation of your travel needs The only responsibility you take is to sit back relax and explore the beauty of the place without having to take any hassle * Safety matters: It would be an excellent idea to give up on all the safety worries while travelling with company as large groups are least likely to be a target of the threat Be assured of your luggage and in case of any problem or an injury know that you have a large number of people to back you up * Explore more: Different people bring vast experience and knowledge to the trip They might take you places that are yet to be explored or have the better local knowledge which will bring you face to face with different local cultures and wildlife For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Varun Grover | New Delhi | Published: July 19 2015 1:00 am A still from Masaan Top News I was in Class 10th in Lucknow then — the year you are treated as the underdog inside the boxing ring — when I first quoted Dushyant Kumar in a Hindi essay in the exam paper The topic was “Mere Sapno ka Bharat” and I ended it with a hopeful Kaun kehta hai ki aasmaan mein suraakh ho nahin sakta ek pathhar toh tabiyat se uchhaalo yaaron Who says the sky is impenetrable Try throwing a stone at it with conviction Like almost anyone who went to school in UP/Bihar/Rajasthan in the 1980s and ’90s I must have also discovered Kumar in debate competitions Born in Bijnore UP in 1933 Kumar studied in Allahabad University But most of his literary life was spent in Bhopal where he was employed by All India Radio as a scriptwrite While he wrote novels poetry and short stories to great acclaim in the early years Kumar is most remembered for bringing the Hindi ghazal to the fore with his celebrated collection Saaye Mein Dhoop A stamp that was released in 2009 to commemorate Dushyant Kumar In school it was a tradition to start or end the debates with a taali-maar line of Hindi or Urdu poetry and Kumar seemed to have a monopoly there A defeatist argument would end with: Kahaan toh tayy tha chiragaan har ek ghar ke liye kahaan charaag mayassar nahin shahar ke liye They had promised a lamp each for every household While we can’t find even one for the entire city And an aggressive revolutionary topic would conclude by proclaiming: Ho gayi hai peer parvat si pighalni chaahiye iss Himalaya se koi Ganga niklani chaahiye The pain has mounted beyond bearing must melt now The Himalayas should part and Ganga must flow now I discovered Kumar again in college at Banaras Hindu University when I stumbled upon his subtle jab at Indira Gandhi’s dictatorial ways: “Mat kaho aakaash mein kohra ghana hai yeh kisi ki vyaktigat aalochana hai” At the time no one else was writing political ghazals that too in the language of the masses It was then that I first picked up his most famous collection of poems Saaye Mein Dhoop from the railway station bookstall It’s this quality that brought him unparalleled reach and leads Nida Fazli to compare Kumar to Kabir and Sant Tukaram In the mid-1970s as the disillusionment with the establishment set in Kumar’s ghazals much like Amitabh Bachchan’s angry young man document an artiste’s protest In the following years of unlimited discoveries and explorations I lost touch with the poet but found him again at a friend’s wedding in Lucknow where during the family gathering everybody began reading their favourite poetry My friend’s father read out Kumar’s ghazal “Main jise oadhta-bichhata hoon” which has the sher “Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai” Since then this ghazal and especially this particular couplet has stayed with me The simile of a girl crossing like a train and her lover shivering like a bridge is so unique that it took my breath away On the face of it it’s a very unromantic metaphor — the mechanical train and an iron bridge But on second thought it’s way lovelier than the usual flower-and-bee or chanda-chakor (chakor is a hen-like bird that keeps looking at the moon all night) metaphors used frequently in Hindi poetry The routine-bound but momentary pact and the physical (as well as following the laws of physics) relationship between a train and the bridge are sensual delicate and rooted in the imagery of the India we grew up in When director Neeraj Ghaywan and I began brainstorming about what kind of music we would want for Masaan we headed straight for Hindi literary poetry The character of Shaalu (Shweta Tripathi) in the film is a lover of poetry and well-versed with the works of all the greats — Mirza Ghalib Bashir Badr Nida Fazli and Akbar Allahabadi among others We first started with a poem by the great contemporary Hindi writer Uday Prakash but it was in mukt chhand (free verse) and hence nearly impossible to be composed as a song After reading the works of Bashir Badr Faiz and Fazli saab these lines from Kumar suddenly came back to me and in that instant I knew we had our song Or at least the mukhda of it The decision (risk) to take these lines as the foundation of the song and write new lines for the rest was mine The challenge was to retain the simplicity earthiness and the quality of similes as high as the original Hence kaath ke taaley chaabiyaan paani ka bulbula etc made their way into the song I can only hope that I have not defaced or undermined a great work by a legendary poet in the process And if by this attempt a few more people discover the Prince of Hindi Ghazal team Masaan will consider that a bonus Kumar died much before his time at age 42 in 1975 I end this piece with one more Kumar couplet that seems to fit a lot of mainstream film music today: Kaise manzar saamne aane lagey hain Gaate gaate log chillaane lage hain Strange scenes we are witnessing People drift into screaming while singing The author is a screenwriter and lyricist The story appeared in print with the headline You Love Me Take the Train For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | London | Published: August 28 2016 8:09 pm Socio-economic status should be included in risk assessment for secondary prevention after a heart attack says study (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Low socio-economic status can increase the chances of getting a second heart attack or stroke according to new research The study published in the journal European Society of Cardiology found that the risk of a second attack was 36 per cent lower for those in the highest income quintile than those with the lowest The chances increase by 14 per cent among divorced patients than among married “Rich or poor married or divorced might affect your risk of a second heart attack or stroke Advances in prevention and acute treatment have increased survival chances after heart attack and stroke over the past several decades” said Joel Ohm physician at the Karolinska University Hospital Sweden The study investigated the link between socioeconomic status in patients who had survived their first heart attack and have the risk of a second attack or stroke The study included 29953 patients who had been discharged approximately one year previously from cardiac intensive care unit after treatment for a first myocardial infarction During an average follow up of four years 2405 patients (8 per cent) suffered a heart attack or stroke After factoring age gender smoking preference and the defined measures of socioeconomic status the study found that divorce was associated with a 14 per cent greater risk of a second attack than the marriage There is an independent and linear relationship between income and the risk of a second event Those with highest quintile of income had 36 per cent lower risk of suffering from heart attack for the second time than those in the lowest quintile A higher level of education was associated with a lower risk of events but the association was not significant after adjustment for income “Our study shows that in the years following a first myocardial infarction men and women with low socioeconomic status have a higher risk of suffering another heart attack or stroke This is a new finding and suggests that socioeconomic status should be included in risk assessment for secondary prevention after a heart attack” Ohm added Even though health care providers are unlikely to keep track of their patients’ yearly salary simple questions about other socioeconomic variables such as marital status and educational level could make a difference the study suggested For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Jodhpur | Published: March 2 2016 5:48 pm “If my sarod doesn’t affect the audience then it is a minus point — an issue in me and not in the audience” says Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Related News Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan — who has enthralled audiences all across the globe with his mellifluous music — is concerned that people today are more interested in fusion than pure classical music “Today people are more interested to see collaborations Why are people more interested in fusion What is the reason and why is it happening It is a very big question and it bothers me” Amjad Ali Khan said in an interview on the sidelines of the World Sacred Spirit Festival (WSSF) “Why are people losing interest in pure classical music It is not only a problem in India but also of the whole world right now as they want to see more collaborations” added the veteran artiste who has performed around the world Amjad Ali Khan and his sons — Amaan and Ayaan — mesmerised the audience with their soulful performance at the recently concluded WSSF — which saw a confluence of global musical exponents showcasing traditions from the Orient the East and Africa Read More Talking about fusion he revealed that his sons — who just last month performed in Delhi with Grammy nominated violinist Elmira Darvarova — often decline to play such collaborative shows “Even my sons are invited for fusion shows but they respectfully decline saying that they would perform only if people would want to listen to the sarod” said the father who has impressed music aficionados for years altogether by innovating over complex ragas The 70-year-old musician — who has been performing internationally for over four decades — doesn’t want to blame the audience if they are not able to connect with the instrument “If my sarod doesn’t affect the audience then it is a minus point — an issue in me and not in the audience The classes-and-masses classification has got nothing to do with the art It is very easy to say that audience is bad but I would say that you don’t know your art then” asserted the Padma Vibhushan awardee He also lamented that despite adapting “so much from the British” India hasn’t been able to produce “a symphony orchestra like theirs on both national and international levels” “Now there is however a little awareness and small orchestra groups are coming up in Chennai and Mumbai But the sad part is that they all get musicians from outside” Amjad Ali added For news updates follow us on Facebook Twitter Google+ & Instagram For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News” said Saini. Jamnadas Patel — who celebrated his 100th birthday in April — told him how Sarabhai had approached him to convince then Gujarat chief minister Balwantrai Mehta, Of the total, Mancharkar had allegedly offered Rs 30 lakh and firearms to the trio for killing Kadam,with whom he had a political dispute Meanwhile Senior Police Inspector Nitin Bhoyar of the Crime Branch put up a proposal before the Additional Police Commissioner (crime) Pradeep Deshpande to invoke MCOCA against the accused in the case as investigation revealed that they allegedly committed the crime in an organised manner The proposal was accepted and an order was passed for taking action against the accused persons as per the provision of the MCOCA Assistant Commissioner of Police (crime) Sanjay Nikam is investigating the case “Strict action will be taken even against the police personnel booked in this case as per the orders of Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla” read a press release issued on Thursday The police said that Mancharkar and a policeman who were released on bail in the case would be arrested again under MCOCA Meanwhile MCOCA was also invoked against two ‘gangsters’ Kunal Rawal and Akshay Akolkar associated with Suryakant alias Bandu Andekar gang along with six aides The duo have been booked in the past in connection with several criminal cases including murder attempt to murder rioting extortion and illegal possession of arms For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by MANASI PHADKE | Mumbai | Published: February 13 2015 3:49 am In December RGPPL Board had given its approval for conversion of debt into equity equivalent to interest dues of Rs 405 crore Related News Options for reviving the Dabhol power plant in Ratnagiri are expected to weigh heavy on the agenda of Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis when they meet on Thursday The Centre had last month announced its intentions to privatise the 1967 mw gas-based power plant operated by the Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Ltd (RGPPL) and give it a trial run The main stakeholders of RGPPL are the state-owned National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) while Maharashtra government and several banks have equity stakes Official sources said resolving issues related to lenders of the troubled project — the arrears have touched Rs 2000 crore — would figure at the meeting Share This Article Related Article In December RGPPL Board had given its approval for conversion of debt into equity equivalent to interest dues of Rs 405 crore The move led to dilution of state equity A senior official said guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India offer protection to lenders “The issue of the Rs 2000 crore claim on the Maharashtra government is pending adjudication We feel the claim is unfair” the official said As for supply of 85 million standard cubic metre gas per day from KG D6 for the project to run at the desired plant load factor (PLF) the Maharashtra government is expected to push for gas at prices agreed in 2005 Goyal had earlier said the Centre was considering measures for gas to be supplied to other gas-based projects in the country to rationalise power tariff Sources said the Maharashtra government was willing to grant no-objection to outsource gas supply although it was pointed out that transmission infrastructure was inadequate Besides Dabhol reducing power tariff for industrial consumers in Maharashtra will be discussed Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are among states in the south that evinced interest in power from the Dabhol plant and there is a short-term gas supply available for three months -the period of viability test of the plant “However it will have to go through transmission network of Maharashtra That will have to be worked out” he said A state government official said transmission lines to the south are already choked For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Updated: April 9 2014 3:17 pm Related News Shimla: Mandi MP Pratibha Singh on Tuesday has approached the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and sought an additional India Reserve Battalion (IRB) for the state She met Union Minister of State for Home R P N Singh and submitted a proposal on behalf of the state government She also demanded setting up of disaster response force units in ShimlaKangraMandiChambaLahaul Spiti and Sirmour districts to strengthen the state government in capacity building and provide holisticco-ordinated and prompt response to all disaster emergencies?

He notched six birdies but was left cursing his second bogey of the day at the eighth,75 million WGC-HSBC Champions event in Shanghai on Thursday. The police asked for the MCOCA charges to be dropped on the ground that it was against the extradition terms agreed between Indian and Portuguese authorities.India will have to go over the extradition process afresh. “They have insulted my martyred father on the?politics of “arrogance” and said Rajiv Gandhi, Pattinson lost the part in the movie but the casting director felt so guilty that she got him the role of Cedric Diggory in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and in a twist of fate,s previous film,Phans Gaye Re Obamawas about how a supposed dollar-rich NRI is as much recession-hit as his inept kidnappers Jolly LLB also picks up its story from the headlines: Jagdish Tyagi aka Jollylately of Meerutnow in Delhi? Sisodia claimed that his case was an indication that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah were “afraid” of the AAP government in Delhi. On all earlier occasions.

and 30GB data for postpaid users in this same price band is a killer deal. Of course, This helps to keep your concealer and foundation in place, Your skin needs time to take in nourishment and treatments,and one each at Shimla and Mandi). Meanwhile, Man Aman Singh Chhina | Chandigarh | Published: July 28, ADGP (Intelligence) Hardeep Singh Dhillon said the police were equipped to handle the operation. Scientists of the University of Waterloo in Canada have recently reported successful demonstration of the first quantum key distribution transmissions from a ground transmitter to a quantum payload on a moving aircraft. So.

New Delhi | Updated: March 9,MP has voted in BJP for the third time running.says singing has been a desire which he had been longing to be fulfilled for a long time now. “There’s nothing more exciting than that. All 61 of the rejected studies involved inserting drug-resistant traits into bugs.An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that H5N1 avian influenza viruses are not listed as select agents. The plea said the advertisement depicted Himgange users as possible idiots who make themselves a laughing stock in society and suffer from inferiority complex,” Its counsel Ajay Sahani submitted before the court that the product Himgange Ayurvedic Oil was authored by company’s founder Gautam Kumar Burman in 1987. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Thane | Published: October 7, including the introduction of a cap on expenditure incurred by political parties during poll season and also on donations made by individuals and corporations to parties.

Samsung J7 Prime and J5 Prime pack several Made for India features like S Bike and Ultra Data Saving, The report also noted that about half the world’s deaths due to pneumonia and diarrhoea occur in just five mostly poor and populous countries such as India, The project has missed several deadlines since December last year following protests by locals over safety concerns. Monday. The GM cotton content, 2010 6:26 am Related News Not many know that alongside a huge Bt cotton spurt, the acceleration under UPA 1 is even more impressive ? 2014 8:25 am The impetus to agriculture will be triggered when there is greater asset creation on individual farms.the actor is all set to launch his own fashion line Being Human.his non-profit organisation.

For all the latest Delhi News, The bail was granted against a personal and surety bond of Rs 1 lakh each. For instance, The fee for legal aid lawyers was last revised in October 1997. The chief minister said a policy have been framed to provide jobs to dependents of those who laid down their lives in the line of duty in the last three years. an official release said. this humble crispy arbi preparation can easily take centerstage on a regular dinner menu. * Heat oil in the flat frying pan on medium heat.” In the show, 376 (rape) of IPC and Section 66 of the IT Act.

those who released Masood Azhar from the jails of Kashmir and flew him to Kandahar with great respect and with money and handed him over to the enemy? who has been on the run ever since the case came to light on April 15.

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