Jamaica defeat Pakistan by 29 runs in Lauderhill T20

first_imgJamaica took a step closer to a semi-final berth with a convincing win against Pakistan in game 7 of the 2017 City of Lauderhill Int’l T20 Night Cricket Tournament at the Lauderhill Sports Park last Saturday.The Jamaicans won the toss of the coin, elected to bat and piled up 257 for 4 in the allotted 20 overs.  The Jamaican total was built on the back of Sherwyn Powell’s blistering 107 from 56 balls including seven fours and eight sixes. Powell and former Jamaica and West Indies player Danza Hyatt shared a 145-run second wicket partnership with Hyatt slamming 71 laced with two fours and seven sixes.Sheldon Ervin and Ken Wright ended on 25 and 19 not out respectively.Bowling for Pakistan, Z. Tiskan grabbed 2 for 43 and Usman Malik 1 for 40.In reply, Pakistan, led by a swashbuckling ton from in-form batsman Syed Hassan, ended on 228 for 3 in 20 overs. Hassan smashed 119 not out from 46 balls including nine fours and 11 bludgeoning sixes. S. Shrema scored 51 and provided valuable assistance to Hassan, whilst M. Azhar chipped in with 24.Bowling for Jamaica, Elvis Watson bagged 2 for 34 and G. Wallace 1 for 22.The tournament continues on Saturday, March 25, with Pakistan bowling off against Combined Islands, followed by Trinidad & Tobago versus India.All matches are played at the Lauderhill Sports Park, 7500 W. Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill.last_img read more

Jamaica’s opposition party calls for urgent solution to public sector wage…

first_imgThe opposition People’s National Party (PNP) in Jamaica has reiterated a call for the government to reach an amicable solution to the wage dispute with public sector workers. Meanwhile there’s speculation there could be more industrial action as public sector unions continue to reject a two-year six per cent wage offer.Sincerity and respect urgedIn a statement, the PNP called on the government to show the “sincerity and respect” required in the negotiations with the public sector workers, calling on the government also to change its “incalcitrant stance” in the negotiations.The opposition party has also called for a better offer to workers, adding that this approach is the only basis for achieving a wage settlement which has been outstanding for more than a year.A national priority“This is clearly a national priority and we, the PNP, continue to share the concern of many stakeholder groupings and civil society that the country cannot afford the continued feeling of insecurity and fear which comes with the failure to have our security forces operating at full strength,” the PNP said, adding it is an ominous sign that the country has begun the New Year in the same manner as it ended the last with a spiraling murder rate. The Party urged the government to place the security of the country as top priority by creating the condition for a speedy settlement with the rank and file of the security forces. The party’s statement also reflected it has consistently indicated its willingness to sit with the Government to develop a more effective response to escalating violent crime and anti-social behavior.PNP found creative waysThe PNP said that the former administration, faced with a worse economic situation, found creative ways to meet the individual sector demands by utilizing a combination of benefits and wages. “This was achieved because the negotiation was conducted in a consultative and respectful manner. The workers over the years have sacrificed for the benefit of the nation by enduring several years of wage restraints and limitations. They deserve a decent and liveable wage offer.”The government has maintained it cannot increase the wage offer as it will impair its ability to achieve the wage-to-GDP target of nine per cent in keeping with the country’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).last_img read more

Bermuda urged to remove ban on same-sex marriage

first_imgBritish legislators have expressed disappointment that the Bermuda government is backtracking on marriage equality and has urged the British Overseas Territory to withdraw legislation banning same-sex marriage.United Kingdom disappointedBritain’s Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Sir Alan Duncan said the United Kingdom was “disappointed” by the Bermuda parliament’s decision.  Opposition Labor parliamentarian Chris Bryant called on Bermuda’s Premier David Burt and Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown to withdraw the legislation banning same-sex marriages.A decision by Britain to overrule Bermuda’s attempt to ditch same-sex marriage would be “an exceptional step”, the House of Commons heard on Monday night.Sir Alan said a number of UK Overseas Territories had moved to introduce same-sex marriage, but that Britain had no plans to impose it on its Overseas Territories.Sir Alan was speaking during a House of Commons adjournment debate on Bermuda’s 2017 Domestic Partnership Act, which was passed by the House of Assembly and Senate last month. The controversial legislation is designed to replace same-sex marriage with watered-down civil partnerships.Bermuda Governor John Rankin has yet to give his royal assent to the bill.Same-sex marriages have taken place in Bermuda since the Supreme Court ruled in May last year that it was discriminatory to deny gay couples the right to wed.last_img read more

Over 500 Jamaican cataract patients to receive free eye surgery from…

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica, Mar. 24, CMC – Over 500 Jamaicans are to benefit from cataract surgeries at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), to be performed by Chinese ophthalmologists from the Bright Journey Medical Mission.Providing equipment, supplies to KPHThe Mission, which will be on their second visit to the island, will also be providing equipment and supplies valued at J$52.9 million to KPH and carrying out training and lectures in ophthalmology, and facilitating academic exchanges.This was disclosed by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dunstan Bryan at a recent signing ceremony for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the mission between Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China.According to the Permanent Secretary, China has been one of Jamaica’s strongest development partners with diplomatic relations extending over several decades.“In recent times, Jamaica’s collaboration with China has been especially robust in health. That collaboration is on show with the signing of an MOU that heralds a deepening of our partnership and in the public health interest,” he said.The Bright Journey Medical Mission is scheduled to return to Jamaica in April, following its first visit in May 2015. The team includes ophthalmologists, nurses and technical support staff from the Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University and the Beijing Municipal Health Commission.“This initiative is a clear demonstration of a strong and healthy bilateral relationship between [both countries] in the area of Public Health. The government and people of Jamaica extend thanks to the government and people of the Peoples Republic China for their generosity and longstanding friendship,” the Permanent Secretary said.He added that the relationship has allowed several Jamaicans to have an improved quality of life through restoration of vision and a happier life.For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, Tian Qi said the cooperation in the health, is one of the major areas of partnership between Jamaica and China.“Our cooperation is comprehensive and mutually beneficial in nature and with this second Bright Journey, they will perform at least 500 cataract surgeries for patients here and restore their sight. It is a gesture of goodwill of the Chinese government and the people through the Jamaican government and the people,” he said.last_img read more

Garlic: A Healing Spice

first_imgSure, garlic has a propensity to leave a foul order in the mouth when consumed raw, but that stench may be worth bearing, as this strong spice as been long touted as one of nature’s most effective healing sources. Those of Caribbean descent know that garlic has been long held as elders as a cure-all. In the Caribbean, it’s often blended with all other ingredients to create a concoction that knocks influenza out of anyone’s system. But, all over the world, people also use garlic to treat hypertension, stomach problems, infections, to sterilize and heal wounds, and for a variety of other health issues.The modern-day medical arena has gradually caught on over the years, and even today’s traditional doctors recognize the inexpensive spice for its tremendous healing power. According to research, the medicinal properties of garlic is more effective when its clovers are finely chopped or fully crushed. When chopped or crushed, garlic releases a compound known as allicin, which is the essential healing element within the spice. This compound is also responsible for garlic’s pungent taste and odor. Enhancing the body’s immune system Garlic has been used for over 5,000 years medicinally, from back to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, to rid the body of infections, and has been proven to sustain the body’s immune system, and has beenExcellent at boosting the immune system, garlic is has effective decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve stuffy nose, catarrh, allergic rhinitis, and other respiratory allergies. It is therefore commonly used to treat coughs, sore throats, and colds, and if taken regularly, especially in the flu season, reduces the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu.Aids effective digestion Garlic is rich in vitamin C and potassium, and is useful to assist with the digestion processes. Recently, good digestion has been linked to good mental health. A sound digestive system also rids the body of toxins which deplete the immune system. Reduces blood pressure and promotes heart healthGarlic promotes a healthy heart and proper blood circulation. When allicin is broken down, compounds called diallyl sulphides are created, which boosts circulation and good cholesterol. Garlic reduces high levels of the bad cholesterol, LDL. Garlic can also help to lower blood pressure, a major risk factor for both heart attacks and strokes. It has a unique way of relaxing the muscles of the arteries by making them dilate, thus reducing blood pressure naturally.Has antibiotic qualities Garlic has definite antibiotic qualities.  Research conducted by the renowned 19th century scientist, Louis Pasteur, revealed the bacteria-killing qualities of garlic. Recent research has confirmed these original findings, and support garlic’s antibiotic functions. The herbal spice has been used in wartime to stop the wounds of soldiers from becoming infected. Crushed garlic applied to cuts, wounds and infections like athlete’s foot, in small quantities, is very effective in treating infection. However, if applied too liberally the spice can burn skin surrounding a wound.Effectively combats cancerSome research also notes that garlic has the potential to combat cancer cells, without serious side effects. The hydrogen sulfide in garlic, some findings state, is potent in preventing the development of prostate, breast, and colon cancers. Enhances male sexual potency Other research indicates that garlic improves men’s sexual potency by stimulating the flow of blood to the heart and the penis. Detoxifies the BodyThe sulfur–containing compounds in garlic helps to stimulate liver enzymes responsible for removing toxins from the body. The allicin found in the spice also helps the liver in fighting off toxins.last_img read more

#TalkUp: Should Protests Stop Now That the Minneapolis Police Officers Have…

first_imgAkeem Horatio, FL – “In no way should we stop protesting. We must protest by any means necessary as we have seen too many times officers either not being charged or be charged and not convicted for their horrible crimes. Stopping now will only allow those prosecuting to see that they can get away with another one walking. The protests outside of the trials also push those in power to make the changes we are requesting. We do not only want convictions we want to change/destroy the systems that make these trials necessary in the first place. Once we see enough of those changes in place, then and only then should we cease.” Camille DJ Nial, FL – “My short answer to this question is yes. I say yes because I believe that our voice and our action led to the arrest of those officers. At this point, these protests are not just about George Floyd. These protests are about Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, and the many others that have been killed due to the color of their skin. These protests are also for you, me, our family, our children. These protests represent an oppressed people asking for equal rights and justice. These protests represent the voice of the voiceless. These protests are out of years of frustration, boiling inside us.” Akeem, FL – “The battle to some may be won but the war is far from over. It takes intense protesting to get four officers arrested and charge in America for what we all know is immoral disgusting. Now the target is the homes—the mindset for those who hear racial discrimination with the comfort of their own families. The protest needs to take a new direction in my opinion. It needs to hit the voting booths. Voting on local government is just as or even more important than the presidential election. Now we need to investigate those we have in place to look out for us and set policies in place that were supposed to protect “us” and see why they failed. We need to vote out those that do not belong and place those in that do. The same next step after bringing awareness (protesting) is taking action… (voting) have several people out there ensuring we are voting for the right person or just ensuring we are registered. To answer the question, no, the protest should not stop and should actually be enhanced.” DJ Stunna, FL – “Yes, they should continue because this is just a battle within the war. In order to create change in the police force, the disruption should continue until we are pleased. People coming together because the police will continue to racially profile black people. The protests are working and have gotten us results. Protesters are the reason the other officers actually are being held accountable for their actions.” Amber – “Yes, it should continue…We have not accomplished our goal as yet, we only got a few dirty cops arrested. We need laws to be put in place to make them more accountable for their actions. Some believe it’s better training, I believe it’s accountability and punishment that’s needed.” Horatiocenter_img Viveca, Miami – “I believe the protests were brought on because of the non-arrests of the other three officers and due to the non-action of the police force. The protests have brought attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and may make a change. But change will only happen if we all, black, brown, white people, and all ethnicity take it upon themselves to be active for the cause. If protests can continue in a peaceful manner and without incidents, then yes, the protest can continue.” Camille – “I honestly think the protesting should stop now because they finally charged the officers that killed Floyd. Well until we see how many years they will have them in prison then I feel like It should officially end because justice was served.” DJ Stunna Should protests stop now that the four former Minneapolis police officers have been arrested and charged in the murder of George Floyd? Amber DJ Niallast_img read more

Evans feeling positive before practicing for second straight day

first_imgOWINGS MILLS, Md. — Wednesday wasn’t the first time wide receiver Lee Evans tried to get back to the practice field since being sidelined following the Week 2 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sept. 18.But his response to working out was far better this time around, providing optimism that the 30-year-old could make his return to action against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon. Evans said he did not experience any setbacks in his first practice since Oct. 12. After last practicing on the Wednesday leading up to the Ravens’ meeting with the Houston Texans, Evans did not respond well and hadn’t attempted to participate until making his return to the practice field on Wednesday.“It went well,” Evans said before taking part in his second straight practice on a rainy Thursday afternoon. “It was the best I felt in awhile, so we’ll try to build on that [Thursday]. We’ll do a little bit more today and see what happens. Yesterday was positive.”Evans might find himself battling for a starting position once he returns to action since rookie Torrey Smith has made a name for himself by catching the game-winning touchdown in Pittsburgh and making the critical catch to set up the deciding field goal in the closing seconds against Arizona two weeks ago. The Ravens could elect to limit Evans’ reps — even in games — to protect his injured left ankle and to allow him to re-establish himself in the Baltimore offense before regaining a starting position.The former Bills receiver is still listed as a starting receiver on the Ravens’ official depth chart.“It definitely feels good,” Evans said. “It makes you feel like a football player again — get out there, put the pads on, and run around a little bit. We still have a hill to climb, but it’s good to get that step out of the way and still be able to progress forward.”Center Matt Birk (neck) returned to practice after being the only player on the 53-man roster not to participate in Wednesday’s practice. Left guard Ben Grubbs was also practicing for a second consecutive day and was not even listed on the official injury report for Wednesday.However, the news wasn’t all good as safety Ed Reed, linebacker Terrell Suggs, and linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo (concussion) were not spotted during the opening portion of practice open to the media. As of Wednesday, Ayanbadejo had not been cleared for contact, and the special teams standout practiced on a limited basis.last_img read more

Betting Odds For August 13, 2017

first_imgRelatedLigue 1 Review: PSG Extend Lead With Convincing Montpellier WinJanuary 28, 2018In “Europe”Preview: France Agog With Le Classique Double BoutFebruary 24, 2018In “Europe”UCL: Neymar Handed Two Match Ban After CAS AppealSeptember 17, 2019In “France” All odds amount to a 3odd multiplier. The Mastermind. Italy: Super CoppaJuventus vs Lazio. (1x & under 4.5)Juventus will be playing against Lazio in the Italian Super Coppa, the same side they conquered in the Coppa Italia. This tie should not be a difficult one for the “Turin giants” as the club looks to add more silverware to their trophy cabinet.The reason I am calling this tie “1x and under 4.5” is because it is a final and there is a possibility of the tie going into extra time if both teams play out a stalemate in the 90 mins duration. Both teams could be cautious in their approach to this match and I don’t expect many goals in this. Nigeria: Nigerian Professional Football LeaguePlateau United vs MFM FC (Home win)This tie features first against second on the NPFL log. Plateau United are currently first on the log and are looking like “Champions Elect” of the Nigerian Professional Football League 2016/2017 season, with just 4 rounds of matches to go.The Jos based side are three points clear their closest rivals MFM FC. MFM FC had the chance to reduce the points difference between themselves and Plateau United last weekend but failed to capitalize on the bad result of the leaders.Plateau United to win at home is my call for this tie because they have got the best home record in the league this season.center_img France: Ligue 1Guingamp vs PSG (Away win)PSG kicked off their league campaign with a win last weekend at home against newly promoted Amein and after that result, the Paris based club went on to complete what could be described as “the biggest transfer saga of the century” in signing Brazilian star “Neymar Jr” from Spanish giants Barcelona.No doubt Neymar will be the main attraction of this tie if the manager decides to feature him at some point in the match.The corresponding fixture of this tie last season did see PSG lose to Guingamp 2-nil and this incident should be fresh on the minds of the PSG players and coaching staff.My call for this one is an away win for PSG, with the arrival of Neymar Jr, the team should be high on confidence. England: Premier LeagueManchester United vs West Ham United (Home win)Manchester United should be the more offensive side of the two teams when both teams square up at Old Trafford on Sunday. Manchester United lost to Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup and this should motivate the lads to win this tie. Playing at home should also count as an extra boost for the Red Devils in this tie.West Ham United made some good additions to the side also and the London based side will be hoping to cause an upset in this game but the underlying factor for me will be the menacing fire power in Manchester United’s attacking line.My call for this one is a home win.last_img read more

Global Operator CEO’s to discuss challenges of international betting industry at #boscon2017

first_imgShare StumbleUpon Betting on Sports (12-15 September) will embrace the challenge of operating within a fast-changing global industry by uniting five leading CEO’s from the sports betting space.  Markus Peuler, CEO at Mybet, will be joined on the first day CEO panel at #boscon2017 by Pinnacle’s Paris Smith, BetBright’s Marcus Brennan, Favbet’s Nikos Chalikias and Parimatch’s Sergey Portnov.This high-level discussion represents the penultimate session of Leaders on Betting (13 September), one of eight tracks held across the second edition of the largest international sports and betting trade conference at Olympia.The panel will be addressing the impact on business of the industry’s generally negative perception, formed in part by disputes around responsible gambling, gambling related harm, money laundering, player protection and pre-watershed advertising.Peuler commented: “Lots of people want to gamble and always will. That’s why a clear and stable regulatory framework, which includes the mutually accepted measures for responsible gaming and fraud protection and which operators can comply to in an economically viable way, is the most sustainable path to improving the industry’s image.”The quintet will also be discussing the role that sports partners should play in the development of gambling’s public image, the need to encourage a sustained level of innovation, and the impact of consolidation on the evolution of the industry.There have been mixed views about the growing trend of ‘mega mergers’ such as Ladbrokes Coral and Paddy Power Betfair, with some suggesting that merged companies can become risk averse with a focus on cutting costs and protecting market share, while others counter that these companies will be better placed to maintain their margins and continue to innovate.SBC Managing Director Andy McCarron commented: “The CEO panel has been a hallmark of our conferences for a number of years now, and this year promises to be no different with the CEO’s from Mybet, Pinnacle, BetBright, Favbet and Parimatch. Betting on Sports delegates will gain special insight on how leaders of the biggest gaming brands across Europe have embraced the challenges of a fast-changing global industry.”NOTE: Tickets to #boscon2017 are available at a 25% group discount if you purchase 3 or more. You can get them HERE. Submit Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Danske Spil calls for esports makeover with Pinnacle Solution August 25, 2020 Related Articles ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

Out of play… Squawka in danger of going out of business

first_img Related Articles Share 6 of the Best – Mark Jarvis Racing’s Paul Graham June 20, 2019 GVC reprices and relocates its corporate debt holdings February 11, 2020 StumbleUpon Submitcenter_img At present, the Squawka website has not been updated since 31 October. The London-based enterprise employs a reported 35-staff members, who have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at developments concerning the company’s future.Launched in 2012, Squawka combined match statistics, visual data and in-depth content to engage football fans through multiple digital channels. Squawka has gained a significant following on social media verticals, with a current Twitter following of + 850,000 and a Facebook group of 750,000 followers.Further assets see Squawka operate a popular football news and analysis app, and a website which features amongst the UK’s most visited sports news portals (Similar Web).Squawka’s rapid growth has seen the company secure $3 million in venture funding (Crunchbase) to date, with international media publisher Fremantle Media reported to be a high profile investor.Little is known with regards to Squawka’s operating troubles. At present Squawka management has made no official comment regarding the company’s current situation. GVC Holdings transfers corporate control to London HQ February 6, 2020 Popular football analysis and news website Squawka (Squawka.com) is fighting to stay in business, as it’s reported that its senior management team is in current discussions with administrators.Last week, Co-founder Leo Harrison tweeted that he was hopeful that Squawka could remain in business, further stating that there was a ‘real possibility of finding a solution’. Sharelast_img read more