Former Morrisons director joins 2 Sisters

first_img2 Sisters Food Group has appointed Martyn Fletcher, previously group retail director at Morrisons, to the newly-created role of chief operating officer of protein.Fletchers’ new role will come into effect on 4 April – he will be responsible for all operations across 2 Sisters’ UK manufacturing sites.Fletcher was at Morrisons for 30 years, during which time he was purchasing director, production director and group manufacturing director. He left in March 2016, shortly after David Potts took over from Dalton Philips as chief executive.Ranjit Singh, chief executive of 2 Sisters, said: “We are delighted to welcome someone of Martyn’s calibre and expertise to 2 Sisters Food Group. Martyn was instrumental in the implementation of Morrisons’ vertically integrated supply chain and has driven a number of successful productivity initiatives.”Fletcher said he had spent many years working with Singh and 2 Sisters while at Morrisons, and had always had a high opinion of the business. He said he particularly admired “the scale of ambition and the group’s ability to adapt quickly and respond to change and opportunities”.Fletcher said of the move: “It is great to be joining at what is a very exciting time for the business and I look forward to working with a strong group of colleagues as we continue to drive the business forward.”2 Sisters described the protein division as the anchor of its business. At the end of 2015, the group launched a £150m, three-year investment programme in that division to create a world-class and industry-leading estate for poultry manufacturing.Fox’s rumoursOn 16 March, 2 Sisters reported an increase in like-for-like sales to £800.1m, and profit before tax of £20.3m for the second quarter of its financial year.In March of this year, 2 Sisters’ owner, Boparan Holdings, was rumoured to be selling Fox’s Biscuits to Burton’s Biscuits in a £330m deal.last_img read more

2008 crop outlook

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaGeorgia farmers can expect good prices next year for many of the crops they grow. Unfortunately, it will cost more to grow them, say University of Georgia agricultural economists.“Commodity prices across the board will be favorable next year,” said Nathan Smith, an economist with UGA Cooperative Extension. Smith and other economists with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences recently compiled an annual report to help Georgia farmers pick the most profitable crops to grow next year.“We’re looking at a rare situation this coming year that will bring some good opportunities for farmers,” Smith said.Corn prices skyrocketed this year to $4.50 or more per bushel, as much as double the price from a few years ago. The price increase came from a surge in U.S. demand for ethanol, an alternative fuel for gasoline. Corn is used to make ethanol. Corn prices this year will lower to $4 or less per bushel, Smith said. That’s still a good deal.The demand for corn has forced the buyers of peanuts, wheat, soybeans and cotton to offer farmers more money to make sure they grow their crops, too, Smith said.Peanuts are expected to sell for $500 per ton. That’s the highest price since 2001, the last year of the federal government’s peanut quota system, which guaranteed farmers $610 per ton. Soybean and wheat prices next year will be the highest in a decade, he said. Soybeans that sold for $9 a bushel this year will likely sell for $10.50 a bushel in 2008. Wheat that sold for $5 a bushel will likely sell for $6 or more a bushel.Cotton prices should be higher, too, said UGA Extension economist Don Shurley. Steady demand coupled with fewer planted acres this year will increase prices to around 70 cents per pound, or 10 cents higher than the same time last year.Fuel and fertilizer will cost 30 percent more in 2008, Smith said. This will increase the cost of production for many farmers. Diesel, which farmers use to fuel tractors and irrigation systems, will cost $3 or more per gallon. This time last year, a gallon was closer to $2.25.Due to the added cost, peanuts and wheat each will cost 10 percent more per acre to grow next year. Soybeans and corn each will cost 20 percent more per acre. It will cost 10 percent more per acre to grow cotton under irrigation.Though things look good economically, Smith said, Georgia’s extended drought could put a damper on the party. The Southeast suffered under drought this summer, but many crops did surprisingly well. They may not do as well next summer if the drought continues.“Next spring, we’ll likely be planting into a drought,” Smith said. “You can’t say whether we’ll get the rain needed to ensure good crops.”The United States should have a new farm bill by springtime. Congress is in the process of passing one now. It will guide the country’s agricultural and environmental policies for the next five years, particularly those related to farm subsidies, conservation, rural development and nutrition. The current farm bill was passed in 2002.When commodity prices are high, Shurley said, little thought is given to the farm economic safety net. But prices will not always be high like they are now. Things change and can often change quickly. “It is important that the farm bill provide a safety net that is adequate to meet the needs of diversified agriculture like that found in Georgia,” Shurley said.The proposed farm bill has some changes, but is very similar to the current bill, he said, which has been a good one for Southeastern farmers.last_img read more

Long Beach St. looks to sweep UC Irvine

first_imgLong Beach St. looks to sweep UC Irvine BIG MEN ON CAMPUS: UC Irvine’s Collin Welp has averaged 13.8 points and 6.2 rebounds while Eyassu Worku has put up 12.1 points. For the Beach, Chance Hunter has averaged 14.8 points and five rebounds while Michael Carter III has put up 12 points.DEFENSIVE IMPROVEMENTS: The Anteaters have allowed only 62.5 points per game across 11 conference games, an improvement from the 68.5 per game they allowed in non-conference play.CLUTCH CHANCE: Hunter has connected on 44.1 percent of the 118 3-pointers he’s attempted and has made 12 of 26 over his last five games. He’s also made 61.8 percent of his free throws this season.YET TO WIN: The Anteaters are 0-6 when they score 61 points or fewer and 17-4 when they exceed 61 points. The Beach are 0-16 when allowing 66 or more points and 9-1 on the season, otherwise.UNBEATEN WHEN: Long Beach State is a perfect 7-0 when it holds an opponent to 63 points or fewer. The Beach are 2-17 when opponents score more than 63.SECOND CHANCES: UC Irvine has posted an excellent offensive rebound percentage of 35.5 percent this year. That figure is the 15th-highest in the nation. The offensive rebound percentage for Long Beach State stands at just 25.7 percent (ranked 263rd). February 18, 2020 Associated Press center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditLong Beach State (9-17, 4-6) vs. UC Irvine (17-10, 9-2)Bren Events Center, Irvine, California; Wednesday, 10 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: Long Beach State goes for the season sweep over UC Irvine after winning the previous matchup in Long Beach. The teams last played each other on Jan. 22, when the Beach shot 46.2 percent from the field while holding UC Irvine’s shooters to just 33.8 percent en route to a seven-point victory. ___For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more

Juve linked with Oscar and Saints said to be considering Stekelenburg move

first_imgJuventus are interested in Chelsea’s Oscar, the Daily Mail say.It is claimed that scouts from the Italian club were in Paris specifically to watch him play for Brazil against France.Liverpool have also been linked with Oscar, signed a long-term contract at Chelsea last year and is contracted to the club until 2019.Juve were also said to be keen to sign him last year.Oscar has also been linked with Juventus in the pastThe Mail also say Chelsea have made enquiries about Palermo striker Paulo Dybala along with Manchester City and Arsenal.Dybala, 21, is said to be valued at £30m by Palermo president Mauro Zamparini and Juventus have been touted as favourites to sign him.The likes of Metro continue to link Chelsea with a move for Gareth Bale.The Blues, it is claimed, are ready to pay Real Madrid £75m for the former Tottenham star.And there continues to be speculation that Chelsea are interested in signing Radamel Falcao when his loan spell at Manchester United finishes at the end of the season.Meanwhile, Southampton boss Ronald Koeman is weighing up a summer move for Fulham goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, according to the Mail.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Science Journals Make Dogmatic Atheist Statements

first_imgScience is supposed to be restricted to the physical and observable world, but the major journals do not hesitate to state ardent, dogmatic opinions about the non-existence of God.  Often they assert without debate that belief in God is an artifact of human evolution.  Here are some recent examples:Tinker Bell, not Jehovah:  Georg Striedter began a book review in Nature1 with this line: “The human brain, and hence the human mind, is not an optimal, designed-from-scratch apparatus.  Rather, it is an imperfect amalgam of shoddy components.”  He was summarizing the view of David Linden’s new book, The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God (Harvard, 2007).  Striedter took issue with Linden’s proof in the book, but not with the contention that our brains are products of evolution.  “What we do know, and what The Accidental Mind helps us to realize, is that the human brain is not designed as many have imagined.”  There was no discussion with any theologian or philosopher about these contentions.Put it Aside:  An editorial in Nature2 began, in bold print, “With all deference to the sensibilities of religious people, the idea that man was created in the image of God can surely be put aside.”  The editorial acknowledged that many scientists are “religious” but didn’t mind as long as they keep their faith and their belief in evolution in separate compartments.    The occasion for the stern editorial was an article by Senator Sam Brownback in the New York Times in which the presidential candidate affirmed a position believed by the majority of Americans: “Man was not an accident and reflects an image and likeness unique in the created order,” Brownback said.  Continuing an a conciliatory tone, he said, “Those aspects of evolutionary theory compatible with this truth are a welcome addition to human knowledge.  Aspects of these theories that undermine this truth, however, should be firmly rejected as atheistic theology posing as science.“    That was enough to make the editors of Nature call hogwash.  “Humans evolved, body and mind, from earlier primates,” the editorial responded.  No sense trying to leave any room for the hand of God; it is Darwin all the way down: “The ways in which humans think reflect this heritage as surely as the ways in which their limbs are articulated, their immune systems attack viruses and the cones in their eyes process coloured light.  This applies not just to the way in which our neurons fire, but also to various aspects of our moral thought,” it said.    From here, the editorial backed off a bit, admitting that the theological and philosophical issues involved with the human mind are “deep waters.”  Formulating an evolutionary theory of neuroscience is still a challenge.  But regardless of how uncomfortable it may be to accept the evolution of the brain, evolution is the only serious scientific option, they asserted: “Scientific theories of human nature may be discomforting or unsatisfying, but they are not illegitimate.  And serious attempts to frame them will reflect the origins of the human mind in biological and cultural evolution, without reference to a divine creation.”  Anyone disagreeing cannot be serious, in other words.Getting our own dirt:  Synthetic biology is becoming a “welcome antidote for chronic vitalism,” stated another editorial in Nature.3  They said that new attempts to synthesize organisms from scratch amounts to agreement with this quote: ”for the first time, God has competition” (see joke).  To the Editors, synthetic biology will have particular value in ridding society of outmoded, pre-Darwinian beliefs that life is somehow special.  This even weighs in on the debate about abortion, they claimed:Synthetic biology’s view of life as a molecular process lacking moral thresholds at the level of the cell is a powerful one. And it can and perhaps should be invoked to challenge characterizations of life that are sometimes used to defend religious dogma about the embryo.  If this view undermines the notion that a ‘divine spark’ abruptly gives value to a fertilized egg – recognizing as it does that the formation of a new being is gradual, contingent and precarious – then the role of the term ‘life’ in that debate might acquire the ambiguity that it has always warranted.So if science trumps “religious dogma” in the process, so be it.  A callout quote states, “It would be a service to more than synthetic biology if we might now be permitted to dismiss the idea that life is a precise scientific concept.”Dover over easy:  Kevin Padian, a partisan for NCSE in the Dover trail, got free rein in Nature to give his version of the Dover trial.4  It was full of references to “religious intolerance” and “right-wing Christians” in its portrayal of Judge Jones’ decision as a victory for science.  No space was provided to the other side.  No mention was made of articles and books critical of the decision.  Nothing was said about Jones’ heavy lifting of the ACLU source material (12/12/2006).  Padian ended with a portrayal of Dover as a “perfect storm of religious intolerance, First Amendment violation and the never-ending assault on American science education.”    Those needing to hear the other side will have to buy a book: Traipsing Into Evolution by DeWolf, Luskin, West and Witt, who were close to the case as advisors and observers for the defense, though not litigants.  It’s ironic that Padian referred to the Scopes Trial, since the Dover case was nearly a polar opposite.Get your hot dogma here:  In Science,5 anti-creationist Sean B. Carroll got free rein to trash Michael Behe’s new book, The Edge of Evolution.  Behe does not even argue for God as such in the book, but Carroll was sure this was an easily-defused sneak attack to insert God into science.  He likened himself to Thomas Huxley, gloating, “The Lord hath delivered him into mine hands.”  He ridiculed the book, titling his review, “God as genetic engineer.”  His review made unsubstantiated charges to key players in the Intelligent Design movement without rebuttals that the players have made in print numerous times.  With references to Monty Python to ridicule the creationists, Carroll ended, “the argument for design has no scientific leg to stand on.”The critic of my enemy could still be my enemy:  Scott Atran in Science6 reviewed another book whose title is unambiguous: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief by Lewis Wolpert.  Here, Atran was a little more courteous to those who “believe” in God.  He did not think Wolpert was merciful enough to those who view religion as having some positive social effects: viz, “what ought to be, including moral framing that convinces people to commit to others beyond the logic and evidence for advancing self-interest.”  But does this justify believing in a real God, who really created the world?  Certainly not: “Religion involves the same causal categories that evolution endowed us with for everyday thinking,” he said without hesitation.The enemy of my enemy is my enemy:  There was a stinging exchange in Science last week7 between Jonathan Haidt (U of Virginia) about moral evolution (see 05/17/2007), and David Barash, a psychologist from U of Washington.  The debate was over the role of group selection, but the common whipping-boy in both letters was the “religious right.”  Barash was incensed that Haidt explained “patriotism, respect for tradition, and a sense of sacredness” as artifacts of group selection instead of individual selection.  Haidt was quick to point out that “As for Barash’s final point about conservative morality, I do not believe that descriptive biology confers normative legitimacy.”  Patriotism and a sense of sacredness may evolve, for that matter, but that such notions are “disliked by political liberals and dismissed by moral psychologists.”  The subtext was clear: morals and beliefs about God did evolve, whether or not group selection did it.While evolutionists do not hesitate to propound their own opinions about God in the science journals, the journals routinely screen out any opinions by theists about the scientific validity of evolution.1Georg Striedter, “Brain botch,” Nature 447, 640 (7 June 2007) | doi:10.1038/447640a.2Editorial, “Evolution and the brain,” Nature 447, 753 (14 June 2007) | doi:10.1038/447753a.3Editorial, “Meanings of ‘life,’” Nature 447, 1031-1032 (28 June 2007) | doi:10.1038/4471031b.4Kevin Padian, “The case of creation,” Nature 448, 253-254 (19 July 2007) | doi:10.1038/448253a.5Sean B. Carroll, “God as Genetic Engineer,” Science, 8 June 2007: Vol. 316. no. 5830, pp. 1427-1428, DOI: 10.1126/science.1145104.6Scott Atran, “The Nature of Belief,” Science, 27 July 2007: Vol. 317. no. 5837, p. 456, DOI: 10.1126/science.1142653.7Letters, “Evolution and Group Selection,” Science, 3 August 2007: Vol. 317. no. 5838, pp. 596-597, DOI: 10.1126/science.317.5838.596d.The debating tactic of the Darwin Party in the public marketplace of ideas is unchanged since Huxley: ridicule, attack, threaten, marginalize, and hoard power.  None of the ideologues above have a scientific leg to stand on to claim that their brains evolved, because if that were true, they could never know it or claim it was true.  By asserting that their claims are true, and that religion and creation is false, they have affirmed that there is a world of knowledge outside the realm of particles that is eternal and does not evolve.  This cannot be possible within their own world view.  They have therefore shot themselves in the brain; their position is self-refuting, and necessarily false.    So what do you do with such people?  You treat them like any other special-interest deadheads.  You answer them according to their folly when other people are listening in, and you answer them not according to their folly lest you be like them.  Next, you disarm them by taking back the power they stole.  Prepare for a long conflict.  Zombies are like automatons and don’t surrender easily.  Appeals to reason, for instance, are likely to fall on deaf ears.    You scientists who are humbly and honestly going about your work figuring out how DNA repair works, what the sun is doing, and how soil organisms produce compounds that may fight cancer, blessings upon you.  Stay away from the D.P. ideologues.  They have nothing to offer.  Deal with them when you must, to get your papers published, but understand that the kind of dogmatic statements they make (like those above) are light-years apart from plain old observational, daily scientific work.  We need the products of your science; we do not need self-appointed shallow philosophers in places of power over you.  Join the growing Dissent from Darwin list to eat away at their totalitarian dictatorship, so that we can once again enjoy an open marketplace of ideas.  You might also ponder the origin of intangible, unchanging things like morals, truth and knowledge, which your work assumes are real.(Visited 52 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Deep Rose Flower Headband Hair Crown Festival Boho Garland Vtg Burgundy N06 *EXCLUSIVELY SOLD BY STARCROSSED BEAUTY* – for a friend and I know she will be happy with this

first_imgIt appears terrific, the band is genuinely safe and has excellent elasticity. Thinking about acquiring yet another.Gorgeous and a thick strong band. Seems like it will be hard putting on, i enjoy it.They do not glance as fantastic since the flowers are more spaced out than the. The bouquets are a good deal smaller than they seem in the image and inevitably get there a minor squashed: if you have considerably less hair, they do not seem as excellent due to the fact the bouquets are much more spaced out than the image.Here are the specifications for the Deep Rose Flower Headband Hair Crown Festival Boho Garland Vtg Burgundy N06 *EXCLUSIVELY SOLD BY STARCROSSED BEAUTY*:Beautiful vintage style flower headband!This beautiful rose flower headband is perfect for adding vintage style flower glamour to any outfit. Featuring beautiful realistic looking, velvet effect deep red roses, on a black elasticated headband. The headband measures about 7cm at it’s widest. The headband measures 1cm wide. Elasticated. Will fit any head size! Perfect for warm days, festivals, holidays, bridesmaids – any occasion you can think of! Brand new without tags.We post out every day and also offer expedited shipping for only £1.00, and our prices also include FREE UK DELIVERY. If you live out side of the UK we offer a flat rate shipping cost of £9.99 no matter how many items you buy, this also includes a tracking number.Fantastic for our festival function likely to.Supply took lengthier than predicted but is precisely as it looks on the image, so quite and actually well built :-).Reviews from purchasers :they do not look as good because the flowers are more spaced out than the Absolutely stunning and worth every pennyLove this! Best buy in a while for a friend and I know she will be happy with this Superb good quality product appears to be like excellent for festivals.I thought the roses would be a bit larger.For a pal and i know she will be delighted with this. This is current for a friend and i know she will be delighted with this. Very artisanal appear with ‘hand made’ labels.Certainly stunning and well worth each and every penny. This headband is just lovely, and exceeded my (high) expectations. I bought this for a fancy gown social gathering the place i dressed up as frida kahlo. It much more than delivered the necessary degree of theatricality, but it really is this sort of a pretty issue that you can actively seek out out other alternatives on which to wear it. The good quality of the flowers on the headband is good, so they will not flatten out as they might with cheaper synthetic bouquets. The colour is also fantastic – a deep, rich red that isn’t garish, but just fabulously, glamorously goth and will make you feel like a million pounds.Gorgeous headband, great for working day of the dead festival.last_img read more

JackBe Bringing Internal App Stores to Enterprises

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Tags:#enterprise#news#Products#Real-Time Web IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… klint finleycenter_img Related Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now JackBe is releasing technology to allow enterprises to to create their own internal “app stores” on June 30. Complementing JackBe’s existing line of mashup and app making tools, the JackBe App Store will enable users to share the AJAX apps they’ve created with other uses within the enterprise. The apps are portable and can run as standalone apps, on dashboards, in Sharepoint, on mobile devices, and pipe data into Excel.JackBe’s tools, such as Presto Wires and Mashboard, enable the creation of mashups and simple custom apps by end-users without the need for the IT department to get involved, thus speeding up development and deployment. The tools are designed with security and compliance in mind and run inside the firewall, so enterprise-ready applications can be created on the fly.The company says a major publishing house uses JackBe products to map items from their inventory to current trending search terms from Yahoo! and other sources of real-time data. The publishing house’s marketing team uses this information to create timely web marketing campaigns by on current events.The JackBe App Store aims to improve the sharing of these sorts of custom apps within the enterprise by allowing app creators to share their creations across silos or within departments. End-users can then easily modify the apps – by adding or removing data or changing the way it’s visualized.In 2008 Forrester estimated the market for enterprise mashups would reach $700 million by 2013. Other companies competing for a chunk of this market include Dapper, Kapow, Kivati and Mindtouch.last_img read more

CWG: All eyes on India-Pak hockey match

first_imgThere is nothing like a clash between India and Pakistan on the hockey field. As the two teams face off at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium on Sunday, it again brings into focus the stock of Indian hockey.Everyone knows that after the team failed to make it to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, there was outrage at home. People said coach Joaquim Caravalho should be booted out and that’s exactly what happened. Just after that, the KPS Gill-led Indian Hockey Federation was also ousted.Two-and-a-half years later, nothing much has changed in Indian hockey. One thought hiring a foreign coach would kill all the ills that plagued it. Men running the sport changed, coaches changed and Jose Brasa, who was supposed to be the miracle man, took charge.When India failed to do well in the World Cup in New Delhi at the start of the year, Brasa had said it was too early to expect results. But months later, after the hammering at the hands of the Aussies in the Games, all Brasa could come up with were lame excuses like lack of match practice. The travel schedule of the Indian hockey team, shows that the team has perhaps travelled to every nook and corner of the world. So how can Brasa say Indians “lack in match exposure”? It is the flimsiest excuse that can be offered.The clash against Pakistan will be watched with great interest on Sunday and tickets are hard to find. Pakistan will be keen to exact revenge after the way they lost to India at the same venue in the World Cup.advertisementBut the bigger picture is of how this Indian team has struggled to play with consistency. At a time when India has done well virtually in every other sport in the Commonwealth Games, men’s hockey has been absolutely low key.It brings into focus how, despite loads of money being spent on Brasa, nothing has been achieved. People in the know admit that Brasa is forever cribbing about what he has not got from Hockey India and how promises made to him have not been kept.Another lament of his is how the management does not let him choose the team he wants.Whichever way one looks at it, Brasa has been a big failure and has let down Indian hockey. The Guangzhou Asian Games in November will be Brasa’s last assignment.But the bigger question is, who will set Indian hockey right?last_img read more

Without Bernadeth Pons, new era begins for FEU Lady Tamaraws

first_imgTS Kammuri to enter PAR possibly a day after SEA Games opening “The heart of Ebon is just different from the other rookies and you can see that she’s really a leader.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games PLAY LIST 00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Is Luis Manzano planning to propose to Jessy Mendiola? SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño “Of course we’ve moved on and we can’t rely on just one player to carry us because teamwork is really important for us,” said Pascua in Filipino during the team’s practice Wednesday at FEU.Pascua said captain Jerrili Malabanan and other veterans such as Kyle Negrito and Heather Guino-o can take the leadership mantle for the coming season.The fun-loving mentor is also looking forward to rookie Lycha Ebon to make an immediate impact for the team since she’s playing the same outside hitter position that Pons once played with the Lady Tamaraws.“We have veterans like Jer, Kyle, and Heather, then there’s also Ebon and all of those guys were once leaders in high school,” said Pascua. “Ebon just has to go through a little adjustment with the team.”ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img View comments SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion Robert Bolick explodes for 26 in debut, leads NorthPort to rout of Blackwater Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting LATEST STORIES Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMANILA, Philippines—It’s a new area for Far Eastern University as it enters the UAAP Season 81 women’s volleyball tournament without leader Bernadeth Pons.Pons bid goodbye to the team after Season 80 where she led the Lady Tamaraws to a runner-up finish, the highest FEU has placed in the tournament since winning the title in Season 70.ADVERTISEMENT LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño The absence of Pons is an obvious blow to the Lady Tamaraws, who have relied on their talisman for the better part of two years, but head coach George Pascua said his squad has slowly moved on from it.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starslast_img read more

McLeish overcome difficulties as Scotland record easy win

first_imgScotland national team head coach Alex McLeish has revealed his team overcame their problems to defeat Albania.The former Aston Villa manager was under enormous pressure heading into the game against Albania following consecutive losses to Israel and Portugal.However, despite having an injury-depleted squad with nine withdrawals, Scotland defeated 10-man Albania 4-0 at the Loro Borici Stadium in Shkoder to take them within a game of a play-off spot.McLeish now turns his attention to their final UEFA Nations League game against Israel and he insists he has a positive feeling heading into the game.Euro 2020Report: Euro 2020 qualifying Group H George Patchias – September 11, 2019 Euro 2020 qualifying Group H is being controlled by France and Turkey, but Iceland is still in with a shout.Reigning world champions France ran…“Obviously you don’t know the outcome before the games starts but I had a feeling about it,” he said, according to Sky Sports.“I felt that if the players brought their performance level to the game then the outcome would be positive and that’s the way it turned out.”“It was an exceptionally professional performance from our lads. There was a look of familiarity about them and there were great performances. It’s hard to single one out.”last_img read more