Hitting the decks

first_imgName: Sveba Dahlen Classic Deck OvenStockist/contact: Benier UK – 01908 312333How does it work?The Classic has been designed in a module system with six different oven sizes, along with a wide range of accessories such as a control panel – able to programme up to 40 different recipes – stone soles, a steam generator, an under-built prover and even castors.Why should bakers buy it?The oven helps bakers produce first-class finished products while keeping costs to a minimum. Each oven deck – up to five in height – can be individually regulated, with separate settings for the top, bottom and front heat. This gives it an extensive range of variations in time, temperature and the distribution of heat, making it suitable for traditional baking, but using the latest in modern technology.Anything else?The bottom frame is specially designed to withstand very heavy loads and with low operating and maintenance costs in mind. The exterior is made with high-quality stainless steel plates and there is a 120mm layer of rock wool insulation for superior heat economy and a safer working environment round the oven chamber.www.benier.co.ukName: MIWE CondoStockist/contact: European Process Plant – 01372 745558In a nutshellThe MIWE condo has all the features of a professional rack oven, but takes up a lot less space and handles everything from delicate pastry to hearty bread.What can it do?Each of its electric-heated decks can be controlled independently with regards to top and bottom heat, baking time and volume of steam. Each individual baking chamber can also function as a separate oven with baking time, temperature, the amount of steam injected and top and bottom heat all able to be regulated.Why should bakers buy it?It is simple to operate, has an easy-to-read control panel and easy-to-operate door levers on the heat-resistant glass doors. One or all the baking chambers can be equipped with a steam system, heated separately, and a thermostat integrated into each chamber.Anything to add?The steam unit is separate, with its own heating rather than a bolt-on unit. This means the steam generation does not bleed heat from the baking chamber and if the unit needs replacing, the oven does not need to be taken apart.www.europeanprocessplant.co.ukName: Modul Series Electric Deck OvenStockist/contact: Norbake – 0845 130 1999What is it?The Modul Series Electric Deck Oven features individual decks that can be stacked, and is suitable for producing breads, pastries, pizzas and pies.How does it work?Each deck is independent and can be operated at different temperatures to give great flexibility. The steam injection system can be fitted to one or all decks. Split tempered glass doors and halogen lighting on each deck allow further energy savings so that the product can be viewed with minimal heat loss.What’s special about it?The Modul Series is made from top-quality materials and highly efficient insulation. An energy optimisation device allows bakers to reduce the oven’s electrical requirements by up to 50%. Energy decreases proportionally in the hottest areas of the decks while increasing in the coldest areas, allowing for maximum precision of baking and high production.What else should I know?Norbake also supplies gas and electric fixed-deck ovens such as the Ciclomondial gas oven and the Elettromondial electric deck oven which can set each deck at different temperatures to bake various products at the same time.www.norbake.co.ukName: Compacta Deck OvenStockist/contact: Tom Chandley – 0161 336 5444What’s the story?Tom Chandley’s latest deck oven range addresses quantity, logistics, ease-of-use and energy-saving, featuring a number of interchangeable features to cater for all kinds of bakers.How does it work?Bakers can choose from between one to six decks, with one to 12 trays per deck, catering for small-scale up to bulk production of quality baked goods. Doors can be six, eight or 10 inches in height to overcome space and logistical issues.What’s special about it?A ’pass-thru’ option allows bakers to keep produce strictly segregated, feeding products into the oven from a ’high-risk’ area and, once baked, depositing them into a ’low-risk’ area – a good feature if yeast and fruit or raw meats are involved.Any additional information?Turbo colour touchscreens can recall product details for all baked products, such as time, temperature, and steam operation. The turbo controllers can also overcome the issue of limited power availability – bakers can control the turbo-controller to input the maximum demand available and the oven will work up to this maximum figure.www.chandleyovens.co.uklast_img read more