Going Back to the Classics

first_imgThis week visual arts in Oxford was nowhere near boiling-point. The new exhibitions in the Ashmolean such as Spectacular Impressions and An Englishman’s Travels in Egypt, despite their promising titles, were more lukewarm than usual. The former, showcasing prints from the 15th to 17th centuries by artists such as Mantegna, Durer, Rembrandt and Van Dyck, was definitely enlightening. Every one of the images on display has been recognised internationally as to be of the highest quality, and each could probably inspire an exhibition in itself. However, to the untrained and uninformed eye, they were impressive more in terms of technical skill than emotive power. Similarly, the Englishman’s Travels in Europe though interesting in its revival of the story of Edward Lane, a renowned Arabic scholar and fine draughtsman, invited only a passing glance.In the same way, Ornamentation: drawings for the decorative arts, running in the Christ Church Gallery from 30 April to 30 July, seemed to me to be pleasant but entirely insipid, drawing on the College’s existing collection of graphic art and featuring particularly prominently the designs of Giulio Romano. Apart from a slight physical resemblance to Punch cartoons, the collection was unremarkable, offering plenty of faint drawings of ornamental vases, curlicues and seals.In comparison to these, the permanent collection of paintings in Christ Church seems much more impressive. Needless to say, the 300 odd Old Master paintings and almost 2 000 drawings are definitely overwhelming in their grandeur and scope. I particularly enjoyed the detailed work in paintings such as The Devil, where a certain Abba Moses the Indian (i.e from Ethiopia) is painted a lurid shade of green, with sagging breasts, a beard, tails, winds and bird feet in one of the Nine Scenes from the Lives of the Hermits (Tuscan Schoolc.1440- 1450). Other gems include the Fragment from a Lamentation by Hugo van der Goes (the tears on the Virgin’s face glisten with tangible emotion), and Filippino Lippi’s The Wounded Centaur, which beautifully depicts the dangers of playing with love.These, of course, are just a few examples of the wealth of delights provided by this small gallery, mentioned in every tourist guide, but under-utilised by the members of the University to whom, after all, admission is free (on presentation of a Bod card). In fact, I would recommend any bored visual arts buff to go spend an afternoon at Christ Church. More often than not, the permanent collection of the  college shows more dynamism and promise than newer arrivals to the city.ARCHIVE: 2nd Week TT 2003last_img read more

IS IT TRUE MAY 4, 2017

first_imgIS IT TRUE it looks like were being forced to file a Freedom of Information Request with the city to find out how much are the yearly utilities costs at the Ford Center?  …we shall also ask the powers that be who is responsible for paying for the utilities at the Ford Center?IS IT TRUE we wonder if corporate citizen Vectren could help the Evansville Park and Recreation Department  to replace the damaged and obsolete lighting bollards along the downtown riverfront walkway?IS IT TRUE that this week in Indianapolis Indiana Senate Bill 309 was passed into law?…this law essentially establishes a timeline for changes to net metering practices for electricity in the State of Indiana?…net metering is one of two tools used in states that are concerned with consumers being able generate their own electricity through solar panels or with wind power?…passing this bill follows other jurisdictions in the United States but some believe it signals that the State of Indiana is dedicated to the proposition that all monopolies are created equal and that they have nothing to fear from residents who are interested in making investments in renewable energy on their own properties?…that some believe this is a short-sighted piece of legislation that will blunt the returns of people interested in minimizing their carbon footprint with solar energy for a while yet supporters of the bill believe it provides certainty for those wanting to invest in private generation as they will be grandfathered and receive a very favorable compensation rate for the power they generate for 30 years?…when battery storage prices come down as solar panels have, Hoosiers will have options to decouple from the grid completely?…that customers interested in installing private generation have the next five years to connect their devices and still be grandfathered, like existing net metering customers, at the favorable compensation rate?…. and for those who install after five years will be paid a compensation rate that is a premium price of 25% above the wholesale price for energy?…customers who are considering net metering should act now…the clock is ticking? IS IT TRUE that on the heels of having a regulated utility governed by the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission, Vectren is also asking for permission to bill their customers for over $500 Million in capital investments in grid improvement technology?…the price increases associated with this $500 Million increase will come in the form of annual increases in fixed charges over a number of years?…this means if you turn your power off and maintain a connection to Vectren’s grid that you shall not escape the fees?…it is important to realize that the fees will amount to roughly half of what the Billion dollar fix to the Combined Sewer Overflow problem will cost?…between these two increases, one of which is a federal EPA mandate and the other which is has been proposed as system upgrades to ensure reliable electric service, living life in Evansville and its immediate Indiana surroundings is going to be costing several dollars more per month for the average homeowner?…that rising utility costs, healthcare costs, the recently passed gasoline tax and other cost of living pressures will be a challenge for Hoosiers, many of whom are not seeing their monthly incomes keep pace with inflation?IS IT TRUE we have been told by reliable sources that former County Councilman Ed Bassemier is going to run as a Democratic in the upcoming City Council race?  …over the years Mr. Bassemier has proven to be an extremely popular vote getter?  …last year Mr. Bassemier lost re-election to the County Council by only a few votes?  …the main reason why he was defeated was because Republicans running on the national and state ballots had long political coat tails which contributed to his unexpected defeat?  …Mr. Bassemier will be running as a Democrat on the At-Large primary ballot for City Council?  …we would highly recommend that the two (2) At-Large Democratic council members presently serving on City Council beware of a well known political figure named Ed Bassemier?IS IT TRUE another person that shall be running in the At-Large Democratic primary is a highly educated female with good moral compass?…she’s telling people the main reason why she is running for the City Council At-Large seat is to send Jonathan Weaver packing because she feels he lacks the moral compass to serve another term of council?IS IT TRUE we are pleased to hear that the newly elected Democratic party Chairmen of Vanderburgh County, Scott Dank’s just announced that he shall not endorse any political candidates running in the Democratic primary?  …we say; “three cheers for Chairman Dank’s for doing the right thing”?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that some disgruntled voters of the 3rd Ward are looking for a replacement for City Councilwoman Ann Hargis- CPA?  …she promised the 3rd Ward voters if elected to Council she had the educational skills to be a fiscal watchdog for the people of the that area?  …so far she has proven to be a political lap dog for the Mayor and not a fiscal watchdog for the voters of the 3rd Ward? IS IT TRUE Democrat Missy Mosby won her last primary re-election campaign by a mere 12 votes over a little known opponent? …we can’t wait to see how she does against a well funded and known political opponent?  …it looks like Ms. Mosby wii be experiencing the biggest political battle of her career?FOOTNOTES: TODAYS “READERS POLL” question is: Are you disappointed in the Evansville City Council for not being more concerned with the contract between Thunderbolts/VenuWorks and the City?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] LinkEmailSharelast_img read more