Over 150 improvised weapons found in Camp Street Prison

first_imgtwo months after the Camp Street Prison mayhem that left 17 inmates dead, the Joint Services over the weekend carried out an exercise called “Operation Restore Order”, which resulted in the seizure of 44 mobile phones, over 150 improvised weapons, scissors, a quantity of marijuana and tattoo machines among other items.The exercise started in all the main prison cell blocks about 05:00h which saw prisoners being taken out of their cells so that the search could be conducted.The Fire Service was on standby in case of any possible disturbance. Prior to the operation, the inmates wereThe prohibited items found during the raidaddressed by the Director of Prisons (ag), Carl Grahame, DSM, who urged them to cooperate with all instructions given during and after the operation.During the operation, 13 prisoners were also transferred to different prison locations.Back in March, it was a similar exercise which prompted inmates to set alight one of the cell blocks that resulted in the deaths of 17 prisoners.Below is a list of the prohibited items found during the search.The prohibited items found during the raidlast_img read more