first_imgimagesOver the last several years we have been watching with interest how many bad imagesdecisions are made by local governmental entities without any recourse from the public sector. The lack of proper planning or follow through in building the Deaconess Sports Park is almost laughable. First of all, the CVB spokes person announces the hiring of a new person to manage the overall operations, including the planning and scheduling all events associated with this multi million dollar facility. Thereafter Mr. “Everything is Wonderful” CVB Executive Bob Warren announces that the newly appointed Sports Park manager has decided to to head South. A new manager is appointed and Mr. “Everything is Wonderful” Warren then announces that the baseline measurements are off and shall cause a problem with scheduling teams that have 13 years and older players. Then he announces that the costs are to prohibitive to correct the base line problems.The Grand Daddy of all mistakes is that Mr. “Ever thing is Wonderful” Bob Warren announces that the scoreboards at the new sports park don’t have any “Balls and Strikes” displayed on them.Bottom line, If Bob Warren worked for the private sector and made these mistakes he would have been fired!Next we have the newly self proclaimed land and building acquisition expert DMD Director Kelley Coures running all over town buying up property like there is no tomorrow.Recently Mr. Coure’s land and building acquisition ventures took him to the blighted North Main street area of Evansville. Mr. Coures looked into his crystal ball and decided to use our hard earned tax dollars to pay $535,000 to purchase the vacant and dilapidated CVS building located on North Main and Columbia street. Today the only future planned use for this building is displaying a “FOR LEASE” sign on the front door. However, now we just might have a great use for the CVS building. Coures feels we can raze the building to provide parking to help with the over flow parking issues at Bosse Field. Let’s see, Coures tells the City Council he now wants to use the land as parking for a facility located about 9 or 10 blocks away. Wonder if Mr. Coures realizes that no-one would want to walk 9 or 10 blocks with his family to a sporting event in that “crime ridden seedy part of town?”We don’t even have to go into the merits of Coure’s decision to purchase the vacant Integrity Bank building on North main because its much of the same “Pie in the Sky” public sector economics.If DMD Director Kelley Coures made these kind of business decisions in the private sector he would had been fired!STAY TUNED BECAUSE OUR  NEXT EDITORIAL WILL BE ABOUT THE “BAIT AND SWITCH“ DOWNTOWN ROADSIDE LOOKING CONVENTION MOTEL.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more