Rice Genome

first_imgRice has been a staple food crop around the world for millennia, but little was known about the wild origins of the world’s most widely produced crop until the recent mapping of the genomes of 13 ancestral rice species.Scott Jackson, director of the University of Georgia Center for Applied Genetic Technologies (CAGT) in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, helped to map these genomes as part of the international Oryza Map Alignment Project (OMAP).The knowledge gained through genome mapping sheds light on rice’s evolution in the wild 15 million years ago and its domestication by farmers 10,000 years ago. It also allows plant breeders to incorporate resilience traits from wild rice species in the genus Oryza into cultivated varieties.The work will appear in the June 2018 issue of the journal Nature Genetics and is online now.Jackson, who recently helped to map the genome of cultivated peanuts in part by tracking the domestication and evolution of its wild relatives, has been working to decode the genomes of wild rice varieties since his work as a postdoctoral researcher in 2000. At UGA, he, postdoctoral researchers Moaine El Baidouri and Dongying Gao, and doctoral student Aiko Iwata worked on the international rice project.“I’ve been working on wild relatives of rice since I was a postdoc,” Jackson said. “Only when sequencing became cheaper and easier was it possible to sequence these genomes to uncover their histories as recorded in their genomes.”Recent breakthroughs in genome sequencing and a wide-ranging international collaboration with plant scientists in more than a dozen countries allowed the team to sequence 13 of rice’s 21 wild relatives and unlock the genetic history of today’s rice varieties.Through their work sequencing domestic rice’s ancestors, the researchers were able to pinpoint four separate domestication events in Asia and Africa, which means that the different types of rice the world enjoys today — sticky sushi rice, long-grain basmati rice, short-grain Arborio rice — were derived through multiple domestications from wild ancestors at different locations and times throughout history. When ancient people were selecting for their preferred sticky, long-grained or short-grained characteristics in rice plants, they were also selecting for increased yield and lack of shattering traits.Shattering is the process by which the plant spreads rice grains — its seeds — after the seed head becomes mature. Farmers wanted to harvest these grains before shattering occurred, so finding plants that didn’t shatter was key to domestication.Sequencing the genomes of precursors to domesticated rice will enable scientists to uncover beneficial traits that may have been lost in this process, Jackson said.Throughout their evolution, wild rice species have developed natural disease and insect resistance as well as drought and salinity tolerance. Some of these traits were lost in domestication, but they could be bred back into domesticated varieties to help farmers reduce their reliance on pesticides or cope with water shortages.The paper can be found on Nature Genetics online journal at www.nature.com/articles/s41588-018-0040-0.last_img read more

Book Review: ‘Zombie Loyalists’ By Peter Shankman

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York In his immensely readable new book, Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans, customer service guru Peter Shankman coins a new term: “the Zombie Loyalist.” Perhaps he is latching onto the latest pop culture reference. Maybe he is simply a sci-fi fan. Either way, by introducing the concept of the zombie into the business how-to book genre, Shankman has struck pure gold.The idea of the zombie loyalist is not arbitrary. In fact, in Shankman’s casual and chatty narrative, the introduction of the zombie makes perfect sense. A zombie loyalist is a customer who is so bowled over by a company’s above and beyond brand of customer service that they go one step further than brand loyalty—he or she goes out of their way to preach the gospel of that company, through social media and actual word-of-mouth to convert others to patronize that business. Zombies. Get it?Shankman uses tons of real life examples to illustrate his thesis, from his air travel experiences to the time he tweeted to Morton’s Steakhouse that he was hungry—and was greeted with a gourmet meal, complete with appetizer, bread and silverware.Shankman illustrates the disconnect between corporate CEOs who are so flanked by yes-men that they remain unaware of just how disappointed customers are to the experiences of actual boots-on-the-ground customer service representatives. And it isn’t pretty, especially coupled with the fact that in this modern age of consumerism, customers have come to expect lackluster service. They expect delayed, cramped flights. They expect to be overcharged. They expect a faceless corporate conglomerate uninterested in the customer experience.This is where Shankman’s expertise comes into play. The door has been left wide-open for businesses to deliver exemplary service—or even just satisfactory service that would be perceived as exemplary based on customers’ low expectations. He outlines ways to so wow clients that they not only consider only your business for meeting theier needs, but are so filled with infectious enthusiasm that they actively work as unpaid salespeople, working to convert their friends into your clients as well.Shankman’s narrative is told in such a way that readers will enjoy the ride he takes them on, but they can relate to it so well that they will want to adapt his expertise to different aspects of their lives. This book can serve as a manual not just for customer service representatives, but for salespeople looking to expand their business, CEOs aiming to increase their bottom line, and anyone in a service-related industry who wants to help incite a happy-customer-zombie apocalypse.last_img read more

Reds seek cause of Sturridge woe

first_img He recently suggested his problems could be hereditary as his father, a trainee at Birmingham, and two uncles Dean and Simon – both professional footballers – also suffered the same problems. Rodgers admits the club will now use the next couple of months to explore every avenue in an attempt to find a solution to the problem but the manager absolved the player of any blame. “It is extremely unfair. He has just been extremely unfortunate,” said the Reds boss. “The last time he played was August (31) and he is a player who does not want to be out for this length of time. “There is no-one more frustrated than him at this present time. I spoke to him today and he was as down as I have seen anyone in terms of not being able to help the team. “I think now is the time for him and us to go away to see what more we can do to get him onto the pitch consistently. “He is world-class talent but he can only fulfil that if he is playing games – but there is no-one who wants that more than Daniel; he wants to be working and playing. “We need to look to find the answers to allow him over a consistent period of time to perform here at Liverpool. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists striker Daniel Sturridge has been unfortunate with his latest injury but accepts there is a chronic issue which needs to be addressed. Press Association The England international will not play again until 2015 after a new thigh strain this week ruled him out for six weeks. It is the ninth separate but similar injury the 25-year-old has had in his career. “Daniel has had up to nine injuries on that same thigh over a period time, not just over the last six or seven months. “We have to look across his time as a young player and see where we can find ways to get him out there playing.” While the club’s medical staff will look deeply into the problem it is likely Liverpool will also explore external specialist advice to get to the root of the cause. “There are many different ways of dealing with players. I am very proud of my medical and sports science team here – we have shown our ability to get players on to the field is second to none,” added Rodgers. “Unfortunately for the likes of Daniel over a number of years he has been unable to have that fitness that is going to allow him to play a consecutive number of games. “There are maybe cases due to a player’s make-up genetically where it can be difficult. “Hopefully in this adverse moment we can find a way that allows a programme over a period of time that allows him to play and train. “With him being out we need to refocus on the players who are fit and available. “We can’t cry about it, we just need to work really hard as a team with the players who are fit and look to get results.” Rodgers dismissed speculation he could recall Belgium international Divock Origi from his season-long loan spell at Lille as that was a prerequisite of the £10million deal they struck with the French club in the summer. For that to change the Ligue 1 side would have to concede to a new agreement, with Liverpool having to pay considerable compensation, and they have shown no appetite to entertain such an option. “I don’t think there is any (chance). It was never the case,” said the Reds boss. “When he was signed – and there was no discussion – it was one where he had to stay at Lille. “I’ve seen reports saying he may come back early but that was never the case – one of the reasons we were able to sign the player was that he stayed there all season. “As far as I am concerned that is still the case.” That means there is extra pressure on Mario Balotelli, who will be assessed over the next 48 hours to see whether he has fully recovered from the hamstring injury which forced him to leave international duty with Italy early. Balotelli is yet to score a Premier League goal since his £16million move from AC Milan. However, the misfiring Italian may at last be close to getting the extra support he needs up front after Rodgers confirmed fellow summer signing Rickie Lambert was due for more action in the coming weeks. “A lot of the focus this season has been on players who are injured and a player who is no longer here (Luis Suarez),” he said. “I need to ensure my time is devoted to the players who are fit and available. “Rickie will get an opportunity now – we have so many games in an exciting period and he will feature in those heavily.” last_img read more

Juve linked with Oscar and Saints said to be considering Stekelenburg move

first_imgJuventus are interested in Chelsea’s Oscar, the Daily Mail say.It is claimed that scouts from the Italian club were in Paris specifically to watch him play for Brazil against France.Liverpool have also been linked with Oscar, signed a long-term contract at Chelsea last year and is contracted to the club until 2019.Juve were also said to be keen to sign him last year.Oscar has also been linked with Juventus in the pastThe Mail also say Chelsea have made enquiries about Palermo striker Paulo Dybala along with Manchester City and Arsenal.Dybala, 21, is said to be valued at £30m by Palermo president Mauro Zamparini and Juventus have been touted as favourites to sign him.The likes of Metro continue to link Chelsea with a move for Gareth Bale.The Blues, it is claimed, are ready to pay Real Madrid £75m for the former Tottenham star.And there continues to be speculation that Chelsea are interested in signing Radamel Falcao when his loan spell at Manchester United finishes at the end of the season.Meanwhile, Southampton boss Ronald Koeman is weighing up a summer move for Fulham goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, according to the Mail.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

How Jared Cook is navigating season as the best player on a bad team

first_imgClick HERE if you’re unable to view the gallery on your mobile device.BALTIMORE — Jared Cook and his baritone voice provide arguably the most insight of anyone in the Raiders locker room after a loss.Rarely are his answers short, but one question elicited just a two-word response from the Raiders’ tight end on Sunday after the Raiders’ (2-9) 34-17 loss to the Ravens. Asked how he would assess his own play this season, probably the best of any Raider, Cook quickly deflected.“No comment,” he …last_img

Breaking Up an Ice Age Is Hard to Do

first_img“Ice Age 3” the movie is out, and the subject of ice ages deserves some attention.  Atmospheric scientists and geologists seem very confident sometimes about things they know about only indirectly, like ice ages.  At other times, though, the rhetoric turns diffident (opposite of confident).  Take this opening paragraph from PhysOrg:Scientists still puzzle over how Earth emerged from its last ice age, an event that ushered in a warmer climate and the birth of human civilization.  In the geological blink of an eye, ice sheets in the northern hemisphere began to collapse and warming spread quickly to the south.  Most scientists say that the trigger, at least initially, was an orbital shift that caused more sunlight to fall across Earth’s northern half.  But how did the south catch up so fast?(For more on the orbital shift theory, see the 06/02/2009, 02/05/2008 and 08/08/2006 entries.)  A new theory for how the south caught up is “blowing in the wind,” the article said.  A team put together a model that invokes carbon dioxide release, wind, and Milankovitch cycles to explain how it all happened.    But all is not so tidy.  Here was global warming on a colossal scale, without man being at fault.  “We’re trying to answer the puzzle: why does the Earth, when it appears so firmly in the grip of an ice age, start to warm?”  It’s counterintuitive.  You need heat to start an ice age, and cold to stop it.  According to the new model, a chain of events led to ice age 20,000 years ago, and by 4,000 years later, the system rebounded.  Glaciers made a “spectacular retreat” while carbon dioxide from the deep ocean provided enough warming to prevent another ice age.    The article left off on a confident note that the new theory improves on old models that stalled: “Now, with the evidence for shifting southern hemisphere westerlies, the rapid warming is readily explained.”  Of course, this new model needs some more work: a Penn State scientist said, “Testing this hypothesis will be very interesting, to see whether it successfully ‘predicts’ the observed timing of CO2 and temperature changes in the south.”  One might also wonder why this irreversible chain of events occurred in the “geological blink of an eye” and not repeatedly over billions of years, if it was indeed triggered by a regular orbital cycle.  Climate skeptics might also use this theory to point out that not all global warming is man’s fault – especially one called “the great global warming of all time.”Scientists like this aren’t interested in the truth.  They are interested in preserving the deep time paradigm.  Part of that is always revising deep time models, but never questioning them.  Their whole system is built on a house of cards, and inside the house, life emerges (a miracle).  Once evolution was done with the deep freeze, it came time to clear out the Ice Age room for the Birth of Human Civilization (another miracle).  Ask yourself: “Self, is a little bit of warmth an explanation for human civilization, and not intelligent design?”    Secular scientists would never even pause to deign to ponder to think to consider the possibility that a global flood could produce the ice age (singular) and its warming aftereffects in far less time.  That explanation, at least, has an eyewitness account attached to it.  But no; deep time is in their DNA (Darwin Naturalistic Authority), and so the tale goes on.  It doesn’t need to be true.  It just needs to keep the story going and the storytellers employed.  If they can attach a political spin to it (man-made global warming), all the better.  The more ad hoc, the better; this one-time phenomenon occurs 16,000 years ago, but not throughout their beloved 4.5 billion years of Milankovitch cycles.  They will tolerate a cartoon “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (advertised along with the PhysOrg article) with its timeline that is completely out of whack with the Darwinian geological column, but that’s OK – it’s not creationist.  Anything but that.  Anything but the Eyewitness.  Considering that would mean (gasp) the loss of human autonomy for endless storytelling.    Readers not enslaved to the secular guild’s world might like to do a little research on what creation scientists have to say about the ice age.  Search for “ice age” on True Origin, Creation.com, ICR, Answers in Genesis, In the Beginning or the Creation Research Society and you’ll get a lot of hits.  Deep-time geologists and biologists are not the only people who think about these things.  They’re just the only ones who get a free ride in the deep-time media.  They believe in miracles, too, you realize; they just have a handy place to hide them – in the deep freezer of deep time.(Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Scunci Pin Twirl – Much more secure for thick hair

first_imgHelpful minimal pins to have in your drawer simple to use.Like this i have long thick hair and sometimes donning it up using elastic or scruncy gives me headacheall i do now is twist my hair and set a couple of these in.Have to have for a longer time hair and much more time to get these to. Need to have for a longer period hair and additional time to get these to do the job effectively. Following messing about for twenty minutes i continue to could not get the ideal seem.Quite handy, easy to use and holds even fine hair upBrilliant inventionvery very cleverBeing honest, really nice but there is cheaper ones out thereOK, with plaited hair, for meMuch more secure for thick hair L and i am relatively challenged in the hairdressing dept.Quite handy, effortless to use and holds even wonderful hair up. I really like working with these at evening to set my hair up. Just after i clean it, i twist my hair into a bun, screw one particular of these pins in and it stays in all night time. In the early morning i have attractive curls. They are extremely uncomplicated to use and they hold my great hair up really very well. Significantly a lot easier then bobby pins, which i could never ever master or get to stay in my hair. My only complaint is not prolonged soon after using these, the paint started out chipping. Now, when it is really in your hair, nobodies likely to see the chipped paint. But i ponder if the chipped paint, could be breaking my hairs, as it produces a slight rough edge i’m not guaranteed, but i’ve listened to that the spin pins by goody are exceptional and will not have the challenge with chipping. Stay absent from the inexpensive one’s from china, all those have very sharp edges and will tear up your hair.Features of Scunci Pin TwirlSecures hairstyles with ease and with no elastics or bobby pinsEasy and quick to use with invisible holdOne pin twirl does the job of 20 bobby pinsLightweight and compactFull instructions provided on the back of the packagingOk, with plaited hair, for me. The recommendations are definitely standard with no details as to how to do nearly anything extravagant, they just explain to you to try out it oneself. The pins will not likely continue to be in my clear slippery hair unless i plait it initially, my hair fell out of the pins out all the time that i tried using to make a bun, by gathering hair alongside one another, as is the only suggestion on the box. You have to use the sharp ends to screw the pins in which leaves the curved finishes at the prime. For me they were not entirely responsible, while with a limited plait they have been reasonably protected. They will be useful as an accessory to other gear i. Hair clips, gentle bands, but on their have, for my hair which is shoulder size and fairly thick, they do not supply sufficient grip. The difficulty may possibly be that the assert ‘suitable for all hair types’ is extremely bold, i am certain some men and women will be high-quality with them, it was may possibly be just me. I have experienced my hair skillfully ‘up done’ and it took much far more in the way of bobby pins and hairspray.Pin twirl every female must have, no additional fiddly hair grips, just two of these will secure extensive hair into a bun, my hair is nearly midsection duration, i just tie it on a pony tail then twist the hair and secure it with the pins, get a mater of just one minute only if that.No will need for bobby pins with these you could even just use 2 not a few, stops your bun from mushrooming out to a skyscraper and also will not tumble out.I have lengthy thick hair and these can hold it all in a secure bun with no more hair ties or clips essential. I have not tried using any other models yet.Certainly i need to say these do work to a manner. Not significantly in the way of strategies and methods integrated with the solution, so it’s possible a bit expensive for what you get.I have really extended thick hair and acquiring go through other critiques i was not entirely certain that these could continue to keep my hair up. Generally its a case of masses of bobby pins and elastic hair ties in combination to hold my bun up all working day at operate. All i can say is wow, these little matters genuinely do work incredibly. Feels a little bit odd ‘screwing’ them into your hair but they function a handle. Keep in mind to screw in the opposite path to pull them out as they can pull your hair a little bit if you forgetthe just one very small gripe i have is that the paintwork on them – they occur in a brownish coating is coming off following employing them only a couple of occasions so they truly feel a tiny rough now when i use them. I will not intellect as they still do the job quite nicely and oyu canot see them when they are in. . Have tried out some other designs like a french roll which also operates well if you get the angles appropriate.Remaining straightforward, definitely awesome but there is more cost-effective ones out there. Really wonderful and held in spot but sorry to say that i was variety of upset when i found a comparable just one in a pound store with no substantially change. So i bought much more simply because i like them and also as items for my sisters.I have long straight fantastic hair and no abilities with updo’s. This is quite clever and i liked the look.Extremely amazed – holds up my good lengthy hair all day and it would not usually keep in nearly anything.Significantly a lot more protected for thick hair. I have thick hair and these help it to feel substantially far more safe than just working with hundreds of clips. The paint is coming off a bit but you don’t see them once they’re in your hair anyway.I have obtained thick hair greatest suited for thinner hair.last_img read more

Amputation repair

first_imgIn case of a complete amputation, the body part can be reattached. The body part should be wrapped in a clean, damp cloth, placed in a sealed plastic bag, and the bag immersed in cold water (ice water if available). Cooling the severed body part will keep it alive for much longer than if it is at room temperature or warmer.Review Date:8/11/2012Reviewed By:Linda J. Vorvick, MD, Medical Director and Director of Didactic Curriculum, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, Department of Family Medicine, UW Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington. C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more


first_imgThe NSW Junior State Cup went off without a hitch in Wollongong, with no wild weather or electrical storms…there was simply 277 teams of enthusiastic young Touch players and 777 fine games of Touch. The Manly Sea Eagles were amongst the strongest overall performers, grabbing four of the ten Championship grand finals, as well as one runner-up. Wagga Wagga and Wollongong each claimed two Championships grand final titles, with Parkes and Muswellbrook claiming one each.Wollongong seem to be thriving with the event on their home turf, also claiming three Plate final titles. With Wollongong sides making two Championship and three Plate finals and going on to win all five, the hometown support must surely make a difference in the big matches. The Tamworth Thunder also showed they’re a country region on the improve, especially in the female divisions, finishing second in the Under 14 and Under 18 girls Championship finals and also the Under 18 girls Plate final. The grand finals were all showcases of some of the most promising future Touch players NSW has to offer, with the following results:Championship Grand Finals:McCall Cup, Boys Under 10’s: Manly Sea Eagles (9) def Wests Magpies 1 (6)Tirado Cup, Girls Under 10’s: Manly Sea Eagles (2) def Parramatta Eels (0)Zabielo Cup, Boys Under 12’s: Wagga Wagga (5) def Manly Sea Eagles (0)Vassallo Cup, Girls Under 12’s: Parkes Pumas (13) def Griffith (2)Yiangou Cup, Boys Under 14’s: Manly Sea Eagles (3) def Parramatta Eels (2)Taylor Cup, Girls Under 14’s: Wollongong Devils (7) def Tamworth Thunder 1 (2)Wall Cup, Boys Under 16’s: Muswellbrook Mambas (10) def Penrith Panthers (9)Toohey Cup, Girls Under 16’s: Wagga Wagga (13) def Taree (10)Galea Cup, Boys Under 18’s: Manly Sea Eagles (9) def Wests Magpies (2)Rose Cup, Girls Under 18’s: Wollongong Devils (9) def Tamworth Thunder (4)Plate Grand Finals:McCall Cup, Boys Under 10’s: Wollongong Devils (7) def Nelson Bay Neptunes (4)Tirado Cup, Girls Under 10’s: Central Coast Dolphins (13) def Blacktown Broncos (2)Zabielo Cup, Boys Under 12’s: Taree (8) def Penninsula Piranahs (5)Vassallo Cup, Girls Under 12’s: Port Macquarie vs LBM Rangers (to be confirmed)Yiangou Cup, Boys Under 14’s: Wagga Wagga (3) def Nelson Bay Neptunes (0)Taylor Cup, Girls Under 14’s: City of Orange Thunder (5) def Penrith Panthers (3)Wall Cup, Boys Under 16’s: Central Coast Dolphins (5) def Manly Sea Eagles (0)Toohey Cup, Girls Under 16’s: LBM Rangers (6) def Cronulla Sharks (3)Galea Cup, Boys Under 18’s: Wollongong Devils (13) def Mudgee Mudcrabs (12)Rose Cup, Girls Under 18’s: Wollongong Devils (9) def Tamworth Thunder (4) All results can be found at www.nswtouch.com.au, photographs were taken by Sporting Images and can be purchased at www.sportingimages.com.aulast_img read more


first_imgSports Cover Australia in Association with SBS is poised to allocate the second round of 2006 Sportscover Sponsorship Fund (SSF) grants to amateur sporting clubs nation wide. Applications for the ten remaining $1000 grant close on Friday 24 November 2006. Between August and December 2006, The SSF will have awarded 20 x $1,000 grants to amateur sporting clubs and associations throughout Australia. Southern Districts Touch Football Association in Western Australia were successful in their Grant application in Round 1 of allocations in September.Southern Districts received the grant to assist with the purchase of a new line marker and a coaching development program for their association to increase junior participation levels.If your affiliate/assoication applied in Round 1 there is no need to reapply for Round 2 as your application will be automatically re-entered for round 2.Winners will be announced during the week of 4 December 2006.For an application form and further information visit the Sports Cover websitelast_img read more