Big Gigantic Has Launched Their Own Strain Of Marijuana

first_imgWith the legalization of recreational marijuana in various states, it’s no surprise that musicians are taking the opportunity to brand some of this newly-legal product and call it their own. Saxophonist/producer GRiZ was among the first to team up with growers to create Griz Kush, and of course rappers like Snoop Dogg have been involved with weed for years.The newest artist to get in that game is Big Gigantic, as the beloved duo has just detailed a new strain of weed called Cookies & Dream. Personally curated by Dominic Lalli of Big G, the strain mixes Blue Dream with Girl Scout Cookies, and was grown up by Native Roots in Colorado.To celebrate the new plant’s release, Lalli and Jeremy Salken will be at the Native Roots shop tomorrow at, you guessed it, 4:20 PM![H/T This Song Is Sick]last_img read more

Summer Time

first_imgToday we officially start summer in Batesville. School is out, so we will see the bicycles slowly moving down the streets and sidewalks in town. I find it quite interesting to watch the kids as summer begins, progresses, and then winds down. Those first couple of weeks, those too young to have jobs are out and about and you can see the joy on their faces as they know it is quite a while before they will see that school bus on the road. A month into summer vacation and the bikes are less visible and you see kids just lounging around the house or hanging out at the pool. You hear them say, “What is there to do, mom? I am totally bored.” Just maybe you could babysit a younger sibling, mow the grass, clean your room, or go to the library and find a good book to read. Throw that I-pad in the corner and do something constructive. Of course, by late July they have had the summer break and are looking forward to going back to school. For all they complain about it during the year, this is where they really like to be. After all, their friends are there and despite what they say, they really like the routine of school. Most kids this age really cannot handle too much free time. As I said earlier, they really get bored quick. Too bad they don’t have some hay bales to pick up and store in a barn like we used to do. After all, it is summer time and the living is easy.last_img read more